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I’m sure in the present economic climate there will be more than a few people dreading the New Year.

 The recession has seen the closure of many companies and thousands of families have seen their source of income either diminish or end completely.  Not surprisingly people are worried.  Infact, statistics have revealed most people spend an average of 2 hours 15 minutes every day fretting.

That amounts to 34 days every year worrying. Quite how they got those statistics is beyond me especially as 40% of people don’t even tell anyone they are worrying.

However, it seems at the beginning of 2008 people were most concerned about knife crime, global warming and buying property.  Now, at the beginning of 2009, the top six concerns relate to finance – or rather lack of it.

This is according to a website called where people can go to discuss their worries in secret.

 If you’ve never heard the expression, “A problem shared is a problem halved”, I recommend you take note now and if you find yourself worried about something but feel you can’t admit it to your nearest and dearest, please check out the website.

Don’t stress and bottle it up.

So what’s that got to do with this site ?  Well, I’m sure many people will be seeking alternative employment and may possibly turn to the Internet for help and guidance.

Over the Holiday season I visited the  shops. This was actually quite a rare event, as unususally for a woman, I absolutely HATE shopping.  However, the sales were on and my son had some Christmas money to spend so we trailed round the shops searching for a bargain.

I fully expected the shops to be heaving and was amazed how few people there were around. Many shops displayed “Closing Down” signs and several had already closed.

My son wanted to buy a coat but couldn’t find one he liked in his size.  After trailing round looking in every male department store open, he was finally told he could order “on-line”.

“Great”, I thought, “Now they tell me”

So back we went to the warmth and comfort of our own home where, with a few simple clicks of the mouse he was able to order the coat he wanted.  The process was incredibly fast and easy.

I must admit I was surprised, although I shouldn’t have been.  I’d always thought the sales items in the shops were brought in especially for that particular time of year and you actually had to be in the shops to get them.

Clearly I was wrong because apparently on Christmas Day, more people logged on to the Internet to buy in the sales than went to Church!

That statistic alone tells us something though and that is the Internet is the way forward.  Cash flows on the Internet and the secret to becoming successful is to position yourself so it flows in your direction.

That’s where good, reliable systems come in.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since being online, I think, is to form relationships. There is no doubt people like to buy from people, especially those they perceive as knowing what they are talking about.

I know in the past I have waited for ages to be served by a shop assistant who has been friendly and helpful, rather than be served by another assistant who couldn’t really care  less and was obviously only there for the pay check at the end of the week.

The same applies to the Internet and online businesses.

Of course when writing on blogs and static websites, the customers don’t know the authors personally and can’t tell whether they are actually friendly or not, but it’s certainly possible to be helpful.  Everything written should be of value to the reader to help THEM decide whether they want to buy a product or not, rather than force them to do so.

It’s much the same as being in an actual shop and the difference between having an assistant pounce on you as soon as you enter , or being allowed to browse at your leisure and seek advice if and when you need it. The experience should be a good one.

At the end of the day you want the person who has just read your content to come back for more and hopefully bring a friend.  There’s nothing more reassuring than word of mouth recommendation and reputations can be made or destroyed in an instant – especially with the new Web 2.0 and social media.

My advice is to be true to yourself and don’t pretend to be what you’re not.

If you set up an Internet business make sure you have a real interest in.  Don’t be like the unapproachable and unhelpful salespeople who are only in it for the money. You’ll soon be found out and people will avoid you.

Remember, Zig Ziglar famously said, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get everything they want in life”.

I hope you get it!

Wishing you a worry  free 2009.

Best wishes

Jean Shaw



What’s Going To Make Us Successful? We Don’t Quit

One of the students I supported as a teaching assistant was very similar to Alex Jeffreys.  He had dyslexia and when he left college I gave him a poem called Don’t Quit with the instruction if anyone ever suggested he couldn’t do something, he read it and prove them wrong.

I was reminded of both the other day when Dean Holland posted a video on his site.  It’s very inspirational but for those of you who haven’t the time to watch the You Tube Version, here’s the written word.


When things go wrong as they sometimes will

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill

When the funds are low and the debts are high

And you want to smile but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit

Rest, if you must, but Don’t You Quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns

As every one of us sometimes learns

And many a failure turns about

When he might have won had he stuck it out.

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow

You may succeed with another blow

Success is failure turned inside out

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.

And you never can tell how close you are

It may be near when it seems so far

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

It’s when things seem worst that You Must NOT Quit!


I hadn’t seen the young man for almost three years and amazingly bumped into him (almost literally) the other day.  What a coincidence – or was it?

If you’ve watched The Secret then you’ll be aware of the Law of Attraction and the concept that your thoughts create your life. What you focus on becomes stronger.

That’s why I’m going to focus on becoming successful with Alex Jeffreys coaching program in 2009 and follow my own advice – i.e. Don’t Quit!

It’s like Alex says:- “Quitters NEVER Win and Winners NEVER Quit”



Apart from a few hours when I sneaked downstairs in the early hours of the morning, this is the first time I have been  on the computer since Christmas Eve.


Because my family told me I needed a rest. No-one understands what I am trying to do.  They have absolutely no idea why I spend so much time on the computer, and cannot see how anyone could possibly earn money selling someone else’s products when they aren’t physically being handled.

I can’t explain – at least not easily, especially as the reason I decided to try internet marketing in the first place was to spend more time with them, not  less.

Being a trusting sort of person, over the years I’ve believed the hype and the assurances of easy money for little effort. I’m not a lazy person by any means but the prospect of working a few hours a day to achieve financial and personal freedom is pretty appealing you have to agree.

I’ve bought many courses, plans, programs, software, systems and techniques, which would supposedly explode my income. I daren’t reveal how much money I’ve wasted on  these “can’t fail” money making deals shared by the so-called “experts”, partly because it’s too embarrassing, but also because if my husband ever reads this he will realise why he’s only just been able to buy that motorbike he’s always wanted.

Now don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not suggesting everyone in Internet Marketing is a crook just simply that they didn’t reveal the whole picture. Undoubtedly every individual technique they’ve promoted is effective, but each one is only a small part of the big picture and without a firm understanding of computers and marketing most people don’t even know how to apply them.

That’s been me until NOW!

Anyway, today, after more than a week, much of it spent with my Alzheimer’s mother-in-law and my autistic son, I’ve finally been allowed to switch my computer on again.

I wish I hadn’t!

When my son first developed autism he was awful and I used to wake up in the mornings hoping it was all a bad dream.  Over the years, however,  he’s improved beyond all recognition, and I no longer feel that way.

This morning, however, I felt that old feeling returning.


Because there, facing me in my in boxes were 1597 e-mails!

So much for my rest!

However, the feeling didn’t last long.


Because I’ve been listening to Alex Jeffreys. He’s one of the very few “experts” who actually tell it as it is and give you a system to follow regardless of whether you’re a literal genius or technical expert.

Alex certainly can’t spell and probably has less technical knowledge than I do, BUT he leverages the things he’s good at and that’s marketing.  He’s very good at inspiring people and getting them moving.

In his course he recommended I write a list of things I needed to get done every day and prioritise them in order of importance. Checking every e-mail is not one of them, so I quickly scanned through, left the ones I need and deleted the rest.

The sense of relief as the figures in the in-boxes went down was immense.

So, if anyone sent me an e-mail between 23rd December and now to which I should have responded and haven’t – Sorry.  You might get a reply if I ever catch up, but don’t hold your breath and please don’t take it personally if you don’t.

I’m afraid I’m on a mission and that’s to be successful so my  family will finally understand why spending so long in front of the computer has not been a waste of time after all.

2009 is going to be my year and hopefully  it will be yours too.

Wishing  you health, wealth and happiness.

Jean Shaw

Students of – I’m being interviewed!

There’s nothing like starting the New Year out  of your comfort zone is there?

That’s what I’ll be doing when I’m interviewed for Students of which is why I’m making this blog entry. If I commit myself to print – I’ll have to go ahead with it won’t I?

Mark Call (and others) are planning  to interview as many students as possible for the Students of site.  It’s a clever way to get exposure apparently and hopefully help others as well.

You can find out more here

Go on – join in  – don’t let me  be the only one “failing forward”!



If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will be aware I like to make a point through true stories and this is no exception.

Alex Jeffreys students are a mixed bunch.  From different countries and backgrounds, they all have varying skills Some have been kind enough to offer their knowledge and expertise for free, whilst others have been unable to reciprocate – YET.


No doubt it’sjust a matter of time and all the more reason why we should continue to pull together.


This story was originally reported in the New York newspapers and has been circulated all over the internet.  It has been  confirmed as being true by the investigative website TruthOrFiction.


I think this true story will touch your heart.It did mine, not least because I have an autistic son and know all about the problems of inclusion, but also because of  topic amongst some students.


The story is about Shaya, a boy with learning disabilities who lives in Brooklyn.  Each weekend, Shaya and his dad like to go for walks, and often watch the neighbourhood boys play baseball.


One Sunday  afternoon as they approached the ball field, Shaya looked up at his father and asked-


Dad do you think they would let me play?”

Shaya’s dad knew his son was not at all athletic and most boys  would not want him on their team. He was, after all, learning disabled, uncoordinated and had never even played baseball before.


However, he also knew how much his son wanted to play and be included in something.


Shaya’s dad decided to risk it and asked one of the the boys if they would consider letting Shaya join the game.


The boy didn’t know what to say and looked for guidance from his fellow players, but they weren’t very forthcoming so he took matters into his own  hands.

His team were about to start the eighth innings and were already losing by six runs.

He didn’t think they would win the game so decided he’d give Shaya a chance.


He instructed his team to give Shaya a glove and let him play behind second  base, in short center field.


Shaya was delighted.


In the bottom of the eighth inning Shaya’s team rallied and scored


three runs. But they were still losing by three.In the bottom of the ninth, they rallied again.

They had three runners on base, two out and then it was Shaya’s turn to bat.


Would they let him?After all, Shaya couldn’t even hold a bat, yet alone hit with it and that was really obvious as he stood up at the plate.

The pitcher for the other team moved in closer and lobbed the ball very gently so Shaya could at least make contact.Shaya swung and missed by a wide margin.

Before the second pitch, one of Shaya’s teammates called out:

“Hold on, let me help him, let me show him how to bat”.

This boy came and stood behind Shaya, and put his arms around him so the two boys were now holding the bat together.

The pitcher moved in a few more steps and lobbed the ball as softly as he could. This time, the two boys swung the bat together and managed to hit the ball gently back to the pitcher.


“Run Shaya!  Run to first!”- yelled his team mates, and  he took off for first base.

The pitcher pounced on the ball and could easily have ended the game there and then but instead he deliberately threw it way over the first baseman’s head, all the way into the outfield.


Shaya was safe at first, but the first baseman for the other team turned him toward secondand said:


“Run, Shaya, run to second!”


By then, the right fielder had chased down the ball and he too could have easily thrown Shaya out at second base, but he understood what the pitcher had done, so threw the ball not just over second base, but way over the third baseman’s head.


As Shaya reached second base the opposing shortstop ran towards him, turned him towards third base and shouted:


“Run, Shaya, run to third!”

Then, as he rounded third, the boys from both teams ran behind him screaming:


“Shaya run home”

As he put his foot on home plate, both teams gathered around him, lifted him on their shoulders and cheered him as the hero of the game.


He had hit a grand slam home run and won the game!


Through their selfless efforts, those 18 boys not only gave Shaya the thrill of his life, but also something more precious than that – acceptance!

In many ways it’s the same with this coaching program. 


There are many amongst the Fortunate500 who have marketing and technical expertise, whilst others are like Shaya – at least in the sense we have much to learn.


However, just like in that baseball game, there is a real team spirit and everyone is pulling together to make sure we are all taking the journey together.


It’s a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you encourage and help others for often, it is the smallest, seemingly unimportant gesture or word which can mean the most.

At the end of the day, I feel sure all the Fortunate500 will experience the same happiness Shaya and the other team players did as we continue with the coaching – together!


Jean Shaw


Technorati – Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Some time ago I signed up with Technorati as I was told I needed to do it.  No-one told me why.

Today, a fellow student, Eoin O’Leary mentioned Technorati and Jack Humphrey in the same sentence so I visited his blog to see  what the excitement was about.

I’m glad I did.  I now know how to claim my blog and hopefully will soon have an internet marketing legend  pay me a visit. If he turns up it will be like  Santa Claus come early!



Not long after my son was diagnosed with autism, we realised he had problems with his hearing. We knew he wasn’t deaf and yet he often appeared to be so.
We heard of a therapy in London, which could possibly help him but it was expensive and you had to book several months in advance to get in. Anyway, we determined to raise the money and booked an appointment, but before we had the funds we needed,  we were offered a cancellation.

It was a mixed blessing – the therapy needed to be done but we weren’t ready.

Family and friends rallied round to offer support.  They held cake stalls, raffles and my gran even organised whist drives and bingo sessions at the old people’s home. Two of my aunts  ran a shop at the time and asked if I could write something to put in the window to raise awareness, not only of the therapy , but also of autism in general. Back then, it was quite rare and few people knew what autism was.

Like most people with autism, my son likes trains. I wrote the poem and my cousin drew a picture of a train with clouds of smoke billowing out of its funnel.  Each cloud represented £200 and as we reached each milestone the clouds were to be coloured in.

The result was we reached the target within a very short space of time and I felt really choked when I realised old age pensioners had donated part of their pension, and young children had given some of their pocket money to help my son, a child they never even knew. Here’s the poem:-

Hello, my name is Jodi, I’m the reason for this train,
I hope it’s going to help me get back to your world again.
You see when I was only small, doing normal baby stuff
Something happened in my head, my brain said “That’s enough”.

My world became a scary place, I lived in constant fear,
I’d shut our every sight and sound, allowing no-one near
I saw all kinds of doctors, psychologists and the rest
I had hearing aids and grommets, all kinds of different tests.

At last I got a label, nor to be wished on anyone,
It’s nothing to be proud of, autism isn’t fun.
It means I can’t communicate, don’t understand the rules,
How to act, what to do, I really get confused.

So if you see me out sometime, not behaving quite my best
Please don’t condemn, but understand, I’m different from the rest.
I have to be taught everything, unlike other little boys
I have no friends, can’t play games, don’t know what to do with toys.

There is no cure they tell us, which makes Mum very sad,
But I’m improving all the time so things aren’t quite so bad.
The therapy in London could help me quite a lot,
Of course there is no guarantee but it’s the best chance that I’ve got.

So if you’ve helped to make the smoke, rise up from out this train
Be sure that I’ll try very hard to reach your world again.
I cannot speak, I’ve not the words, to thank you as I should,
But maybe soon, who knows? Now wouldn’t that be good!

It just goes to show the power of community spirit.

In a similar vein, a few days ago I had a problem with something on my site. It was one of those dreaded techie things which are easy when you know how. I didn’t.

I had something which needed to be done, but I wasn’t ready.

However, there are some fantastic individuals amongst the coaching group. I simply posted a request for assistance and literally within minutes the problem had been resolved. Again I felt humbled.

There is no question in my mind, everyone in this program will succeed because they will never be alone. As long as the community look out for each other we’ll all be winners. Just as I was incredibly grateful for the support of strangers with my autistic son, so am I for the support of the Fortunate500, especially as I know –

Strangers Are Just Friends Waiting To Happen.

Best Wishes To You All

Jean Shaw

Feeling Stressed?

Can’t eat Beef – Mad Cow Disease
Can’t eat chicken – Bird flu
Can’t eat eggs – Salmonella
Can’t eat pork – fears of Trichinosis…
Can’t eat fish – heavy metals in the waters has poisoned their meat
Can’t eat fruits and veggies – insecticides and herbicides


I believe that just leaves……….


Remember – – –

“Stressed”  backwards is “desserts

I was told if I passed this message on to four people I would lose 2 pounds, and 10 pounds if I told everyone I knew.

They also said if I didn’t, I’d gain 10 pounds immediately  so that’s why I had to pass  this on – I couldn’t risk it!

Happy  Christmas!

Jean Shaw


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