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Well, what a clever bunch of students Alex Jeffreys has in his coaching course. I know at last two who have already produced their own products.

They’re up and running and begun to shine in 2009!

Paul Livingston has produced a great book revealing the sneaky  tricks people use to get you to part with your hard earned money on the internet. Clearly he’s been on the end of some of them judging by his Special Weapons And Tactics information.

Then there’s Warner Carter, who has been busy interviewing  well-known marketers for their advice on generating high quality, responsive mailing lists. Five audios, instruction on copywriting and loads of information about Twitter and associated products, makes Proven Email Marketing Strategies a great addition to Alex course.

Clearly some of the Fortunate  500 are really finding their feet, and others are discovering talents they never knew they had. All are being stretched and stepping out of their comfort zones.

It’s not a competition, no-one is being judged (except by themselves), but  some have really  excelled and are an inspiration to the others.

One things certain , all you “gurus” out there had better watch out. There’s some new kids on the block!

Jean Shaw

What My Autistic Son Taught Me About Time

My youngest son has autism and recently started residential college about 70 miles from where we live. He comes home at the end of each term and part way in between,  travelling with a lovely boy called Ben, who has Down Syndrome.

They were home this weekend and Ben came into the house  to use our bathroom.  My son, who hardly speaks at all rushed straight to his collection of videos and immediately extracted one show me. It was called, “Ben and Me”.

He pointed to the toilet and said “Ben”, and then to himself as he said, “and Me”.

It brought tears to my eyes and made me realise how very intelligent he is. Not only was he able to convey his information in very simple terms without any fluff or hype ,but also he knew exactly where to immediately find the video.

That was no mean feat.  You see my son has well over one thousand videos, probably about 500 DVD’s and yet he knew EXACTLY where to lay his hand on the one he wanted.

I need to learn from my son, especially as far as my internet marketing efforts are concerned. I have so much information scattered around all over the place , and waste  hours trying to find it. My advice therefore, for anyone who does anything on the internet is to have a GOOD filing system.

Make  sure if you download anything you make sure you know exactly where you’ve put  it. Just as Alex Jeffreys says – you must keep things organised and he is so right.

TIME is so valuable and you cannot afford to waste it.

Good  Luck.

Jean Shaw


It never ceases to amaze me how talented people are without  often even realising, and how, given the opportunity, they willingly pull together and share their expertise.

Is it  just a desire to see their name in print, and have their five minutes of fame?

I don’t think so.

I believe, deep within all of us, is a need  to belong to something and to help when, and if, we can.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles

Within Alex Jeffreys coaching program are many students who freely give their time and effort to produce a brilliant newsletter, notably Garry Parkes and Gary Simpson.

It’s published every two weeks, and is called The Profit Pulling Project It covers various different aspects of marketing and blogging, and in my opinion, each issue just gets better  and better.

Well done everyone!

The Profit Pulling Project

Jean Shaw – If I Ruled The World

NO – I don’t have any illusions of grandeur, but recently a local newspaper asked me if I’d give them an interview for a column they ran.

Basically, they wanted to know 5 things I would ban, 5 things I would make mandatory, and what my motto would be, if I ruled the world for a day. As it turned out, they only printed 4 of the first and 3 of the second, but never mind.

Why did they choose me?

I think they were desperate, although it could possibly have been  because the journalist who wrote the column had covered my story when I’d written my three books and  guessed I’d be obliging.( You don’t have to do much to make the news where I live!)

However, I was a bit dubious because the interview  was held over the telephone and I knew it would be edited to the bare bones.  The problem with that is, if your words are taken out of context, the result can be very misleading, especially if you are talking about anything to do with health.

Some people  believe everything they read and thrive on gossip,  misfortune and outlandish claims. After all, if  it’s in the paper it MUST be true –  right?

Of course, it isn’t and some newspaper columnists, like some internet marketers are prone to exaggeration.  Hype sells – remember that.

Anyway, back to my five minutes of fame in the local newspaper, and I have to say I was really pleased with the result.

Here’s what they printed:-

If I Ruled The World I Would Ban:

People with special needs from being sidelined.  My son has autism and I’ve found a real lack of facilities for people with disabilities.

Dental Amalgam Fillings.  I know from experience they can have a serious impact on health.  It’s a taboo subject but the evidence about mercury is definitely out there.

Automated phone services and  call centres in a foreign country. I hate pressing loads of options before speaking to a live person, and it’s even worse when they don’t speak the same language and can’t fully understand the problem.  Usually they are extemely polite but it can get frustrating.

Untested and unsafe generic amoxil toxic synthetic chemicals in skincare products. Skin will absorb 60% of whatever you put on it, and it’s frightening what’s actually in most products. My advice is to read the ingredients and if you can’t pronounce it, or wouldn’t want to eat  it, DON’T use it.

I Would Make Mandatory:

Smiling. If you smile it makes you feel so much better and if you smile at someone else it can really make their day.Last week I counted how many people I could spot who actually looked happy and only saw one.  He was a child of about four!

Befriending.  The idea would be for the “normal” young people to get to know those less fortunate – i.e. those with special needs. It might make the majority more appreciative of what they have  and less critical of others.

Getting To Know Your Neighbours. It always surprises me the amount of peole with no idea who lives next door to them.  You cannot choose your neighbours and you may not wish to have them as friends, but I think everyone should at least know their names.

My Motto Would Be:

Your Thoughts Create Your Life

Choose  Wisely

Smiling at you.

Jean Shaw

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Last night/early this morning Alex Jeffreys’ students enjoyed yet another marathon coaching session, which dealt mostly on the importance of being “real”.

Some people make a fortune by developing a persona of someone they’re not. The Rich Jerk is a classic example. He’s developed  a presence, so unbelievably rude, people flock to join his list. I know, I’m one of them. I was just so amazed by his attitude, I wanted to find out more, and he does give out some really good information.

Another person who suggests you possibly become someone different in your marketing efforts is that young Irish charmer, foxy Andrew Fox. In his own marketing he’s upfront and open, but if I followed the very clever and well detailed strategies in his products on e-mail marketing, I could become a young, athletic, jet setting, golf loving male with a handicap of whatever it is  that would make me a good golfer!

Clearly, I’m not. I’m the exact opposite but hiding behind the face of Internet marketing allows you to be who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be. It’s often perception versus reality.

However, whilst it is possible to deliberately deceive people, is it worth it? IF people ever find out you are not who, or what you claim to be, do you think they will continue to believe in you?  Why do you think the Rich Jerk keeps his identity such a secret?

All you have is your reputation and whilst you may do many wonderful things in your life, it will be the bad things people remember. This is one of the main reasons Alex Jeffreys advises you to be yourself and be honest.

Tell YOUR story.

Maria Andros, the fun video marketing expert, says, People buy from people they know, like and trust. Make sure they trust YOU,  and as far as possible, live your life so if someone speaks badly of you, no-one will believe it.

In my opinion you have a moral obligation to be as upfront and honest as possible, especially if your ultimate aim is to expect people to part with their money.

The general rule of thumb seems to be every person on a mailing list is worth $1. Alex Jeffreys and many other marketers maintain if you have 2000 receptive names on your list, you could give up your day JOB, but remember this – each name is a real person, just like you or I, and deserves your utmost respect.

Another person who advocates being honest and open is Bob Jenkins, or Bob The Teacher as he is better known. Here’s his advice on building your reputation with the social networking sites.

Five Ways You Can Build Your Reputation With Social Networking
By Bob Jenkins

Are you using social networks to build your reputation online? Whether you already are or you are just getting started with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Ning, building your online reputation is your biggest responsibility.

Here are five ways to make sure you do it right.

#1: Be Proud Of Being You

The first thing is, you have to be yourself. You have to be who you are. Because although you can get away with being fake for a little while, as soon as one person realizes that you’re not who you say you are, your reputation is destroyed almost instantly because of the power of social networking.

So be yourself. And don’t be afraid of being yourself. Realize that you have some gifts and some knowledge that people need to know about, and those that want to learn from you are going to gravitate towards you. Those that don’t think you’re worth listening to are basically going to ignore you. And it’s at their peril, so don’t worry about them.

#2: Transparency – Never Hide From Your Audience

The second thing about your reputation is you should try to be transparent at all times. This means you keep everything real with your audience.

For example, over the last year, I used social media to show you my move from Maryland to North Carolina, including drama with the movers, picking the house, and getting it set up. I also pulled back the curtain to show what it takes to run a product launch.

When I did my last product launch, I was Twittering every day what I was doing to get ready for this site. Most of the gurus out there would keep everything under lock and key, and I was being very clear, saying, “This is what I’m doing to get ready for this launch.” It actually helped me have a better launch, even though I told everybody exactly what I was going to be doing.

They didn’t think that they had some surprise or whatever like most people teach; they just were excited to be part of it and part of the story. So be transparent. Let people know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and they’re going to learn how to trust you.

#3: Be Positive For Positive Results

The third way to build your reputation is to be positive.

There are folks out there who generally can do a good job of being negative. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that to be a very long-term profitable strategy.

It may get you some attention at first and spark some controversy,  but that’s not the way to go. Be looking forward to the optimistic of your industry, of your business and what the results are going to be.

It would be easy for you to go onto Twitter or onto Facebook and talk about how you’re having a bad day or this product sucks or this week sucks or this relationship sucks. But you’re not really there for a support network, per se.

You’ll find some of that. If you have something bad happen in your life, sharing it with your followers will be very therapeutic for you and you will get a lot of support back. But when you’re just blasting negative things out, you’re going to get negative things in return, usually.

So try to be positive as much as possible and look for the opportunities that are out there and look at them from that positive perspective.

#4: Build Your Reputation And They Will Come

The fourth thing you must do is to be patient. This is because, initially, your reputation is going to be built only by yourself and the first initial people who get to know you. But as time goes on and you get more followers and you build a larger network of friends and peers, your reputation will solidify to allow your business to grow.

Once it  hits a tipping point, your reputation and business accelerates at a very quick pace.

So be patient and let it happen. Don’t try this stuff out for a week and then come back to me next week and say, “Well, it didn’t really work. I didn’t really get any results yet.” You’ve got to let social networking play out over a few weeks and then a couple months and so on. A year from now your business is going to be tremendously different compared to where it is right now.

#5: Contribute  To The Conversation Every Day!

The fifth  thing about your reputation is you need to be someone that people look to as a contributor, not as a leech, not as a mooch, as a contributor.

You have to be willing to be involved in the conversation, and you have to be willing to give as much or even more than what you’re going to get in return. The people who do that are growing so fast it makes my head spin.

I feel that I’m a pretty giving person but I see some other folks out there that just keep on giving, giving, giving and they just build up a huge following and that social capital is a real asset to your business. So you need to make sure that you’re contributing as much as possible to the conversation.

I don’t mean that as just go around randomly and try to help people. Within your specific task, your specific industry, the things you know well, you need to be at the forefront of letting people know how to do what you know how to do without charging them money at first.

They’ll come and find your site and your products and they’ll pay you for that as time goes on and their needs grow. With social networking you need to be building your reputation up first.

If somebody has a question, you should  be one of the first people who answers and you need to answer without reservation not just, “Oh, I answered that in my eBook; go buy it”. They’re going to find your eBook if you just talk to them and give them solutions to the problem they are struggling with at that moment.

Give people your input, your encouragement for them to get better at what they are trying to do.

Any little quick free advice you can give, give it.

Actively Build Your Reputation With Social Networking And Reap The Rewards

You’ve got to be in this for the reason of having fun and really building that relationship. Dollars will come, there’s no doubt about that. But first, connect with people and really help them out. Understand that they’ll become loyal followers of what you do and see you for who you are.

Follow these 5 steps to building your reputation online and you’ll not only beat your competition, you’ll have more fun doing it!

Bob Jenkins teaches business owners how to use internet marketing strategies effectively to attract more customers and get more sales without spending a fortune on advertising. Get more free social networking lessons at

Jean Shaw

 Alex Jeffreys is famous for  his quote  “Don’t chase money, let money chase you” and what  a vision that conjures up.I can just see myself legging it through the streets chased by a giant sized  dollar bill.


It’s the New Year and the Holiday Season is over.  My house is back to normal again. My visitors have gone and I’m left with a fridge full of uneaten food and an empty bank balance.


It’s incredible how much extra I spend when I have company on things like toilet rolls.  Have you ever noticed how quickly they disappear?


It’s a bit like money –  that goes quickly too, but where?

I haven’t got it, my friends and family haven’t got it, the governments of the world claim not to have it, and banks and building societies certainly haven’t got it, so the big question is  Where has all the money gone?


Has it gone the same way as my toilet rolls?

Since no-one knows where it’s gone I can’t chase it so I guess  I’ll just have to do as Alex says and let the money chase me.

I’m waiting Alex –  I’m waiting!

Jean Shaw

I have become acutely aware over the past few weeks how generous everyone within Alex Jeffreys coaching program has been in sharing their knowledge and it’s made me feel really guilty because thus far I haven’t been able to contribute.

However, it occurred to me today some people may not know how to cloak ugly long affiliate links, or even why they should.In a recent survey, the number one concern of affiliates was their long affiliate links were not being clicked on by people reading their promotions,  and the second concern was that people were actually stealing their affiliate commissions!

It is a mystery to me why some people steal other people’s commissions, or deliberately remove the affiliate ID so they won’t get paid,but it seems they do.The advice, therefore, is unless you want to stop losing sales and start making money as an affiliate you need to cloak your links.

Yes, you can use the link shrinking websites  like Tiny which are very good but people are getting wise to those, and it’s become apparent people are more likely to click on what they perceive to be a genuine recommendation rather than an affiliate link.

“>Anyway, here is the answer to the problem and it’s a FREE tool, which is so easy even I can master it!

When you sign up for the 100% Free system you get shown exactly how  to use it by Richard Legg who is another brilliant marketer, and also be shown how you can actually earn up to $50 every time someone clicks on one of the cloaked links.

It’s incredible because it gives youtwo opportunities of earning money from every affiliate product you promote.

Click Here to get your copy of this FREE Link Cloaking System

Happy Cloaking!

Jean Shaw


New Year – New Beginnings And Staying Positive

Today is the first day of the New Year and my son wanted to take down the Christmas decorations. He has autism and believes the tree, etc., should go up on 1st December and co me down on 1st January. That’s fine by me.

This year, like all the others before, I have somehow managed to miss one single decoration. As I’ve already put the rest away in the loft, it will have to remain alone until I next have reason to get the ladder out.

It’s strange how I missed  it, but it’s the same with my typing mistakes. I can spot someone else’s typos from 1000 metres (not really, but they do seem to jump out of the page at me), whereas I can triple check my work and still miss some of the misspellings.

Apparently, it’s because we see what we expect to read and as long as the beginning and end of the word are correct, our brains make allowances for the rest. Not good  news for lovers of correct English, me thinks.

However much I hate to make spelling mistakes, sometimes  they can be beneficial, for if it wasn’t for a “typo” this blog wouldn’t exist.

The reason?

In my haste to sign up for >a particular program, I accidentally combined the Christian name of one marketer with the Surname of another. This resulted in the sale  being credited to the person whose Christian name I had used – yes, Alex Jeffreys.

So you see I’m actually here by default, and whilst, at the time I was a bit disappointed because I’d perceived the other marketersbonus to be better, I certainly have no regrets.

It’s what I’ve come to know over the years – things happen for a reason!

Stay positive and best wishes for 2009.

May all your dreams come true.

Jean Shaw