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Currently the media is filled with reports about Swine Flu. Read the newspapers, turn on the tv or listen to the radio, the news is the same.

Swine Flu is a blend of genetic material from pigs, birds and humans and is showing up in many areas. We have never seen this before and humans have no natural immunity to it. Containment measures seem to be making little difference and it is a worrying time for many.

The story is spreading like wildfire and it reminded me of an e-mail I received several years ago.   I’ll relaythe basics of it to you now, and I wonder if this will also spread like wildfire…

The day is over.

You are driving home and tune into the radio. You hear a little blurb about a village in India where some villagers have died suddenly of a flu that has never been seen before. It’s not influenza, but three people are dead.  It’s interesting because they are sending some doctors over there to investigate.

You don’t think much about it, but on Sunday, coming home from church, you hear another radio report.  This time it’s not just in the small village, but 30,000 villagers in the back hills of this particular area in India have been affected.

Doctors from the disease center fly out because this disease strain has never been seen before.

By Monday morning, it’s the lead story, for by now this strange flu has reached Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.  Everyone is talking about this mystery flu.

The US President says he and everyone else are praying for the victims and there’s concern about how the flu will be contained.  The French President announces he is closing the country’s borders and there are no flights out of India, Pakistan, or any other country where this flu strain has been seen.

On the news you watch a weeping French woman, and man in a Paris hospital dying from this flu.  Panic hits Europe.  Sufferers have it for a week before they even realize.  They then have four days of unbelievable symptoms before they DIE!

Britain closes its borders, but it’s too late.  Southampton, Liverpool, Northampton, all report victims, and on Tuesday morning, the President of the United States makes the following announcement:

“Due to a national security risk, all flights to and from Europe and Asia have been cancelled”.

No-one overseas could return until there was a cure for this “thing”

Within four days the nation was plunged  into unbelievable fear and people asked,

“What if it comes here?”

Preachers called it the scourge of GOD.

At the church  prayer meeting on Wednesday night, somebody ran in from the parking lot saying,

“Turn on the radio, turn on the radio”

and while the church listens to the little transistor radio with a microphone stuck up to it, the announcement is made.  Two women are lying in a Long Island hospital dying of the mystery flu.

Within hours the thing just sweeps across the country. People work around the clock trying to find an antidote, but nothing works.

California, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts.  It’ s affecting everywhere, just sweeping in from all the borders.

Then, suddenly news breaks. The code has been broken.  A cure can be found.  It requires a vaccine, which can be made from the blood of someone who hasn’t been infected.

On every news channel, emergency broadcasts ask everyone to do one simple thing – go to their downtown hospital to have their blood type taken.

That’s it.

Each neighborhood makes their way quickly, quietly and safely to the hospitals in an organized manner, and late on  Friday night you and your family are in a long line waiting to have your fingers pricked.

Blood is taken, labels written. Everyone is asked to wait in the parking lot until their name is called and they are dismissed.

Suddenly, a young man comes running out of the hospital screaming.  He’s yelling a name and waving a clipboard.


He yells it again.  Your son tugs your jacket and says,

“Daddy, that’s me”.

Before you know it, they’ve  grabbed your son.

“Wait a minute.  Hold on”.

The  medical staff are reassuring.

“Don’t worry. It’s okay.  His blood is clean.  His blood is pure.  We want to make sure he doesn’t have the disease. We think he has the right type.

Five tense minutes later, out come the doctors and nurses crying and hugging each other.  Some are even laughing.  It’s the first time you’ve seen anyone laughing all week.  It’s been a tense time.

An old doctor walks up and says,

“Thank you sir.  Your son’s  blood type is perfect.  It’s clean.  It’s pure and we can make the vaccine.

As word spreads across the parking lot, people are screaming, praying, crying and laughing.  Everyone is celebrating.

The grey haired doctor pulls you and your wife aside and says,

May we have a word, please?  We didn’t realize the donor would be a minor and we need you to sign a consent form.

As you begin to sign, you notice there is no number against the pints of blood required to be taken.

How many pints do you need?

And that’s when the old doctor’s smile fades as he says,

“We had no idea it would be a little child.  We weren’t prepared.  We need it all!

“But, but I don’t understand.  He’s my only son”.

“We are talking about the world here.  Please sign.  We need it  all”

“But can’t you give him a transfusion?”

“If we had clean blood we would, but we haven’t.  Please, please will you sign?”.

In numb silence you do.  Then he asks,

“Would you like to have a moment with him before we begin?”

Could you walk back?

Could you walk back into that room where your only son sits at the table saying,

“Daddy, Mummy, what’s going on?”

Could you take his hands and say,

Son, your mummy and I love you very much and we would never let anything happen to you that didn’t have to be done.  Do you understand that?

And when the old doctor comes back and says,

I’m sorry but we have to get going. People all over the world are dying.

Would you be able to just leave?

Could you walk out when your son was asking,

“Dad, Mum, why have you forsaken me?”

Then the next week, when they have the ceremony to honor  your son, and some people sleep through it, some don’t even bother to turn up because they have better things to do, whilst others come with a pretentious smile, pretending to care, would you want to jump up and say,

“Excuse me.  My son DIED for YOU.  Don’t you even care?   Does it mean nothing to you?

I wonder if that’s what GOD wants to say?

Now, that’s the gospel in a nutshell.  Seeing the story through different eyes, I wonder – will this story spread like wildfire?

Jean Shaw


On the television the other morning Earl Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana, said the number one fear for most people was the prospect of public speaking. He said the only way  to get over it was to just do it.

Having listened to his words of wisdom I decided to get out of my comfort zone once again and make a video where I’m actually in the picture. Up until now I’ve remained well hidden behind photographs and powerpoint presentations.  However, if the amazing Susan Boyle can  stand up in front of a critical live audience in Britain’s Got Talent, then I certainly ought to be able to say a few words whilst looking into a non responsive camcorder that looks like an eyeball, (even if I do feel a complete idiot).

Susan is a real inspiration and  in his own way, so  is Alex.

Anyway, here’s the result.  It’s my testimonial for Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program, but you’d probably enjoy Susan Boyle on You Tube more.  She’s just great and proves what I’ve known for a long time -You  can’t judge a book by its cover!

Jean Shaw

Like everyone else who starts internet marketing I’ve been floundering around,  heading off here, there and everywhere; buying products, exploring systems, trying techniques and studying strategies. I’ve spent so much time looking, listening and learning, I’ve not actually achieved a lot, and always at the back of my mind has been the question, “What is my niche going to be?”

Everyone says have fun, concentrate on something you enjoy, or what you know a lot about. After all you need to be perceived as an expert.

Well, I have to tell you I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but we are all the result of our surroundings and circumstances; the people we meet, the places we visit, the things we watch, read and do. As a result of my baggage, I do know a bit about autism, and mercury poisoning.

I live in UK and have an autistic son. I’m not alone. With autistic boys outnumbering girls 4:1, there are currently half a million people with the lifelong disability in UK. It’s not confined to this country though and worldwide we have seen a massive increase in the numbers of sufferers over the past two decades.

In 1989 when the MMR was first introduced, autism was rare. When my son was first diagnosed the statistics were about 1:2500, now in 2009 it’s 1:100.

Some less informed individuals whose lives have not been touched by the disability protest it’s just less of a stigma and more easily diagnosed now, but if that’s the case, where are the autistic adults?

Autism isn’t something you just grow out of, and although there are various degrees, believe me when I tell you; it’s not something you can keep hidden. Someone will notice, and it would most certainly be evident to any teacher. However, if you talk to anyone who has been teaching for a few years they will confirm autism was rarely seen in the classroom until relatively recently.

So, what is it?

Well, it affects people differently, but basically it’s a lifelong disability which affects communication, behaviour and social skills. As there are no two  people with autism affected in exactly the same way, there is no specific treatment or therapy.

It is now generally recognized autism is a brain and gut disorder and has much to do with the person’s inability to excrete toxins, particularly heavy metals from the body. Where do these toxins come from?


They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, our food, clothes, furnishings and in our skincare. Daily we rub hundreds of toxic synthetic chemicals into our skins which go straight into our blood streams. Don’t believe all the hypoallergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable, natural and organic labels you see either, especially for baby products.

Read the labels! If you can’t pronounce the ingredientsand wouldn’t want to put them in your mouth  don’t buy them!

One area which has been highlighted as a possible cause for the autism epidemic is the vastly increased program for childhood vaccines which are injected straight into the bloodstream. These contain toxic preservatives and adjuvants such as mercury , formaldehyde and aluminium. All are highly dangerous to neurons in the brain, but mercury, which I’ve come to know a lot about, is highly toxic to all organs and tissues and is a poison which the body has no ability to detoxify. There is no safe limit for mercury in the body and yet it is added to vaccines.

You also get mercury from dental amalgams as they are 50% mercury. They were the cause of my mercury poisoning and which, I’m sure were a contributory factor in my son’s autism. I naively had some huge fillings placed when I was pregnant.

Autism affects whole families and tears many of them apart. Depression, exhaustion, finances all add to the stress of living with a child with autism, and 85% of marriages collapse with the majority ending up in the divorce courts.

Financially, autism is a  terrible strain and 94% of mothers of autistic children don’t/can’t work. Many end up home schooling because there are no appropriate educational facilities, siblings  suffer and many families find themselves locked inside their houses. It’s easier to  stay at home than venture outside where the child is often terrified and misunderstood.

I’ve been there, done that and got the tee-shirt – literally!

If you look at my first book it’s called – I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic – Jodi’s Journey On the front cover my son is wearing a tee-shirt on which I’d written those words. I found it easier than trying to explain his unusual behaviour to everyone and it stopped people offering to lend me their walking sticks to beat him, or telling me to give him a “good smack on the backside!”

Still, I am one of the lucky ones. I’ve always taken my son out although there have often been times when I’ve willed the ground to open up and swallow me. Many times I’ve returned home and cried myself to sleep.

In some countries though you will NEVER see an autistic child and it’s not because they don’t exist, but because they are considered to be possessed by the devil, a disgrace to the family and an embarrassment. Having said that, apparently in other areas they are respected and considered “special”.

My son has come far and bears no resemblance to the disruptive, difficult and unfathomable child he once was, but I never stop worrying. What will happen to him when I’m gone? Hopefully his brother will take care of him, but he shouldn’t have to. Both should have their own lives.

My friend’s mother said the best thing her son ever said was, “Mum, I don’t need you any more”. It meant he could make his own way in the world.

My son never will, and neither will all the other autistic individuals out there.  That means they will all need support.

Many years ago someone said he thought the world would be destroyed by the three A’s – Anger, Avarice and Autism. The way things are going, he could be right. The recession may have affected many areas, but it appears to have had little effect on Autism.

Anyway, I guess I’ve found my niche – sort of.  Is it fun?  Will I enjoy it?  I doubt it, but it’s a major part of my life and if the information I can pass on will help someone then that’s great.

We all need help sometimes so if, during this recession, you have time on your hands and know of a family whose lives are affected by autism, you might want to find out a bit more about it.  Just speaking to the parents in a friendly non judgmental manner can lift their spirits enormously, and  from experience I know they sometimes need it.

Take care.

Jean Shaw
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Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  It’s also my son’s birthday.

He has autism.

When he was first diagnosed with the lifelong disability, it was relatively  unheard of. Back in 1993, at the age of four, the statistics were four or five out of every 10,000 got the short straw.  At the time I had trouble finding anyone who knew anything about it.

Today, depending on which report you read, autism affects one out of every 100 and everyone’s at least hear of it.  However, very few really understand how it affects not just the person concerned, but all the family.

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention call autism –‘a national public health crisis whose cause and cure remain unknown’

So, what happened and what caused the massive world wide pandemic?

No-one can say definitively,  although there are many suggestions and opinions.  I have mine, which I express in my books.  It has much to do with the toxins in our lives and the assault on our young children with multiple vaccines. I feel they get too much, too soon. When young  immune systems and brains are developing, the last thing they want is a host of multiple live viruses and toxic chemicals injected straight into the blood stream.

Like so many others, my son was fine for the first year of his life but something went drastically wrong after certain “recommended vaccines”.  Life has never been the same since.

As I said – too much, too soon.

Still life goes on and whilst most people are now familiar with the word autism there is still a lot of ignorance about the disability.  In some countries people with the condition are locked away for their own safety, never being allowed out because of other people’s attitudes towards them.  Hopefully today’s events will help more people understand.

I’m told my book “I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic” has helped many.  It’s written in such simplistic terms anyone can quickly read it and get a grasp of  some of the problems families face.

Today, autism will be mentioned at the United Nations, on tv channels, on the worldwide web and even on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.  It should generate significant media cover,  which is good.

Meanwhile, all the fuss will go completely over my son’s head, after all, it’s his birthday!

Jean Shaw


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