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Is It Too Late For Alex Jeffreys?

Did you see Alex Jeffreys video launching his new coaching program?

It’s worth watching – has all the vital ingredients – family photos, big name endorsements, social proof and testimonials from a bunch of regular people in different niches all making money with Alex’s support.

Many, I recognise from the last coaching program and it’s great to see how they’re getting on

Alex says it won’t be around for much longer so you’d better check it out quick if you’re interested in this unique little guy with a big heart. His speciality is turning followers into friends and if he helps them earn some money on the way that’s even better.

His coaching program actually launched on 26th June, but until the video comes down there’s still a chance some lucky person could get in and earn, in Alex’s own inimitable words – “a shit-load of cash”!

Click this link to Check it out

Hope it’s still there for you.

Jean Shaw


Get Internet Selling For Newbies now… Click here!

Don’t you just hate it when someone tries to sell you something?

We all like to buy but not many of us like to be sold to, especially by those tele-sales people who ring up, usually at meal times, or when your favourite TV program is on.

It’s always the friendly, gushing, “Hello “ How are you today?” type intro which sounds so scripted and false. Very few people are suited to selling and you have to be pretty thick skinned to take the rejection.

It isn’t easy and is often a case of “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it”.

Or have they? Alex Jeffreys has had many influential mentors and has learned the art of selling without selling. He says Rich Schefren’s words, “marketing makes selling superfluous” changed everything for him.

I heard Alex say the other day, he’d heard plenty of people describe themselves as Internet Marketers, and had bought courses on Internet Marketing, but how many Internet Sellers do you find?

Well, I hadn’t heard of any and then, guess what …

…along comes Mike Filsaime, who as we all know is Alex friend and mentor, with a brand new product featuring some of Alex coaching students who’d recently met up with him in Las Vegas. (Well-done guys and gals for becoming instant video stars!).

Allow me to introduce – Internet Selling For Newbies


Get Internet Selling For Newbies now… Click here!

Internet Selling For Newbies is a complete training course, full of informational videos teaching internet opportunity seekers how to set up a web based business from the ground up. All without the huge financial investment usually associated with starting any kind of six figure business.

It was produced by Mike Filsaime and Omar Martin, and differs from most of the other training courses on the web in the sense that the majority of the training videos were filmed in actual “classroom style”.

That makes it a lot easier for students to grasp and will be a great additional resource for the new students in Alex Jeffreys MarketingWithAlex2.0, which was, of course, what was intended. These gurus aren’t stupid!

Omar Martin, who is an important part of Mike Filsaime’s team, teaches these internet selling tactics from in front of a white board then follows up his teachings with screen capture video’s of actual practical web implementations.

Internet Selling For Newbies is cutting edge, and well worth checking out because selling and marketing are two completely different things. Marketing just raises awareness while Selling causes people to buy.

Now it’s up to you to determine my fate. Am I an internet marketer or an internet seller?

Get Internet Selling For Newbies now… Click here!

Jean Shaw

Alex Jeffreys is about to launch his new coaching program Marketing With Alex 2.0 and I’ve no doubt it will be great. I expect he’s both nervous, and excited because he’s going to get to know so many more people on a personal level. That’s the thing with Alex. If you get on his course you won’t be just a number, and it will change your life.

Of course, he won’t guarantee anything in terms of financial achievement, because like everything else in life, the end result will depend on the actions YOU take, but you can see all the testimonials he’s received at
However, he’s giving you a great start by releasing his free new e-book called
Newbies Nightmare, and if you’re sensible you’ll grab a copy
before he takes the link down

It contains a lot of marketing information other people charge good money for, and I wish I’d known Alex much earlier as he could have saved me a fortune!

Until recently, no-one gave anything away for Free, but Alex just keeps throwing valuable information at you because he does actually care about his “raving fans” as he calls his followers. To some that might sound pompous, but get to know him and you’ll realise he’s a genuine, down to earth bloke with an extraordinary ability to market to the masses.

He’s taken courses from the elite of the elite in the Internet Marketing circle and become friends with many, buy kamagra order and the knowledge he’s accumulated and is willing to pass on is priceless!

My advice, therefore is to get your copy of Newbies Nightmare NOW before he removes the link.

His NEW coaching program Marketing With Alex 2.0 is being launched tomorrow (Friday 26th June 2009) and you’ll never know if you want to be on it unless you read his report.

Alex says “You have to be in it to win it”. He also says he’s a “product of his productivity”.

How about you?

Click here to Get Your Copy of Newbies Nightmare

Alex Jeffreys Newbies Nightmare

Good Luck!

Jean Shaw

As my son has autism, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I was asked my opinion on whether the MMR triple jab should be made compulsory.

The question has been raised because of the increasing number of children getting measles. Sir Sandy Macara, who is a public health expert and former chairman of the British Medical Association, believes children shouldn’t be able to go to school unless they’ve been vaccinated.

What an awful dilemma for parents, especially as opinion is so divided as to the safety of the triple jab.

I’m so glad it’s not a choice I have to make especially as in my opinion, the information being aired on the news and in the newspapers is pretty one sided. However, I certainly don’t think having the vaccine should be a pre-requisite for free education.

The MMR vaccine has reared its ugly head again because there has been a rise in the number of children catching measles. This highly contagious disease, which occurs mostly in childhood is spread by direct contact and by germ laden air breathed out by patients. It’s one of the commonest diseases in the world and is potentially deadly in third world countries, where poor nutrition and sanitation are also major issues.

However, that’s not the case in UK, or other developed countries in the world, and whilst anyone whose child gets measles has my complete sympathy, the medical profession will confirm MOST victims recover completely. For some there will be complications and this is what the BBC.Co.UK have to say in their health section

“The infection isn’t usually serious but there are potential complications that can be fatal, even for otherwise healthy children. These include otitis media, pneumonia, hepatitis, conjunctivitis and encephalitis occurs in about one in 5,000 cases.

Although complications involving the nervous system occur in fewer than one in 1,000 cases, the long-term effects can be devastating. Encephalitis or inflammation of the brain may develop a few days after the rash has appeared, and a quarter of those who get this complication will be left with brain damage.”

Now compare the threat of measles to the disability of autism, which is not contagious and no one has any real idea how, or why you get it.

When my son was diagnosed with regressive autism in 1993, the disability was quite rare and affected about one in 2,500 children, mostly boys.

Fast-forward to 2009, and depending on which statistics you read, autism affects about 1 in 100 children, still mostly boys, but unlike with measles victims DO NOT recover. Once you have the disability, it’s for LIFE and as autism is not an illness, life expectancy can be very long indeed!

People with autism have real problems functioning in the world as we know it and need constant support. My son is now 20 years old and I consider myself very lucky he’s done as well as he has, but it’s taken a lot of hard work.

Some people blame the MMR for the rise in Autism, and there has certainly been a marked increase in cases since it was introduced in 1988.

Of course, it could just be better diagnosis as the health profession would have us believe, but it does make you wonder if the rates haven’t actually changed, where are the adults with autism? It’s not something you just grow out of, and it’s certainly not something you can hide for any length of time.

Anyway, because of the potential risk of getting the disability, the low uptake of the MMR is also being blamed for the rise in the cases of measles. Many parents have made it very clear they’d give their child the single measles vaccine if it were still available on the NHS. Some have even paid for it privately.

Clearly people with concerns about the triple vaccine would like the option of reverting back to the old system of having six injections as opposed to two, (2 x measles, mumps and rubella) even if it is time consuming. Surely it makes sense for anyone who has concerns about the triple vaccine to have the choice.

So, why won’t the health authorities offer them?

Is it because they’re afraid people won’t complete the full course for the three different vaccines, or, by going back to the old system, it might look as if the MMR could be potentially flawed after all?

Concerns about the MMR were originally raised by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose research identified a possible link between the measles content of the triple vaccine with autism and Crohns disease.

This research has officially been discredited BUT in order for us all to be able to make an INFORMED choice on the matter, I think it’s about time we were told who actually funded the studies which discredited Dr. Wakefield’s findings. I notice, there’s very little coverage of the completely independent studies, which actually confirmed them.

My son developed autism after his MMR, but whilst I think it was a contributory factor, and tipped him over the edge, I don’t think it was the whole cause of his lifelong disability. I won’t go into it here, but you can read the full story in Autism, Amalgam And Me – Jodi’s Journey Continues, if you like.

I can’t and won’t advise anyone either way over the MMR. Everyone must do their own research and come to their own conclusions. The focus at the moment though is about containing the Measles virus, which is highly contagious and threatens the community at large. It will be a contentious issue and I’m sure several parents will fall out over the debate. Some will see giving children the MMR a civic duty.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) say Herd immunity, i.e. immunising at least 95% of children, can prevent a Measles epidemic, so clearly there’s good reason to recommend giving the MMR, but there’s also still that lingering uncertainty regarding autism.

The official line is there’s no link between MMR and autism, but one question to which I’ve never found an answer is-

Has anyone EVER developed regressive autism who’s NEVER been vaccinated?

I’ve never heard of anyone. Have you? If so leave a comment and let me know.

Stay healthy.

Jean Shaw

P.S. For more of my thoughts on Autism and MMR please read my articles at

If you’ve watched the video Testimonial I made for Alex Jeffreys you’ll know the thing I like most about him is the fact he’s most likely an undiagnosed dyslexic.

For me, he symbolises hope for everyone with any kind of learning disability. He is proof if ever any were needed, a person’s value and intelligence is not determined by whether they can read, write or spell.

(That said, I’m sorry Alex, and I know I promised I wouldn’t do this, but when you picture yourself with the Gurus in Newbies Nightmare you really should spell their names correctly i.e. John Reese)

Anyway, yesterday in UK, Education Secretary Ed Balls, pledged £10 million for extra help for children with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. Apparently it’s to fund specialist dyslexia teaching training for 4,000 teachers over the next two years – one for every local group of schools.

It’s good news. At least it means dyslexia is finally being recognised, but I’m sure there will still be students whose problems will remain undiagnosed. They’ll either go off the tracks, be bullied or lose all self confidence, and when they leave school they’ll probably not bother to try to “learn” anything ever again.

That’s a shame for we can all just grow old. It’s nice to grow wise too and that’s just what Alex Jeffreys has done.

I once asked him if he’d been bullied at school but he said he hadn’t. He thought it was because he was small for his age, cheeky and a bit naughty so he got away with it.

Nothing’s changed then!

But seriously, in the short time I’ve known Alex, I’ve watched him evolve into a real leader, at least in the Internet Marketing arena. He’s been an active student, had some great teachers, and is now passing on his knowledge in his own unique style.

Unfortunately, Internet Marketing’s not a subject taught in schools. It should be as given the right instruction, it’s something the majority of today’s youth would take to like a duck to water.

Our younger generation spend more time on social network sites than they do socialising in the real world. It’s sad but true. However, it also provides the perfect foundation for a profitable and rewarding life on the Internet, even for those with dyslexia and language difficulties.

We all know time doesn’t stand still, and neither does the internet. It’s continually evolving and the way forward is definitely video and audio. You need to be authentic, so people get to know, like and trust YOU. It’s a matter of being yourself and video doesn’t have to require written language skills.

Of course, the better your communication skills, the more opportunities you have, but there are ways around everything. Many of the top “Gurus” simply dictate their work and someone else types it up for them. Spelling isn’t an issue.

However, don’t misunderstand here. I’m not saying language skills aren’t important and you should always try to improve, BUT the worth of a person is not determined by his or her ability to read, write or spell.

Personally, I think every high school student should be forced to learn about Alex Jeffreys and read Newbies Nightmare even if they don’t understand it. The underlying message is, your success or failure in life is determined by your mindset and the only constraints you have are those you impose upon yourself.

So to all dyslexics, learning and literate disabled people out there – Believe In Yourself and Good Luck!

Get your FREE copy of Alex Jeffreys Newbies Nightmare NOW!

Jean Shaw

How Alex Jeffreys Newbies Nightmare Report Saved Me From A Weekend Pity Party

Alex Jeffreys Newbies NightmareAlex Jeffreys is certainly fast becoming a great internet marketer and this weekend I really appreciated his latest FREE report Newbies Nightmare

The birth of my first child was, shall we say, traumatic. Anyway, in later years, because of the experience I had to have a couple of major operations and was advised to do specific exercises every day.

Of course, like most things I started off with good intentions but never continued and every now and again my back goes into spasm and it’s agony to move.

It happened again this weekend.

However, because I couldn’t move I was able to read Alex Jeffreys Newbies Nightmare again, and have to say it’s his best report to date. Clearly those copywriting classes he’s been telling me about have paid off. John Carlton should be proud.

Anyway, reading the report about all the e-books, software, courses, etc. most of us have bought and never used reminded me of the back stretcher I had somewhere. I managed to retrieve it, used it a few times and today I can move again.

I also read in the report all the excuses people make NOT to succeed on line, (bad back not amongst them), and realised just because I was temporarily immobile, didn’t mean my brain or business plans had to stop too.

That’s the advantage of doing business on the internet. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and as long as you have internet access and a computer, you can carry on even if you’re flat on your back. I don’t know of many jobs which can boast that.

So, what did I do over the weekend?

I created a Squidoo lens. It was my very first one and may not be brilliant, but you can check it out here and comment if you like.

More importantly though you should check out Newbies Nightmare because it may well be tken down soon.

Alex released this report as part of the pre-launch for his new coaching program Marketing With Alex 2.0. I have no doubt it will be an excellent course but it will be limited and not everyone will be able to amoxil online afford it.

However, everyone can afford a copy of Newbies Nightmare because it’s FREE.

Get a copy while you can and if you do so before 24th June there is a possibility you could even get the course for FREE too. Alex is giving away three slots to people who comment on his blog so I recommend you get your report NOW and get posting.

Meanwhile, I’m going to stretch my back!

Alex Jeffreys Saved Me From My Newbies Nightmare

Love him or loathe  him, Alex Jeffreys certainly makes an  impression.

He’s just brought out a brand NEW report called Newbies Nightmare

I discovered Alex by accident.  You don’t have to.

Go Here – Newbies Nightmare 

Alex Jeffreys Newbies Nightmare

Happy Reading and Good Luck!

Jean Shaw

Since we first became aware of Swine Flu earlier this year, the subject has been making the headlines on and off. We get so many mixed messages it’s hard to decide whether it’s a major issue or not.

However, with more confirmed cases reported and more people being hospitalised, it was inevitable someone would soon die and be the first “victim of Swine Flu” outside of the Americas. Sadly in UK it was a lady who already had underlying health issues and had earlier given birth to a very premature baby. Tragically, the child has  also since died and my thoughts go out to the father/husband.

Whilst attempts have been made to contain the virus, it’s still spreading and opinion is divided as to how serious it really is. It appears to depend on what industry you’re in.

Whilst everyone agrees the virus can be spread by contact and sneezing, schools close because of risk of infection, but airlines continue to operate.

Of course no-one wants mass hysteria. After all, seasonal flu hospitalises and kills thousands each year and yet no-one takes much notice.

Currently, in UK at least, the A(H1N1) virus is mild, BUT we shouldn’t become complacent because so was Spanish Flu when it started off in 1918. However, it went on to recombine and come back in ever-stronger waves, finally killing millions worldwide.

Each year, we have a “flu” season in the autumn and as we live through each one we build up our own immunity against the ever-evolving strains. If you’re unfortunate enough to get the real influenza (and not “man flu”), the virus will take over the body’s cells and clone itself, overwhelming the nervous system and creating breathing problems, which often result in pneumonia.

Your immune system will of course kick in and attack the virus with a frenzy, but depending on what else it has to deal with it may get side tracked and have a real battle on its hands.

You’re the best authority on your own health and I’m not here to tell you what to do, but IF Swine Flu does become a global threat, I personally won’t be taking any anti-virals, or the Swine Flu vaccine if one should ever become available. You can see why on my site

Instead, I’ll be boosting my immune system – starting right NOW.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion, as one doctor from the National Institute of Health has said –

“The only safe vaccine is the one that’s never used!”

I’m convinced childhood vaccines were a contributory factor in my son’s autism and you can read the full story in my second book if you’re at all interested. There are a high percentage of people who suffer disabling illness after inoculation, and vaccines don’t actually have the power to cure anything. They are used in an attempt to eradicate preventable communicable illnesses. The theory is sound, but I’ve heard the only people who actually died of Spanish Flu in 1918 were those who’d been vaccinated.

Vaccines are  created from a weakened live virus, which is then strengthened with antibody boosters and stabilizers. The end result is a mixture of the virus, decomposed protein, and toxic synthetic chemicals, often including mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde. Oh, and on occasion an undetected animal virus is also included just for good measure! (In the 1950’s and 1960’s millions of people were given contaminated polio vaccines apparently due to the monkey organs used to make it).

The vaccine manufacturers provide information for the medical, nursing and pharmaceutical professions regarding the contents, administrations, contra indications and special warnings, etc., but unless you specifically ask, I doubt you’ll be given the opportunity to read them. Whilst most people go for vaccines voluntarily, I’m not convinced they actually give “informed” consent.

Anyway, back to Swine Flu or A(H1N1) as it’s officially known, and a far better way to reduce your risk of this or any other infection is to boost your immune system by taking a powerful Probiotic.

Remember, 85% of your immune system is in the gut and you should renew your healthy probiotic bacteria on a daily basis.

Find out more at

If you want to combat Swine Flu, my advice, for what  it’s worth isGet some GOOD Probiotics inside you!

Take care.

Jean Shaw

P.S. Don’t forget to get my FREE report at

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