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Michael Jackson made some incredible music during his  career and it was a real shame when he died at the end of June 2009. Liam Fairhurst died a week later and whilst he was globally  not as famous, what he achieved in his short lifetime is equally incredible. Liam Fairhurst

Now, I don’t suppose Liam’s name will mean  much to you, but he used to live in a village not far from me and when he was 10 years old, Liam was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 2 years to live. He finally lost his battle  this month at the age of fourteen, but during the four years between his diagnosis and his death, Liam raised £320,000 for CLIC Sargent, a charity for child cancer sufferers and their families.

His amazing efforts won him the Pride of Britain and Children of Courage awards, as well as a meeting with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Liam always thought of others, never himself and remained cheerful till the end.

He was an inspiration to  many and a credit to his family who said of him  –

“Liam was a light that shone in our lives and stood as a beacon of hope, courage and inspiration to so many people. The legacy he leaves behind will far outweigh the grief and emptiness we feel at this time”.

His wonderful personality, positive attitude, guts and sheer determination were amazing, and Duncan Bannatyne of Dragons Den fame once said of Liam –

“He’s the sort of person who makes you stand back and take stock of your own life”

Liam Fairhurst was a remarkable, courageous and inspiring young man and a credit to his generation who often get a bad press. He was always upbeat inspite of his pain and circumstances, and will be remembered most for his smile,  so whenever you’re having a bad day, smile and think of Liam.

You’ll feel a whole lot better.

Liam suffered from Synovial Sarcoma, a tumour in his leg, but there are over 200 different types of cancer and many scientists believe  most can be attributed to toxic chemicals in our environment.

Unquestionably the cancer rates have increased over the years. It is the second leading cause of death today and yet in 1901 the incidence was recorded at 1 in 8000.

If you’d like to know what conclusion I’ve come to for the reason for the marked increase you can get a copy of my free book here –

Stay well.

Jean Shaw

Why A UK Stacation Is Sometimes Not As Good As A Vacation

Red Arrows Display Team

Red Arrows Display Team

Last Friday I took my autistic son on a daytrip to watch the annual air display at Lowestoft. When we arrived the sun was shining and you couldn’t look up at the planes because the sun was so bright.

However, in true British tradition, that didn’t last long.

We watched the Red Arrows perform their incredible display with red, white and blue smoke, saw a helicopter performing aerobatics, and covered our ears as an  F16 flew over a few times before the first heavy shower fell.

It was short and sharp but because there were so many people at the display, despite almost everyone having umbrellas, we all got wet.


Because everyone was so close together and the rain fell so heavily, it just  gushed off the umbrellas like water running down a drainpipe. My son is taller than I am so the water from his umbrella ran straight into my ear until I managed to get him to move slightly!

Anyway, the sun came out again and the display continued. We saw guys parachuting out of a helicopter onto the beach below, a procession of powerboats bouncing around in the waves, and several other different aircraft, before suddenly the crowds of people began to disperse like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Turning round it wasn’t hard to see why. I have never in my life seen a sky like it – at least not in real life. I quite expected an alien space ship to land any minute. A darkness came over the whole area, thunder crashed, lightening struck and the rain fell down vertically so it was no good trying to stand next to a wall to shelter.

The day ended  with us being cold, wet and bedraggled, but we were very lucky as we were there just for the day.

I felt really sorry for the people who were on holiday, especially those looking for cheap family holidays and were camping. It must have been awful. We’ve all heard of the great British spirit, stiff upper lip and all that, so most people just get on with it and make the best of things.

However, for many people the summer holiday  is all they have to look forward to each year and the weather can make or break it. Some people wait and take last minute holidays. This year the Met Office long range forecast was for a bar-b-que summer and I’m sure local businesses were rubbing their hands in glee. However, so far it’s turned into a damp squib.

British summer!

British summer!

I love UK and there are some beautiful places to visit. Apparently this year, two out of three families are choosing to have a stacation in UK instead of having a vacation “abroad”, and many caravan and camping sites are fully booked.

It seems fears about Swine Flu and the exchange rate have put many people off travelling, so the last minute cheap package holiday deals are suffering. Too many people have bad memories of horrendous accommodation, which in reality looked nothing like it did in the glossy brochures, so they’ve  decided unless you can be guaranteed quality 4 star holidays as a cheap package, then it’s just not worth the  risk.

That’s great news for the local tourist industry. They have a short season and rely on the summer holiday industry. However, we all know UK doesn’t have the best amusements and facilities, and if the weather is bad, going out for the day can be a pretty expensive affair, especially if you have several children.

Most kids like to swim, but on our regional news yesterday some parents were understandably complaining because two local swimming pools had been closed for essential repairs. This meant their children had no-where to go during the long summer holidays. The councils said they understood the concern, but didn’t want to disrupt school swimming lessons during term time.

Not a good idea!

Anyway, as I said, I love UK, but there’s a whole big world out there and sometimes it’s just as cheap to travel abroad as it is to stay here. If you know where to look you can get incredibly affordable luxury accommodation at prime resorts all over the world for little more, and sometimes less, than  you’d pay to stay at home. I suspect if more people knew about it, the choice between the risk of catching Swine Flu, versus luxury 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation and predictable weather would be a bit more  difficult.

Jean Shaw
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Ferrets Confirm You Need Probiotics To Combat Swine Flu

Well, it’s started – public panic over swine flu and the demand for antivirals like Tamiflu, which  aren’t actually a cure, just something to lessen the symptoms.

However, every medical practitioner will tell you there’s no man made medication, which doesn’t have side effects.

I don’t want to say I told you so, but according to research carried out on ferrets, (which are affected by ‘flu in the same way as humans), the A(H1N1) affects the lungs and stomach.

All the more reason to take active probiotics to build up your immune system, wouldn’t you say?

After all 85% of your immunity is found in your gut and it’s been suggested  90% of all human illnesses can be traced back there!

Earlier this week, I listened to a fascinating webinar about bacteria. It was pointed out if bacteria became extinct, our whole ecosystem would collapse.

No-one  can live without bacteria. They produce the enzymes responsible for your metabolism. In the webinar it said ONE cell needs 100,000 enzymes to function properly, and as they aren’t alive and cannot reproduce themselves, you have to replace them on a daily basis.

In the right conditions, one single LIVE bacteria can multiply to about 17 million in 8 hours, which is why you need to take LIVE active probiotic bacteria every day.

Notice, I said LIVE bacteria. It’s no good taking the probiotic formulas, which are dead, and the way to determine if they are any good is if you can on ferment with them.

If you aren’t already convinced about the importance of probiotics, (good friendly bacteria), one FACT you might be interested to know is Fat people have far less good bacteria in their gut than slim people! Fat and excess water are the body’s way of protecting you from toxins.

So now you know you can go out and get your LIVE probiotic bacteria, but make sure you get some grown on fruit and vegetables, not on faeces!


Take care

Jean Shaw

Live Active Beneficial Probiotics

Pay It Forward – This Is Really Weird!

This is really weird.

A few years ago  I watched the end of a film which I’ve never forgotten. It was called Pay It Forward, and I’ve thought about it often in the past few months, and more specifically over the last couple of weeks.


Well, savvy marketers are giving away good, genuine, high quality information away for free and asking others  to pass it on. No-one has ever mentioned the film though.

I’ve often thought I’d like to watch the entire film as I remembered how  much I’d enjoyed it, but I’ve never seen it for sale. Admittedly, I hadn’t looked anywhere other than in charity shops or car boot sales, but this weekend I decided I would look on eBay IF I had time.

Anyway, on Sunday my autistic son dragged me around the local car boot sale where he was looking for some old videos to complete his “collection”. No-one wants video these days so they are very cheap. Often you can get 4 or 5 for just £1 ($2).

My son found three he wanted on a stall, but couldn’t find any more to complete his quota so I rummaged around in the bottom of a box where there were several videos without their boxes. Thankfully I had my glasses on because guess what I found right at the bottom?

Yes, you’ve guessed it – Pay It Forward!

The  film is based on the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and I watched it as soon as I got home. I cried my eyes out – not literally of course, but I did shed several tears. It’s a lovely story and works on the premise if everyone did something really life changing for three other people, who then went on to do something equally huge for another three people, etc, etc., we could change the world.

So why’s that weird you might ask?

Well, today, I checked my in-box and there were so many  e-mails it was overwhelming so I just hit the delete key on most of them. However, I stopped myself on one, and I’ve no idea why, but it led me to a free offer, and on the same page it not only mentioned Pay It Forward, but also showed a clip of the film.

How weird is that?

It was all about traffic generation methods and getting visitors to your website, so if you’d like to read  the same information I did just go here –

If it changes your life then I’ve Paid It Forward, at least once! Only two more to go.

Take care

Jean Shaw


If you disregard the exchange trip I went on to Holland with the local football team, my first real vacation “abroad” was to Malta shortly after I got married. I have mixed memories about the trip.

The island was picturesque, the people friendly and the weather warm, but there are some crazy drivers over there and you take your life in your hands on roundabouts.

Still, it was very nice – or at least it would have been but for the accommodation we were in. It was awful and not a bit like we’d anticipated from the pictures in the holiday brochure.

The spacious accommodation was more like a converted military barracks. There was no air conditioning, the fans barely worked and the torn screens let in the mosquitoes, which practically ate us alive.

As for the pool, well we won’t even go there!

Not surprisingly, we were ideal targets for time-share  touts offering their free meal and gift in exchange for a couple of hours of our time. We went along unsure what to expect but grateful for any excuse to leave our apartment. It was like walking into a different world.

We looked, we listened, and we bought, but have never been back since. Instead, for the past thirty years we’ve exchanged our weeks for trips to other countries, and whilst timeshare has earned itself a somewhat bad name, there’s no question the quality of the accommodation is outstanding.

Some people complain about the maintenance fees but they are for the room regardless of how many people stay there, as opposed to the per person package tours which often end up as horror stories, similar, or worse, than ours.

Only last week, friends of ours stayed in a caravan on a holiday camp which cost them as much as we pay for a week in our luxury apartment, and they had none of the facilities we enjoy.

Yes, I like timeshare,  but have been the victim of a scam when persuaded to exchange the timeshare for a holiday club scheme. This supposedly offered better exchange opportunities, and no annual maintenance. You just paid a membership fee and a booking fee if you used it.

These fraudsters are very clever con artists and their story is incredibly plausible. We had the Fraud Squad and Interpol involved, but no-one ever got caught, which is sickening. I know one elderly couple who were swindled out of £15,000 and worried about it so much it ruined their health.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, I’ve just been told a similar story as that told by the conniving little scumbags who looked me in the eye, sympathised about how difficult  it must be to have an autistic son, and then ran off with my money, so you can imagine a few  alarm bells were ringing.

Here we go again, I thought, another scam, but I was wrong.

This discounted luxury holiday vacations “sounds too good to be true” story is genuine.

Check it out for yourself.


Now  it gets even better because there’s a way to get your dream holidays even cheaper. That’s what I call genius!

Happy holidays!


My youngest son Jodi has autism. He’s the reason for my books, and why I’m here on the internet.

People need to know about autism. It’s a common word, and unfortunately now a common disability, yet few people know much about it, and there’s very little support for the families whose lives are completely turned upside down – for ever!

Something has to change and governments have to take action.

Polly Tommey thought so too and embarked on an autism awareness campaign to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April, which just happens to be my son’s birthday.

Coincidence, or what?

Anyway, Polly, a journalist in a former life, decided to send Gordon Brown, UK’s Prime Minister some postcards, but these weren’t just any old postcards. These were designed to get his attention and were placed on billboards in London. They read :-

Dear Gordon Brown

I can save you £508 million a year.
Please call me on 020 7147 9980
when it’s convenient.

Many thanks,
Polly Tommey

Dear Gordon Brown

I can help you get people back to work.
Please call me on 020 7147 9980
when it’s convenient.

Many thanks,
Polly Tommey

Dear Gordon Brown

I can help you cut the divorce rate.
Please call me on 020 7147 9980
when it’s convenient.

Many thanks,
Polly Tommey

They worked!

Polly had a meeting with PM Gordon Brown, who acknowledged “people with autism often do not get the support they need and deserve”. He went on to say more needs to be done.

Polly Tommey has really started the ball rolling and now it’s started it mustn’t stop.

Autism Mothers are representing the many mothers of children with autism around the world who work so hard day and night, and still have to fight so desperately for the basic resources they need. This could be –

Early diagnosis and support
Nappies for their 12 year old
Gaining access to appropriate schools
Relevant therapies
Ongoing medical treatment
Family support
A worthwhile future

The list is endless.

etc., etc., etc.

Something has to change. If the government can’t do it, then Autism Mothers will.

Support their fight and try, at least, to understand the disability. My book is a great initial insight.

Over the years I’ve spoken with both Polly and husband Jon and support their amazing magazine The Autism File. I’ve watched it grow into an incredibly informative resource with contributions from professionals, families and sufferers of Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD and other related disorders. I even have an article printed in issue 27 called Autism – Why My Son Is More Intelligent Than I Am

Please support The Autism File and show your support for Autism Mothers by leaving a comment either here or under the youtube movie at

Better still – do both!

Take care.

Jean Shaw

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