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nullMy dad is fond of the expression “You can’t put an old head on young shoulders” and that’s absolutely true.

Another thing I know to be true is you have to learn from your own experiences.

Since embarking on my internet journey I have received numerous words of advice often conflicting.

Also, I’ve often been bombarded with suggestions and suffered from information overload  and analysis  paralysis.

Finally, though I’ve realised I can’t do it all and what’s right for others may not be right for me as far as internet marketing is concerned

We all have our own special skills and talents BUT without the tools and systems to back them up it’s hard to make them productive and profitable.

Apart from WebProsperity, which provides six great tools I use, I also need a GREAT hosting service.

Currently I’m in the midst of transferring all my sites over to one, which is destined to be one of the best in the industry, so if I’m not around for a while, you’ll know why.

Transferring sites is usually a simple process BUT the hosting service I am currently with for my four main and oldest sites, is making it difficult because they don’t have the all important  C-panel. Also I can’t transfer the templates so I’ve got to start from scratch.

It’s a long and laborious affair as I’ve added a lot of content to my static sites over the years.

However,  I’m moving on to bigger and better things.

Titanium is known for its STRENGTH so I’m transferring everything to my account here  and I suggest you do too! (Not to my account of course!)


Because it’s going to get BIGGER and  BETTER!

Already it’s hosting packages are good, but the company are relaunching  in September and I know what’s in store. Many of the big name gurus already host there, so you know they’ll be pulling out all the stops.

One of the great things is they own and maintain their own data center, and have 24 hour support, which I have already used and can confirm it works!

It’s a one-stop shop for online marketing and IF you want to earn residual income you can also become an affiliate .

I’m already there but you might want to check it out for yourself, because you’ll get incredible training on how to use and benefit from your investment.

Remember, I said you have to learn from your  own experience?

Well,  I take  that back.

This time, learn from mine!

See you on the other side.

Jean Shaw

One of my favourite health sites is

Today, Dr  Mercola’s article concerned the FDA’s ruling on Mercury in dental amalgam. They claim mercury is completely harmless.

What  a joke!

Since I suffered mercury poisoning from dental amalgam this is a subject close to my heart.

Please watch these videos where Dr. Mercola interviews Charles Brown, the legal counsel for the Consumers for Dental Choice.



…and LEARN why you are legally being poisoned !

Did it open YOUR eyes?

Consumers for Dental Choice is working to abolish mercury dental fillings.

Help them by contacting  Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein of the FDA, the official in charge of the rulemaking regarding amalgam. You can contact him here:

I know mercury from dental amalgam has disastrous affects on some individuals. I’ve written a book about REAL people who’ve asked me to tell their stories. If you’re interested you can read them in Mercury Poisoning, It’s Not In Our Heads Any More

Jean Shaw

Alex Jeffreys and KatieMy mentor Alex Jeffreys is  getting married today and has told me he’s feeling pretty nervous.

He says it’s weird because he has been on stage and talked at seminars, held webinars for hours on end and shot videos which have been watched by thousands BUT this is different.

Today, he has to make his wedding speech infront of a hundred close friends and family but I have confidence he’ll pull it off.

I’d like to wish him, Katie and young son Cameron a lovely day.

Of course it comes with the obligatory word of advice:-

Never go to bed on an arguement!

Anyway, that said, here’s a poem for Alex

Alex Jeffreys getting married
And I wish him all the best
For today he’s pretty nervous
Feeling  daunted by the test

He’s marrying lovely Katie
The true love of his life
And watched by young son Cameron
They’ll become man and wife

Alex is quite a chatty chappie
Can talk for hours when in the zone
His lengthy calls and webinars
Are pretty  widely known

BUT…today it’s really different
It’s unfamiliar ground
He’s not talking to the masses
About strategies he’s found

Not hidden behind a video
With headset and microphone
Instead,  before one hundred
He’ll make his wedding speech alone

But Alex is professional
And like the cat that got the cream
He’ll turn his Newbies Nightmare
Into his Guru’s Dream

So  Alex on your special day
As you take your lovely wife
I wish you health and happiness
And a loving, carefree life

Best wishes and “fail forward” Alex!

Jean Shaw

Autism, Probiotics And The Lowly Sandwich

Earl Jodi?It’s currently the school holidays so I’ve not been very active as far as my online work is concerned. Instead I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my youngest son who has autism.

It’s been great.

We’ve done all sorts of things like going to air displays, played golf, punted on the river, been on the train, ten pin bowling AND been out for meals.

Now, you might think that last one is nothing special BUT believe me it’s HUGE! I used to dream about the day my son would eat a “proper” meal.

Now he does and and that includes sandwiches, which makes life so much easier. I have good old John Montague,the 4th Earl of Sandwich to thank for that.

Here’s a video explaining why.

Jean Shaw

P.S. To learn more about the lactobacillus probiotic nutrition supplement which has made so much difference to our lives go here :-

Decluttering – It’s Good For You Apparently!

Apparently a tidy desk is an indication of a tidy mind and I have to admit since using Gary Simpson’s  Time and Motion Planner my life has become a lot easier.

I’ve certainly become more productive since I decluttered my desk and my computer.

Now, apparently I need to declutter my house, but I have a big problem with this. I’m not sure if it’s a woman thing, but everything I have has some sort of sentimental value to me, especially if it’s been a gift or I’ve handed over money for it. I find it really difficult  to let go, so I don’t think we’ll ever move!

The other day a man suggested we could all declutter by having memory boxes. For instance, instead of keeping your entire wedding dress, you should just cut a small piece of the material from it, and save  that, together with other memorabelia from your big day. You should have similar boxes for holidays, etc. Clothes and shoes should also be disposed of if you haven’t worn them for a few months.

Hmmmm – as I say it was a man who made the suggestion!

Anyway, here’s a poem I wrote –

I’ve been ordered to declutter,
My husband’s made it known
If I don’t clear some rubbish out,
I’ll be left on my own.

Of course he doesn’t mean it,
But for him it’s not a  must
To surround himself  with bits and bobs
Which only gather dust!

I guess it’s just a man thing
Our brains don’t think the same
I don’t see it as just clutter
But holidays and a name.

Fond memories to treasure,
Good times  from the past
Something I can feel and hold,
Something that will last.

It’s not that I’m unhappy now,
Just  can’t do the things I’ve done
Time and circumstances change
Now’s a different kind of fun.

But to keep my husband happy
I’ll put some in a different place
Won’t dispose of anything
Just make a bit more space!

Don’t tell him will you?

Jean Shaw

They Say All’s Fair In Love And War – But Mercury Poisoning Is Taking Things A Bit Too Far!

mercury laced teaI couldn’t believe the article in the Daily Mail the other day which revealed 69 year old William Dowling had laced his ex-wife Maureen’s tea with mercury in an attempt to make her ill so he could win her back.

I’ve heard the expression all’s fair in love and war but that’s taking things too far.

If you’ve read a few of my blog posts you’ll  know mercury has played a big part of my life for thirty years, but unfortunately, I didn’t know it for most of that time.

However, mercury is an insidious poison which can slowly and secretly destroy lives.

My problem was caused through dental amalgams and vaccines and I’m not alone. Just go to my site and look at the mercury information page specifically the Videos.

It’s a problem which won’t just go away no matter how much the powers that be try to bury their heads in the sand.

Web 2.0 has opened the doors to “real people” being able to tell their true  stories. They aren’t restricted by government and department policies, or financial kickbacks and just want people to know their illnesses and disabilities are not “just in their heads”.

If you want a free downloadable copy of my book “Mercury Poisoning – It’s Not In Our Heads Any More – Jodi’s Journey Goes On” where you’ll discover TRUE stories of REAL sufferers, just leave me a constructive comment below this post.

Meanwhile,  watch the videos and take care.

Jean Shaw

Food – Do You Use It Or Waste It?

Every now and again I sort out my food cupboard and am ashamed to admit I often need to throw things away. Jars, tins and packets all past their best before, sell by and use by dates.

Also, I’m guilty of throwing away fresh fruit and vegetables because I don’t eat them fast enough.

Clearly I’m not alone though as the program I recently watched on tv indicates. It’s incredible what goes to waste so I thought I’d make a video about it.

So, how about you? Do you waste most of the food you buy?

Jean Shaw
For more information on the Active Live Beneficial Probiotic Bacteria I use

This Proves Our Children Are Poisoned Before They’re Even Born

toxic chemical campaigners

Last week, a small group of parents won their court case against Corby Council, who they claimed were responsible for the birth defects in their children. The mothers alledged they were  unwittingly exposed to toxic chemicals during pregnancy, and all the children were born with missing fingers or webbed feet.

You can read the full story here

It  seems when the council undertook the clear up of what used to be the town’s former British Steel plant, between 1985 and 1999, they made a complete mess of the land reclamation program.

The area used to be one of the largest steelworks in Western Europe and covered 680 acres. Until the plant closed in 1980, British Steel had put toxic materials into holes in the ground where it was relatively safe.

During the clear up, it was moved to sealed containers at a quarry north of the town, but this ‘wet waste’ containing cancer-causing dioxins, and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and chromium, was transported in open-backed lorries.

It’s  been claimed particles blew out, and anyone travelling behind the lorries, out walking, or living close to the site were vulnerable. It’s believed the dust blew into the kitchens and onto the food eaten by the then pregnant women.

The chemicals subsequently passed through the bloodstream into the unborn children.

I  know all about that scenario, but in my case I believe it was dental amalgam work during pregnancy, and mercury passing into my unborn child, which partly contributed to his autism.

Like the mothers in this story, I was blissfully unaware of the dangers of toxic chemicals. I thought  if items were for sale in the supermarket shelves, or if experts didn’t warn me of any possible harmful side effects or contra indications when I had medical or dental procedures done, everything must be just fine.

Silly me.

We all like to think we’re invincible and things only happen to other people, but life has an annoying habit of proving us wrong. Now, I question everything.

Toxins are everywhere and you can’t escape them. They’re in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. You’ll find them in your clothes, your furnishings, your household and skincare products so unless you make a conscious stand to eliminate at least some, then health problems at some point are inevitable.

It’s only recently scientists have realised the umbilical cord

carries not only the building blocks of life, but also a steady stream of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides”

and I’m not at all surprised a study commissioned by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) revealed babies in the womb are exposed to hundreds of dangerous chemicals.

The blood analysed from the umbilical cords of 10 babies revealed 287 chemicals including pesticides, consumer product ingredients and wastes from burning coal, gasoline and garbage. They found mercury, fire retardants and PFOA, which is the constituent found in your Teflon non-stick pans.

You can read the full report here but the researches said of the chemicals discovered –

We know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests”

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but obviously if you care about your health and that of your loved ones you might just want to take control over the areas of your life where toxins can be reduced.

Here’s a report entitled Mad As A Hatter How To Avoid Toxic Metals And Clear Them From Your Body, which is well worth a read, and if anyone is still in any doubt where these chemicals come from, how they accumulate, and why they ought to do something about it, I suggest you have a look at the Toxins And Our Children video featuring Anderson Cooper of CNN Planet In Peril at

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your copy of my FREE  report about skincare, which may just surprise you.

It did me and I wrote it!

Take care,

Jean Shaw

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