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Breast Cancer Affects Everyone – Yes, Even You!

Breast cancer affects everyone – Yes, that’s right, men and women.

Now I don’t necessarily mean men get it, although some do, BUT all men have a mother; the lucky ones have wives, sisters, daughters, and female friends,  so I highly recommend everyone watches this video.

When you’ve finished, read more about breast cancer on my site  under the Useful Information section.

Look out for those you love.

Take care

Jean Shaw

My mate Alex Jeffreys is at it again.

Don’t you just hate it when people say something like that and you automatically think,

“Yeah, right – bet they’ve never even met”, 

and you’d be right, BUT…

Alex is my  mentor and I owe him a lot. 

Infact, I’m off to Las Vegas for a cosy little get together with him and 49 of his other students in January next year, where I shall personally thank him for making me take action and step  out of my comfort zone.

However, before then Alex is launching his THIRD coaching program, which leaves me to suspect one of three things, either,  

he can’t sleep, or
he’s trying to raise some money to hit the casinos, or
he’s determined to hit that million dollar mark

Whatever the reason, I know whoever gets on it won’t be disappointed.

Talk  about energy!

I just wish I was thirty years younger, because when Alex holds webinars  they can last  five, six, seven and even eight hours!

He probably holds the Guiness Book of Records for coaching calls, but if it wasn’t for this Welsh dynamo, YOU wouldn’t be reading this blog.

I’ll leave you to decide if that’s good or bad.

Anyway, if  you decide to pop back again I’ll be able to update you on  “my mate’s” new course, because whatever you think of me – Alex is certainly worth listening to.

Take care.


What’s Cows Milk Got To Do With Probiotics And Free Radicals?

Apart from gluten, One of the problems many people with autism face is an intolerence to casein, which is the protein found in milk and dairy products.  I was advised  to take my youngest son off it and give him goats or sheeps milk instead.

When I investigated further, I realised cows milk is perhaps not the healthy drink it’s cracked up to  be, and you can read an article I wrote about it here, if you like.

Anyway, pasteurized milk is a processed food,and it’s pretty much established consuming too many highly processed foods is one of the major reasons we are experiencing so many health problems, and why obesity is such an issue these days.

Here’s an articleon milk from Dr.Mercola whose website I think is just brilliant

If you read it, you’ll see he points out antibiotics used to keep cows healthy get passed on us through their milk. As antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad, your daily pinta may not be doing your immune system any favours at all.


Because the antibiotics used for the cows will kill off the probiotic bacteria you need inside your body and allow the pathogenic ones to flourish.

I’ll bet you never considered that did you ?
In addition, when your milk is pasteurized and homogenised it can play a part in oxidative stress, and allow free radicals, those pesky unstable molecules I mentioned  in my last blog post to go on the rampage.

Anyway, the point of this post is – if you must drink cows milk, don’t forget to top up your probiotic bacteria (with live active ones – not those you find in the chilled cabinet in supermarkets), and get as many antioxidants as you can.

Stay healthy!

Jean Shaw

GVO – Bags Under My Eyes And F.I.S.T.

I’ve listened to yet another GVOAcademy webinar.

I really must give them up, not because they aren’t absolutely brilliant, but because they’re always on in the early hours of the morning for me over here in UK, and by the time I collapse into bed, my mind is so active I can’t sleep anyway.

I learn a lot though, and apparently they’re soon to be recorded, which means you might see me on video soon.  You see one of the products with GVO is easy video producer where you can get your video up online with just a few clicks of your mouse.


It’s not called “Easy” video producer for nothing, but until I get rid of the bags under my eyes through lack of sleep, I don’t fancy getting in front of my video camera.

Anyway, this morning, the presenters were discussing the importance of taking action, and they’re absolutely right. It doesn’t matter how much you buy amoxil learn in life, unless you apply that knowledge, nothing happens. 

That’s particularly true in business.

The results you get are determined by the amount, and type of action you take.

 It’s called momentum, and is based on the anagram F.I.S.T, which stands for Focus, Intention, Strategy and Time.

 Momentum means movement.

 The problem with starting anything new though is often the amount of energy and time you have to put in at the beginning.  It’s a lot like the fuel needed to fly an airplane.  Most of it is used during take-off.

 It’s also pretty scary.

 So, let me tell you about F.I.S.T. and how the components affect your results.

FOCUS  – There are many different ways to develop and promote a business.  Often though, people try too many things at once, which dilute the results.  Often, it’s best to focus on just one thing at a time, then, when you’ve got it working, move on to the next.

The problem most people find, including me, is there are just too many different strategies to choose from, and they feel they ought to try them all.

Maybe, that’s true, BUT it’s better to focus on things that feel right for you.  It’s fine to be aware of all the different things, but you DON’T have to do them all.  Infact, the reality is, you CAN’T do them all.

I know that, but I still get it wrong, all the time.

I need to listen to my own advice, and the  expression all the experts use – K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!  

(Fortunately, I don’t take it personally).

INTENTION – Okay, next bit.   If you know what results you want to achieve, you’ll know where to focus your attention. 

You need a clear vision, so you have to ask yourself what’s the purpose, or intent, of every action you take?  It’s important to know, because every action builds upon the last, and EVERYTHING you do should have a desired result.

Do you know what it is?

My aim with this post is to trick you into thinking I actually know what I’m talking about, and to build up a bit of K.L.T.

You’ll remember from my previous posts that stands for Know, Like and Trust.

 How am I doing?STRATEGY

 STRATEGY – So, you know what result you want to achieve, now you’ll need to decide what strategy (ies) you want to use to achieve it.

If you already had a Strategy Statement planned out, that’s great, but if not you might want to create one by listing what you’re going to do to get where you want to be. 

You have to be realistic though.

It’s one of those things you can review and evaluate over and over again.  Find out what’s working and what isn’t, then refine it.

Don’t take on too much though.

Remember, if you overstretch yourself, and feel there’s too much to do, you won’t take any action at all, and without action there’s no movement. 

I think it’s called paralysis by analysis, or something like that.

The trick is to just start small, well actually it’s JUST START, and do one thing you enjoy consistently.

Ask yourself this question  –If you could do only ONE thing, what would it be, and how often would you do it?

TIME – Okay, here’s the big one.  How long will it take for your business to take off or for you to become good at something?

Well, if you keep every strategy simple and make it fun, you’re far more likely to continue, because consistency is another factor in having a successful business.  You can’t expect to do something just once if you want good results; besides the more you do something, the easier it gets.

I think Tony Robbins said you have to do something 84 times to get really good at it, but don’t quote me.  One thing’s for sure though, when you understand something and get good at it, you feel more comfortable, and confident enough to move on to a different strategy.

Eventually, you can have several strategies working for you, and provided they all produce results that’s just great.

Many  people suggest concentrated  focus for the first 90 – 100 days is a great way to gain momentum.  I don’t know about that because I’m still at the stage where I want to try everything – useless aren’t I?

I’m dabbling in all sorts of things and getting my feet wet, but that’s just me.  I never was any good at listening to my own advice.

You might want to though, so just don’t get disheartened if things aren’t going your way- YET. 

As they say – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be either.

Just find what works for you, and have fun on the journey.

Take care and good luck.

Jean Shaw

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Do You Know What Antioxidants and Free Radicals Are?

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

As you know I’ve just been on holiday, and as it’s November in UK, obviously it’s been a bit cool.  The weather was actually brilliant though, because  it only rained in the evening, or when we were doing something indoors.

However, a lot of people had colds and sore throats.

I didn’t and neither did my youngest son, who has autism.


Well, it could have something to do with the probiotics and antioxidants we take every day, which boost our immune systems.

You’ve probably heard about probiotics – those friendly bacteria we all need, and if you haven’t, you might like to read a few more of my blog posts because I’m a HUGE fan.

However, there are some other things which pop up pretty regularly these days, and I don’t know about you, but whilst I hear the words, “Free radicals” and “Antioxidants” a lot, rarely does anyone ever explain what they are or why we should be concerned about them.

Do you know why they’ve suddenly become the buzzwords in the health industry?

Well, apparently, it’s all to do with the atoms, which make up our bodies.

Each individual atom needs to have an outer shell of electrons to keep it ‘stable’, and if, for some reason, some of the electrons aren’t there, it’s considered ‘unstable’ and classed as a Free Radical.

Atoms don’t like to be considered ‘unstable’.   I don’t suppose you would either, so what these “free radicals” do is attempt to steal the electrons from the molecules surrounding them.

The problem with that is the molecules from which the electrons are “stolen” then become unstable, so they go off on the rampage to make themselves stable again, and the whole process of electron grabbing is perpetuated.

Apparently a few “free radicals” aren’t bad, BUT if you get too many, research indicates a link to numerous diseases and health issues, especially when you have “oxygen free  radicals”.

These are oxygen atoms, which have lost an electron, because they cause  “oxidative stress”  in the body.

So, what causes Free Radicals?

Well, just about anything connected with living really, which makes them a bit of a pain, to put it mildly.

However, there is something you can do about them.

Drum roll please for Antioxidants, and you might just notice a bit of a clue as to what they are in their name.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, they provide the extra electrons, all the ‘unstable’ molecules and atoms are seeking to complete their outer electron shells.

They prevent or slow down  the oxidation process.

I suppose you could think of Free Radicals and Antioxidants as the bad guys and the good guys.  The first cause oxidation, and the  second prevent it.

You get antioxidants from the food you eat and there is a lab test known as ORAC, which measures the antioxidant properties of various foods.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, and the test measures the antioxidant activity of the substance.  Depending on its strength, the substance is given a number, and the higher the ORAC score, the more beneficial, the food.

The USDA recommend we consume between 3000 and 5000 ORAC units each day, but the reality is, unless we take additional antioxidants, even eating the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables a day, it’s unlikely we’ll reach that target.

Certainly, fruits and vegetables have the highest ORAC scores, and apparently fruits with bright pigmentation, which are exposed to lots of intense sun and ultra violet light contain the most.

The Acai berry undoubtedly contains one of the highest  ORAC scores, and ¾ cup will give you an amazing 5,500 ORAC score, which is 10 times more than grapes, and twice as much as blueberries.

It’s a lot of fruit to eat though, and they’re not cheap. 

That’s why some savvy marketers freeze dry the fruits and turn them into stable powders, which have all the health benefits of the original products. You can then make them up as a drink, and get your ORAC units in one serving.  That, to me, is a much better and easier option.

So, there you have it.  Now you know what free radicals and antioxidants are.

Don’t you feel better?

Take care.

Jean Shaw

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GVO – Creating A Web Presence And Just Being You

jacuzziI’ve just been away on holiday with my  family and it was GREAT! I didn’t access the internet so spent the entire week meeting people and doing fun stuff.

Now, I talk to everyone and am always getting told off for it. However, friends are just strangers waiting to happen – right?

Besides, I find it much easier to chat to people in jacuzzis, saunas,  steamrooms, and swimming pools,  than just look at them, or worse still, not look at them at all. That’s too much like a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room for my liking.

Also, when I played golf, went rifle shooting and hawk walking (all FREE activities and part of the holiday experience), it just made sense to chat to my fellow colleagues.

After all, we had a lot in common – none of us knew what we were doing!

I found out all sorts  of things just by passing the time of day and being friendly.  One thing I discovered,  is a lot of people are dissatisfied with their lives for one reason or another.

Most hate their jobs, or lack of them.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard people describe a JOB as standing for Just Over Broke, meaning employers pay just enough to keep their staff, and employees do just enough to prevent themselves being sacked.

I guess I’ve always been lucky, because I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed  what I’ve done, and felt I’ve been fairly rewarded for my input, but nothing compares to what I’m doing now.

So what am I doing, apart from having fun?

thinkingWell, I’m creating a web presence, just by being “me”.

I talk about all sorts of different things in my articles, books, blogs and websites, and hopefully amuse, inform and educate people at the same time.

Of course, I won’t appeal to everyone – nobody does, but the nice thing  about being on line, as opposed to being in a “job”,  is you have the choice whether you hang out with me and listen to what I have to say,  or not.

If it sounds  fun –  it is, at least, I think so.

Anyway, going back to chatting to people on holiday, and one chap I met in the steam room is shortly going on his first school reunion. He hasn’t met his fellow students for 25 years and told me he was trying to lose weight, grow some hair and earn several thousand pounds before the big day.

He said he wanted to appear more successful than he really was.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be something you’re not ,as long as you want to change for the right reasons. I’m all for self improvement. Infact, I think the best thing you can do for yourself  is continue to educate yourself.

After all, anyone can just grow old. 

That’s easy.

However, it’s also important to be yourself.

Most people don’t see themselves as other people see them, and if others only value you because of your appearance or the amount of money you have, then maybe they aren’t the type of individuals whose opinions really matter.

What do you think?

Another woman I spoke to, had just retired and said she was kicking her heels trying to find something to do with her life that was inexpensive and fun.

I suggested she try blogging. 

How about you?  Are you looking for something extra in your life?

If so, you may want to try blogging yourself. 

Whatever, you decide, remember this:-

Your thoughts create your life.

If you want to change your life,  you have to change the way you think, because your thoughts will  produce an action and that action will create a result.

The bottom line is – if you want to change your life then YOU have to CHANGE your life.

Just do it for yourself though – not for other people.

Think about what you like to do best when you’re not working so hard,and maybe start creating YOUR presence on line by talking about it.

You may really enjoy it .

Have fun!

Jean Shaw

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