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Jean Shaw's Telephone RecordingsOne of the things I love about the Internet is the way you can talk to, and become friends with like minded people from different parts of the country, or indeed countries!

Yesterday, I chatted to two more of Alex Jeffreys coaching students, both at different levels in their internet careers, but equally focused, determined to succeed and with a LOT to offer.

Everyone has a story and a reason to change their life -maybe you have one right now too?

(You can read mine here).

Rob J Bradley is getting married this year and wants to spend more time at home, whereas Richard Moloney has angina and wants to supplement his income.

Rob and Richard are different on many levels BUT they both know there are no get-rich-quick methods on the internet, at least nothing legal and nothing which doesn’t require a lot of preparation beforehand.

If you have the right instructions and can follow someone you trust, there are some great get-rich-forever opportunities though.

They just take time and the willingness to take consistent, imperfect action – one step at a time.

That’s  why both of Rob and Richard’s blogs offer great advice on getting the fundamentals right.

RobJBradleyIf you go to you’ll be treated to some great FREE e-books and video tutorials on planning, organisation and setting up your blog, including some of the “techie” stuff, which is really quite easy when you know how!

Richard MoloneyThen, at you can grab the same FREE e-book about using Powerpoint to create videos.  This helped me enormously when I stepped out of my comfort zone and created my first video, so thanks Richard!

Both Rob and Richard now have their own page on my site and if you want to check them out, please click on their names  below 

Rob J Bradley

Richard Moloney


Who knows – you might feel inspired to take some action yourself!

Change comes from within, and today could be the day you decide to stop having a “default” future  and start creating your “desired” future.

Rob and Richard have already begun.

You can too.

Good luck!

Stop Slogging And Start Blogging With David Walker

Well, there’s an offer for you, isn’t it?

Stop slogging and start blogging is just what seasoned marketer David Walker decided to do when he realised the importance of building a firm foundation for his internet presence.

David changed his strategy, went back to basics and concentrated on relationship marketing by providing quality content to his readers.

David describes his blog as a storefront for his opt-in list and I can confirm it’s a store well worth visiting.

This young Welshman has some great content, very neatly displayed and packaged. His posts are informative, educational and interesting, as was the chat I had with him recently as part of the Alex Jeffreys students interview series aimed at proving anyone can make their mark on-line including YOU!

You can listen to my chat with David on his page at  where you’ll also find a link to his meaty FREE e-book called, (unsurprisingly) –

Stop Slogging Start Blogging

Listen to the audio here


Jean Shaw

What has Marcus Passey got in common with the late Sir Winston Churchill?

Marcus PasseyLast night I enjoyed an interesting chat with “beginner” marketer Marcus Passey and off audio he apologised to me for not being very good in the interview.

I thought he was great and you’ll be able to judge for yourself if you listen to him on his page at

The purpose of the audio interviews I am currently undertaking is to prove to anyone interested you don’t have to be an expert, a copy writing genius or a technicalwhizz kid to be able  to make a success on line.

It isn’t easy, but with the right attitude it’s entirely possible.

Marcus has that attitude.

He’s honest, forthright and not pretending to be something he’s not. 

With three young children and a full time job, which sees him getting up at 4.30 a.m.  and working a 51 hour week, there’s little time for Marcus to pursue his passion for internet marketing, but he’s there to help anyone he can.

Marcus has a desire to provide a better life for his  wife and family.   He longs to escape the rat race and spend more time with them, so I suspect the quote on his blog from Winston Churchill,inspires his bulldog determination –

“Never give in, never,never,never-  in nothing great or small, large or petty – never give in except in convictions of honor  and good sense”.

Wise words from a wise man and now followed by Marcus Passey.

He’ll get there and I wish him an enjoyable and speedy journey.

You  can listen to my chat here –

Jean Shaw

Valentine’s Day, Autism And GVO’s Marshall Sylver

One of the things I really like about the college my youngest son currently goes to is the way, despite all the individuals different problems, nothing is ruled out as impossible unless there is a real safety issue.

My son has autism, and the other college students have many and varied disabilities, but they’re all provided as normal a life as possible.

This week after we’d attended Jodi’s educational review, we went to the pub for a drink.  He likes to go for a “coke”, or “pepsi”, and soon gets his wallet out to pay, (which is something I wish his elder brother would take note of).

However, although he  can recognise coins, Jodi has no idea of value, so wouldn’t be able to work out what’s required,  or if he needed change without support.

That makes him really vulnerable.

Valentine Anyway, whilst we were having our drinks in front of the roaring fire, we heard someone say, “Hello Jodi”, and through the bar in the restaurant section, we saw a young man holding a red heart shaped balloon.

A few minutes later he appeared next to us, introduced himself as,  “Alistair who does the disco”, and told us he’d been for a meal with his girlfriend, Jess.

No sooner had her name passed his lips, than she appeared clasping a single rose, and following close behind was her chaperone – one of the IT’s (Independence Trainers) from the college, who confided she felt a real “gooseberry”, albeit a necessary one.

It made me glow even more than the fire. 

Just the thought of the two of them having a romantic dinner was so sweet, and brought a lump to my throat.

It just confirmed to me what Marshall Sylver, the new GVOAcademy trainer says –

“If it’s do-able, it’s achievable”.

Marshall will be offering more great advice on Thursday 18th February for GVO members so it might just be an idea to check it out before then, especially as there’s currently a competition going on where Joel Therien is GIVING AWAY his BMW !

If that’s not an incentive to take action, I  don’t know what is.

Take care.

Jean Shaw

Daylynne Starr – Shining Her Way To Success With Giveaways

Daylynne Starr is yet another of Alex Jeffreys coaching students who’s been kind enough to share her thoughts on internet marketing amox with me.

It was a fun interview and just proves, whilst the internet marketering scene does tend to be dominated by males, there’s certainly a space for females.

Daylynne has been growing her list with Giveaways and  demonstrates the power of female logic.

You can hear our chat on her page at 

 under the   Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students  section.

It’s  worth checking her out because she has a great FREE  e-mail course called 10 Products You Can Make In A  Day.

Take a look.

 Jean Shaw

One thing I’ve come to acknowledge since starting on the internet is the most successful marketers always seem  to have overcome some extreme form of adversity at some stage in their lives.

Many have lost their jobs, been thousands of dollars in debt, had their homes repossessed, sold their possessions and had no money  for food.

All pretty good reasons to want to turn their lives around, I think you’ll agree.

Tonight, I listened to Marshall Sylver talking a bit about his life and although I’d come across his name before, I’d never known his background.

Here’s what wikipedia have to say about him –

“Marshall Sylver, born Marshall Walter Sylwestrzak, is a performance hypnotist and salesman who works primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

Well, that doesn’t do him justice at all. For a start he’s far more than a performance hypnotist and salesman.  He’s considered one of the greatest hypnotists of all time and the number one  leading expert on subconscious reprogramming, influence and persuasion.

Marshall comes from a big family and has nine brothers and sisters, so unsurprisingly he likes people.

His childhood was hard.

Raised on a farm in Michegan where there was no electricity, phone or running water, the family were often without food.

His mother worked three jobs and despite her best efforts, they found themselves homeless twice.

He’s lived out of a motel room, a station wagon and for four years the family home was a converted chicken coop.

Not surprisingly Marshall became resentful of people with money and turned to drugs, which got him into trouble with the law.

Life for Marshall changed when he got his head on straight and started to change his beliefs. He realised he had the power to move forward and began to make better choices on a consistent basis.

He discovered just working hard and being willing to work won’t make you rich. You have to have specialised knowledge, and must be able to communicate effectively.

You need to control the mass between your ears – specifically the subconscious mind, and if you want to be a successful salesman then you need to be able to control someone else’s subconscious mind!

Marshall has certainly become a master at that.

He says belief is only something you perceive to be true. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong – just that you believe it is.

If you want something badly enough and believe it is do-able, then it will be achievable.

I’m hoping he’s right because he’s just become the latest quality trainer at the GVOAcademy and promises to reveal his secrets to paid members in upcoming GVO Academy webinars.

I can’t wait.

Apparently, Marshall has the ability to sell people things in such a way they actually fall over themselves to buy and think it’s their idea, BUT…

…only if what he offers is of value to the buyer and he fully believes in what he’s selling.

Clearly he believes  in GVO, as do I, so I guess I’m in good company.

Do you want to join us?

If so – give GVO a try here

Jean Shaw  

P.S.  Seems to me anyone who’s overcome as much adversity as Marshall Sylver and gone on to become a multi millionaire with numerous homes (including one in Las Vegas called Prosperity Palace) is worth listening to, wouldn’t you agree? Go to the  GVO  Academyand find out for yourself.


Bryce Woodard – Interview With Another Of Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students

As promised I’ve been chatting with a few of Alex Jeffreys coaching students with a view to showing you how, with a bit of effort and the right mindset, YOU can change your life.

Last night I had a call with Bryce Woodard from Southern Utah.

He works full time and has five  children BUT still manages to achieve the internet goals, which  will ultimately bring him the lifestyle he and his family desire.

Bryce considers himself a “beginner” in internet terms, so you may just want to listen to what he has to say now and then check back in a few months time.

I have a feeling he won’t be a newbie for much longer.

You can learn more  and hear our call at

Jean  Shaw

Is YOUR Tetanus Up To Date? You’d better check.


After my fall down the escalator last week, I followed the hospital instructions to visit my local GP to get my wounds dressed and check on whether my tetanus was up to date.

Surprisingly, it expired seven years ago, so the nurse gave me one whilst I was in the surgery, and she told me something which I hadn’t realised before.

Apparently, the tetanus vaccination is only really beneficial if it’s already in your system BEFORE you have an accident.

Did you know that?

I always thought it took effect immediately.

Anyway,  tetanus is caused by a germ that gets into your body through a wound, such as a cut whilst gardening, or through an animal bite.

You’re more at risk of developing tetanus if the wound is deep,  or if it gets dirty with soil or manure, but even small wounds such as a prick from a thorn can allow enough bacteria to get into your body to cause tetanus.

Obviously,  my wounds were quite deep and the metal escalator steps must have been really dirty considering the amount of people who use them on a daily basis, so I was grateful to have the tetanus jab, albeit  too late.

However, I think my age was in my favour because there’s a vaccination programme for tetanus in UK which consists of five doses of the vaccine and each dose lasts 10 years.

Tetanus can cause all sorts of problems  including spasms so make sure you’re covered.

I’m also on antibiotics which obviously help to kill any nasty bacteria,  but I’m religiously taking a dose of In-Liven probiotic every day to build up my good bacteria as well.

You ought to try it – it’s delicious (okay – maybe not delicious but this is my blog  and I’m allowed a bit of “poetic licence”).

                                    More information on Probiotics

Take care,

Jean Shaw

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