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Guru's Nightmare

Guru’s Nightmare,

What about Jean Shaw’s Nightmare?

Thanks to Alex Jeffreys I’ve just spent a night in hospital having a CAT scan.

Okay, maybe Alex wasn’t directly to blame but it caught your attention didn’t it?

I have a love/hate relationship with this young dynamic marketer from Wales.

I really admire his energy, drive and complete honesty.

Who else would tell you they got where they are by getting the “guru’s” drunk at the bar and picking their brains, and by seeing what worked in their business and then “ripping it off”.

Some people might say, “modelling their business after them”  –  NOT Alex!

Anyway, Alex is my mentor and if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you’ll know since I was part of his first coaching program, he’s made me step out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion.

He just has that sort of effect, where you feel you have to take action.

The problem I have is, everytime I listen to him speak,  my mind is so full of possibilities, opportunities and things I “could” do, I just can’t switch my brain off.

That young man has  indirectly caused me more sleepless nights than any other male in my life…


I suspect lack of sleep is what caused the accident  I had recently after I visited his workshop in Las Vegas.   On the return journey, I did a backward flip down the “up” escalator in King’s Cross station in London, cut my legs, banged my head and ended up in hospital.
I know – clumsy idiot!

Anyway, my legs have healed but I still get weird headaches, so last week I was admitted to hospital to make sure nothing serious had occurred.

The neurologists have decided I’ve developed chronic migraine, which is good news, as it could have been much worse, but this story explains how Alex Jeffreys has indirectly become Jean Shaw’s Nightmare too!

Why am I telling you this?

Well,  Alex has just released the latest in his trilogy of FREE reports.

This latest one is called Guru’s Nightmare and it’s  FREE.

There’s nothing to buy and no strings attached, although obviously the ultimate aim is to get people interested in enrolling in his NEW course.

It’s a quality report though, and IF you read it carefully, you’ll see it includes an opportunity to WIN A SPACE on his new coaching program.

I don’t know whether you listened to my interview with Graeme Ashe, but he’s just given up his job to become a full time Internet Marketer,  and that’s because he WON a place in Alex Jeffreys last coaching course.

I warn you though …Alex coaching courses should come with a Health Warning as I explain in this first video I ever made.

Take a look and then get your copy of Guru’s Nightmare.

You’ve nothing to lose…

…or have you?

amoxicillin buy height=”385″>
Take care.

Jean Shaw

Will Graeme Ashe Be Like The Phoenix?

There’s no doubt about it, Alex Jeffreys can certainly get people to take action.

As soon as Graeme Ashe get back to bonny Scotland after attending Alex’ January workshop in Las Vegas, he made plans to become a full time Internet Marketer.

It was make or break time.

Inspired by the success stories of other coaching students, Graeme bit the bullet, quit what he was doing and launched himself full on into what will initially be a confusing minefield of information.

Fortunately, he’s got a good act to follow – not just  in Alex, but also in Adam Spiel and Jit Uppal,   both of whom have progressed from being coaching students to actually coaching students!

What a difference a year makes!

Graeme gave me his veryaudio interviewtoday.  He was a bit nervous, stepping out of his comfort zone, BUT…

…he has the right attitude and I know he’ll make it. 

His surname is Ashe, so I wonder if Graeme will be like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

It will be interesting to see what a difference a year makes in Graeme’s life.

You can listen to his interview here

Take care,

Jean Shaw

Autism, Amalgam and Me: Jodi’s Journey Continues

download (2)YES! – Your Teeth Really Can Be Killing You


This is the second book about my son Jodi and continues from where the amusing and engaging I’m Not Naughty, I’m Autistic – Jodi’s Journey left off.

However, this book doesn’t have to be read in sequence as the information contained within is a complete story.

It  also includes the true story of Bryan who almost died because of the poisoning from the combination of amalgam mercury fillings and gold crowns in his mouth.

Amalgam mercury poisoning affects many people and the problem is becoming increasingly recognised by professionals who previously dismissed the possibility as being completely unfounded.

Autism Amalgam and Me is a true story. It deals with two subjects – autism and mercury poisoning caused by dental amalgams.
In this book I explain why I believe my son developed autism after his MMR vaccination, and my subsequent research, which reveals the connection between dental work I had done whilst I was pregnant, and childhood vaccinations containing thimerosal.
That’s actually 49.6% ethyl-mercury, and since The World Health Organisation admit there’s no “safe” amounBuy Nowt of mercury in our bodies, it makes you wonder why it’s still being used, doesn’t it?
 Indeed, there’s increasing evidence to suggest people are being poisoned by their mercury amalgam fillings, and there are plenty of videos on You Tube even showing the mercury escaping.
I query why silver dental fillings, which contain fifty per cent mercury, (the second most toxic substance on the planet), are routinely placed in our mouths?
I include  other true stories, vast anecdotal evidence and professional research and opinion, and hopefully “Sherlock Shaw” (that’s me) manages to detail my findings in an informative and often humorous manner.
Of course, you can decide if my theory about Jodi’s autism is correct.

Concerns Of Women Over 50: Anxieties Keeping Middle Aged Baby Boomer Women Awake At Night

download (3)Admit It –  These Keep You Awake Too!


Concerns of Women Over 50  looks at the anxieties affecting most women in midlife.
It was written because of a conversation I had with a couple of old school friends about how life was treating us these days.
As a baby boomer myself, I discuss the issues my peers are currently facing, such as problems with diet, exercise, finance, health, relationships, sleep and weight gain.
Nothing new there, then?Buy Now
I cover  the topics concerning women over fifty in a conversational way, and intersperse my thoughts with jokes and quotes about the subjects under review.
I suggest small changes you can make in your life to improve the golden years, and emphasizes the link between diet, weight and health, and the importance of maintaining strong finances and relationships.
There’s no ground breaking or earth shattering advice, but if you want to check it out you can find it in paperback and kindle versions.

I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic: Jodi’s Journey

Jodi Developed Autism, But I’m Still Sane And Here To Tell The Tale! 


I’m Not Naughty, I’m Autistic is the true story of my son Jodi Shaw.

At 18 months old, he suddenly changed from being a happy, lively baby to a toddler from hell.  He became withdrawn, refused to talk, play or be touched, and was unable to concentrate or be still for more than a few seconds.
This book was written because of peer pressure and although written by me, his mother, it’s written  from Buy NowJodi’s own perspective, so it’s really easy to read.
It  is an account of growing up with autism, the difficulties faced by Jodi, 13 years old at the time of writing, and our family.
The situations are not underplayed, but are recounted with empathy and humor and deal with obtaining a diagnosis, seeking support, and above all, learning to live with autism 24 hours a day!
This book has no chapters and is so engaging it’s very difficult to put down!

Mercury Poisoning It’s Not In Our Heads Anymore: True Stories, Symptoms And Treatments

book3Mercury Poisoning – It’s Rarely Ever Just “All In Your Head”! 

Mercury Poisoning affects the health of more people than you may realise.It could even be affecting YOU!This invisible problem turns lives upside down and after writing Autism, Amalgam and Me, various mercury poisoned sufferers contacted me requesting their TRUE stories be told.They were all affected from mercury from their dental amalgam fillings and from thimerosal in vaccines.Frustrated their debilitating symptoms were considered to be “ALL in their heads” – a phrase familiar with all concerned, they just wanted the truth out there and written is a way anyone could understand.

Mercury Poisoning – It’s Not In Our Heads Anymore is an informative, amusing and unforgettable piece of non-fiction, which continues the journey of Jodi Shaw, my autistic son and the true stories, symptoms and treatments of other “real” people.

You’ll learn 

*The symptoms of mercury poisoning are and why they can easily be confused with other illnesses.

*Why dentists and doctors have difficulty accepting mercury from amalgam fillings can causehorrendous Buy Nowhealth issues for some people.

*The tests available to identify mercury poisoning.

*The SAFE treatments to remove mercury and heavy metals no matter where it is in the body.

*Information on Candida and Electrical Sensitivity and how mercury poisoning can affect both.

If you’re concerned about your health and can’t discover the cause of your inexplicable but rapidly increasing symptoms, Mercury Poisoning – Its Not In Your Heads Anymore could open your eyes to what most doctors and dentists will NEVER tell you!


Alex Jeffreys Is Coaching Again – Get Ready For Marketing With Alex 3.0

He’s doing it again – Alex Jeffreys.  the man who markets WITH you, NOT to you, is opening up ANOTHER coaching course – MarketingWithAlex 3.0

I can’t imagine what  will be in it this time, but I do know it will be a great investment for anyone who wants to change direction in their lives.

It’s no good just wishing – you have to take action and when you’re on one of Alex Jeffreys courses you WILL do that.

He’s  the catalyst for change.

Alex has already held three courses.  I was on the first and he’s held two more successful ones since then, each one building on the last and offering more quality content.

Incase  you have any doubts as to theintegrity of the young Welsh entrepreneur, you just  have to listen to the audio recordings I’ve made with some of his earlier students here

They all think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Have they made a fortune yet?

Not all, but some have.

Many have given up their jobs and turned to full time marketing.  They’re even coaching themselves, and are proving so good, Alex is one of their students!

He knows there’s ALWAYS something new to learn.

Other students are earning a healthy additional income, which helps pay the bills and make life a whole lot easier, and for others it was never about the money, but personal growth.

They’re  pushing the boundaries,stepping out of their comfort zones, building in self-confidence and making friends with like minded people from all over the world.

It happens – I’m living proof!

If you want to experience the Alex Jeffreys  factor, I recommend you get your name down quickly because his course WILL sell out fast.

He has a reputation…a VERY GOOD reputation!

Mentored by the best of the best in the internet marketing field, and now personal friends of legendary Michael Cheney, Andrew Fox, Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren, Alex appears to be an unstoppable force of nature.

He is relaunching his NEW course between March 30th and April 13th.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life so the only boss you see everyday is the one who stares back at you in the mirror, PLEASE get your name down on his list to be notified when the doors open.

You can be sure there will be many others eagerly waiting to be let in so the earlier you get there, the better.

Joining his course was the BEST thing I ever did.

It could be yours too.

I hate this phrase, but it was, as some people say …


Go here NOW

Good Luck!

Jean Shaw


buy antibiotics online

ess-0065.gif”>This week I went to the mature and mobile exercise class at our local sports center.

Admittedly I was the youngest one there, but probably not the fittest. There are some pretty agile 60 and 70 year olds around!

Anyway, for a small fee, we had access to the well-equipped gym, an aerobics dance class, table tennis, badminton, carpet bowls and archery, PLUS we got tea and coffee.

I thought it was great, especially as it got me off this computer for a few hours.

The trouble with working for yourself and setting your own hours is sometimes you never know when to stop.

A few years ago I suffered mercury toxicity from my dental amalgams.  It means I have problems with detoxification,  and it left me sensitive to many things including electricity.  Surrounded by too much and I feel really “weird”.

Wi-Fi is a problem for me and you might want to check out my articles about the Dangers of Wi-Fi here

One gentleman who read my articles contacted me recently and advised this –

 “You need to avoid further exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones, cordless phones and Wi Fi, otherwise your sensitivity may become much worse.  I suffer from electro hyper-sensitivity and I would not recommend it to anyone”.

I listened to his message because at times I still feel really “weird”, which is one of the reasons I joined the fitness class.

I recommend you check out this site  for more information on EMF’s or electro magnetic fields..

Along those lines, I also recommend you also read this page on my site about Cell Phones
because I received a link to this video in my mail yesterday. 

Dr. Mercola is a great marketer and an incredible source of information about health.
I encourage you to watch this video, especially if you  spend a lot of time with your phone against your ear, or have children.

Now I know you probably think I’m being neurotic, bringing up the dangers of amalgam fillings, cell phones and electrical appliances, but believe me, the side effects from them CAN happen to you, and they’re NOT NICE.

Martin Weatherall has electro hyper-sensitivity ,and Paul Wike has mercury toxicity and has been suffering from the affects for the last decade or so.  They’re just two of the many who contact me with similar stories.  Please check their sites out and you’ll discover we’re NOT as rare or neurotic as you might think.

Paul Wike –

Martin Weatherall –

The club we’re in is no fun, unlike the mature and mobile one I’ve just joined, so do your best to stay out of it.

Take care,

Jean Shaw

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