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Will Listening To Frank Kern Get Me A Gardener?

Ever since I’ve been online, every successful person of influence whose list I’ve been on has advised me to make a plan for my life.

They’ve always warned me to create my desired future, otherwise I could end up with a default one.

To quote the late Jim Rohn –

“Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.”

The rules have been very clear – all worded in different ways, but basically, I needed to create my perfect vision of how I’d like my life to be IF there were no limitations.

That means I wouldn’t have to worry about money, health or any current “baggage”.

I needed to visualise my perfect day, one I could live every day without getting bored, in trouble, or killed.

I shouldn’t limit myself with regards to how much money I had, where I lived, what I did, who I associated with, or anything, because in my desired life, anything and everything is possible.

They all said, “Don’t skip this step – it’s REALLY important“.

So, why didn’t I do it?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it seemed a bit weird to me.

Although I’ve always believed we are somehow directed in our lives, I wasn’t too sure I could actually conjure up my dream life just by thinking about it.

It all seemed a bit airey-fairey.

So what changed my mind?

…Frank Kern!

If you’ve never heard of him, Frank’s just about the coolest marketer on the planet in my opinion.  He’s so laid back, but such a clever influencer, he could probably sell ice to eskimos.

Anyway, over the weekend I watched his Core Influence videos, in which he talked about creating a desired future, and it seems he initially felt exactly the same as I did.

However, a few years ago, in a moment of boredom, he wrote down a very detailed account of his desired future.  It took him about four hours apparently.

Fast forward to 2010, and uncanningly he now lives the exact same lifestyle, in the same type of house, (even down to the marble bathroom), as he’d envisaged when he wrote his notes.

Coincidence, or what?

It seems, once you declare in writing what you really desire, the universe goes out and gets it for you.  Well, you do have to do something to achieve it too.  It’s not quite like ordering a take-away pizza.

You have to believe it will actually happen, have an open mind, and recognise and accept the opportunities, which will lead you to your preferred destination when they present themselves.

Now, I happen to know young Frank has been influenced in part by a certain very successful lady whose course I bought some time ago, and which I listened to, but didn’t fully apply.

Silly me, but you know how it is when you first decide to have an internet presence.  You buy and download all sorts of things, get information overload, start projects and never finish them,  so you just end up missing the important bits of information right under your nose.

Anyway, I’ve dug the course out again, and FINALLY  written my bucket list of all the things I want to have, be and do, the places I want to see, and people I want to meet, together with a detailed account of my perfect day.

Guess what’s at the top of things I want to have?

A gardener!

Over here in UK, we’ve recently had a lot of rain, nothing like the devastating floods in other parts of the world, of course.  It’s been a bit unseasonal, but great for the gardens, and the weeds!

I  was amazed how much the grass had grown in just a few days, so today I decided to quickly cut it. Then I turned my attention to the vegetable garden.

Now, I’m no gardener.  Things grow inspite of me, not because of me, but the soil does usually produce a good crop of strawberries.  When I checked them, I was pleased to see several nice large, red, ripe fruit.

They looked delicious, and I thought I’d better pick them.

My strawberry plants are surrounded by straw to stop the slugs, and covered with fine netting to keep the birds off the fruit, so when I went to pick them it was really difficult.  All the weeds had grown through the holes and stuck to the netting.

It took me ages to even get to the plants, yet alone pick the fruit, and I could feel all the birds watching me, just waiting for the opportunity to pounce as I struggled with the net.

Anyway, by the time I’d cut the lawn, cleared the weeds and picked the strawberries, FOUR hours had passed- the same amount of time it had taken Frank to map out his desired lifestyle!

I know, I KNOW…

I should be grateful I have a garden and fresh fruit and vegetables, that I’m able to find the time to get outside in the fresh air in the countryside, when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing round the beautiful scented flowers, and believe  me I am, BUT…

I’m also only human, and my back hurts.

Hence the gardener!

So, how about you?

Have you made a plan for your desired future, or made out a bucket list?

Maybe you should.  According to Frank Kern …it works!

Here’s hoping.


Take care.


Now I know this blog confuses Google and the other search engines.


Well, every post is about something different.  They never know what I’m supposedly a good reference for, especially amoxil clavulin as I write to make sense to the reader, and don’t keyword stuff my posts to suit the search engines.

I figure if people want  to find me, they will.

 I tend to just write about whatever interests me on the day, in a way that will hopefully help someone , somewhere,  somehow.

Today it’s about a really neat piece of software, which isn’t actually being released for sale until tomorrow.   However,  I’m on Jonathan Leger’s  “list”, so have been given a sneak  preview.

Anyway, Keyword Snatcher is a new tool that generates HUGE numbers of niche market keywords  for SEO and ADWORDS that the Google Adwords Keyword Tool fails to show.

Now, if you’re not an internet marketer, that won’t mean a whole lot, but it’s powerful stuff, saves a lot of time, and could mean the difference between Google and the other search engines finding your site or not.

The thing is, Keyword Snatcher is only going to be available for FIVE days, so anyone wanting it has to move very fast.

It’s on sale from  Monday 21st June until midnight on Friday 25th June, 2010 (EST). 

At $47 it’s a steal, but copies are going to be limited so it remains a powerful piece of software.

Lucky me, I’ve got mine.

All I have to do now is use it so I can keep the search engines happy.

Well, maybe?

Take care.


Yesterday, was my grandmas birthday.  She was ninety-six and is an amazing woman.

Having had a few strokes she can no longer get around like she used to, but is really happy watching her Sky tv, knitting,  and doing her word search puzzles.

Thankfully, she’s still got her mind, and apart from slight diabetes, is incredibly well.

Although she’s supposed to watch her sugar intake she certainly enjoyed her birthday cake and fruit pavlova.  Still, I suppose at ninety-six, she’s not got a lot to worry about.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for a lot of people with diabetes as my trip to the eye clinic revealed.  I’ve made a video about it incase you don’t like reading, but I will warn you it does shoot off somewhere else when it’s finished. 

(The young man who created it for me used PowerPoint and Photo Shop – pretty clever, eh? You can find his site here if you’re interested –

Okay, plug over, but now IF you suffer from diabetes, here are two resources you may possibly be interested in .  I haven’t bought them, but they look as if they could be useful if you do have concerns.

Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes Cook Book

Now, here’s the narration of the video, so if you’ve already watched it, you needn’t bother to read…

I’ve just spent several hours in the waiting room at my local hospital. I have problems with my eyes and this was a scheduled check up to see how they had fared since my last visit.

I have  what is known as CSR – central serious retinitus, which basically means fluid leaks into the back of my eyes and forms blisters making it difficult to see.

The problem is fluid, being precisely that, moves around, so sometimes I can see clearly with glasses and sometimes I can’t.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

No-one really knows what causes it although it has been linked to having an accident, taking steroids  or being under stress.

Normally the problem corrects itself over a period of time and there is no specific treatment. Occasionally, if the situation goes on for too long and the fluid is not over the centre of the eye, laser  treatment is offered.

Failing that you just wait it out which is annoying. If you wear glasses the prescription you need continually changes as the fluid is reabsorbed into the eye and the blisters disappear. Either you have to change your specs regularly or struggle on with the wrong ones.

I have done the latter and thankfully received good news this time that my eyes are now as good as they are likely to be, so I shall be off to my optician to get my vision re-checked as soon as possible.

That’s great news except I will no longer have any excuse for my typing errors!

However, going back to my hospital trip, I was really surprised  by the amount of people in the waiting room and the long delays to see the specialists. One poor couple waited seven hours; the man had two lots of drops put in his eyes and still had to leave before ever being seen. They were relying on public transport  and couldn’t wait any longer.

The problem, it seems, was that it was also the diabetic clinic and most of the people that particular day had diabetes. Often diabetics require photography or laser treatment, which cannot always be predicted beforehand so this inevitably leads to long delays.

Luckily they can get a drink or snack if they need one, which brings me to the point of this article.

Many of those waiting were comparatively young and suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is the most common and appears to be on the increase. It has been suggested the rise may be linked to obesity and lack of exercise, and apparently 9 out of 10 people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes are overweight. I didn’t know that, did you?

Since some complications of type 2 diabetes include: heart disease (cardiovascular disease), blindness (retinopathy), nerve damage (neuropathy), and kidney damage (nephropathy) it is in every diabetics interest to lose a bit of weight to help better manage their situation.

Fast, processed food and a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe not only for potential weight gain but ill health, and the sooner you do something about it, the better.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a real challenge for most people and if you have diabetes it is advisable to consult your health care team and possibly a dietician in order to get the best possible advice.

Hopefully you’ll find ways to decrease calories but still consume  the foods you enjoy. Even losing a few pounds can make a real difference.

Exercise and physical activity of course is always beneficial as it helps burn extra calories and naturally increases glucose uptake by increasing metabolism and muscle mass.

It also improves the body’s response to insulin and can, in some cases of type 2 diabetes actually reduce or eliminate the need for medication by lowering blood glucose levels.

Apparently one of the leading causes of death for people with diabetes is heart disease and strokes and exercise can help reduce that risk. Of course that advice applies to most people – me included.

My  trip to the eye clinic proved a revelation. Unless I want to potentially spend many more hours sitting around in hospital waiting rooms I’d better start to actually take notice of the things I write.

Thankfully, for the time being at least, I can now see to read them!

 Take care.


My nephew has just received the results of his University exams and I’m proud to say he can now add BMedSc (honours)behind his name, if he’s so inclined.

Good for him. 

He’s worked hard and is the first person in our family to even go to university, yet alone get a degree.

His mum always told him to study hard, get a good job, and earn a lot of money so he could look after her when she gets  old.

My sister’s no fool, but times are changing and  it doesn’t always work out that way.

I heard last week, the average college student in USA will have between three to five career changes in his lifetime, and between ten to fourteen job changes by the age of thirty-eight, so no doubt that will be the situation in UK soon.

What happened to job security?

Even if you do manage to find and keep a “proper” job, you’ll never be rich.  No-one has ever become rich working for someone else.

If you have a job there’s a saying you’ll be “Just Over Broke”,  because there’s always a ceiling to the amount of money you can earn.   If you trade your hours for money, you’re stuck because there are only twenty-four hours in the day, and you can’t work for all of them, at least not every day.

One person who knows that only too well is my current favourite author, John Harrison, of Streetwise Publications.

I’ve just read his book Man Sets Fire To Friends Head and it’s one of the best books on marketing I’ve ever read.  His ability to weave his message in his hilarious stories is just brilliant.

I laughed so much at one stage, I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

John has a degree in Business Studies, worked for years as a salesman, and like the name of his company, he’s streetwise. That’s one of his advantages. He knows his target audience, and talks their language.  That’s why John admits to liking Monday’s.  It’s fun and the start of another working week full of possibilities and money making opportunities.

John’s books are about the offline direct response marketing system, and he’s got  it off to a fine art, BUT increasingly online, offline, internet and network marketing are merging. 

To be successful requires the know, like and trust  factor, and building a relationship with the customer through copy in some form.

How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead, another of John’s books  has been a great hit with offline marketers, and just confirms what wise Confucius said all those years ago, –

“The man who loves his job never works a day in his life”.

Hope my nephew gets to feel the same as John .

Take care


You’ll find John Harrison and his team at

Yesterday I had a chat with rookie entrepreneur Darren L Carter, who is currently teaching English to young children in a farming village in Japan.

This was his very first interview, but I doubt it will be his last. He’s a really nice young man with a very wise head on his shoulder.

In July, his teaching contract will end, and before then he wants to get 1455 on his “list”. He explained why he chose such an unusual number in our call.

You can listen to it on his page on

Darren is an action taker and believes you should learn from everyone and every experience.

This week he’s going to interview a very wise, inspirational gentleman who survived the Atom bomb in Hiroshima during the First World War.

Darren is going to make the interview available to anyone who joins his list.

If he’s as good at asking questions as he is at answering them,  it’s bound to be something well worth listening to, but he’d like your help in deciding what questions to ask.

You can help him by quickly heading over to his blog and offer a few suggestions.

Oh, and while you’re there, sign up  for his list  == => /blog


…listen to the interview first so you can discover the meaning behind the Japanese phrase –

“Underneath The Lighthouse Is Dark”



Death By Celery?

I’ve just had one of those weeks.

Apart from continually losing my internet connection, (twenty-five times, one day), the sliding doors on my new wardrobe have decided not to budge, so I can’t access most of my clothes.
If you ever dreamed of an internet lifestyle working in your underwear – forget it.

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

Yesterday, I decided to have a break from the annoying computer. 

My plan was to walk to the local shop, grab a few basics, and then do some gardening as my vegetable patch was beginning to resemble a jungle of weeds. (No, not in my underwear)

However, it was not to be.

I went to the shop, then called in to see my parents, only to discover my mother wasn’t very well.

She’s a tough old bird though, and never complains. Rarely will you find her at the doctor’s surgery, but yesterday, I made an appointment for her and insisted she went.
To cut a long story short, I took her to the doctors, and then went with her and my dad to the Accident and Emergency department at the local hospital.  After a lengthy wait and several investigational procedures,  she was finally admitted.
It was an all day affair, with lots of hanging around waiting for something to happen to move the admission process along, BUT I’m not complaining.

Everyone she saw was very nice.

We are so lucky over here in UK.  We do have a National Health system, and anyone eligible who needs it can get treatment.

As I was out all day though, I missed delivery of a package I was expecting, so today I went to collect it from the Post Office.
I went early and as I hadn’t had any breakfast, I grabbed a stick of celery to chew on route.

Big mistake!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to eat celery, but it can be quite difficult.  It has a strange texture, can be a bit stringy and takes a lot of chewing to break it down, which is why it’s highly recommended  for people trying to lose weight.

It uses up a lot of energy, i.e. – calories!

Anyway, I hadn’t got far along the road when I realised I was having  difficulty breathing.  A piece of celery seemed to be jammed in my throat.

I coughed, and coughed, and coughed, in an attempt to shift it, but nothing happened,  and I started to panic,  which made things worse.
I coughed some more, drove quickly to the nearest house, banged loudly on the door and indicated to the surprised resident, who was clutching her dressing gown around her, that I  couldn’t breathe and needed her to hit me on the back.

She did so, and quickly called her husband for help.

His whack was much harder, but it worked.

The poor things must have thought they’d got some demented woman on their doorstep, but were really nice to me.
They invited me in, gave me a seat and some water, and once I’d stopped shaking, I thanked them and left.

So you see, it’s been quite a week,  BUT…

I  did get to spend a whole day with my lovely parents,(albeit at the hospital),  and I’m here to tell the tale!

Guess I was born lucky!


By  the way – if you want to learn how coughing can help in heart attack situationsGo here

Two things I dislike immensely are cell phones and motobikes. 

I hate the first because they make me feel ill.

Seriously, it’s true.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s brain will be addled from the amount of time these wonders of science have been attached to their owner’s ears.

They may have been around for a few years, but no-one has yet lived a lifetime with them, and until they do, my ‘phone remains just for “emergencies”.

I’m afraid I have little faith in safety claims these days, especially as the people releasing them usually have an ulterior motive.

I hate motorbikes because in UK, at least, they are a major source of accidents, and I know several families whose lives have been upturned because of a quick trip on two wheels. 

Admittedly,  it’s not always the motorbike rider’s fault, but they do have a horrible habit of appearing out of no-where at  incredible speeds, and overtaking at the  most inappropriate places.
Anyway, today, I received an e-mail from a friend linking both cell phones and motorbikes together, and am passing it on in the hope it will make some of you consider  changing your habits.

It only takes a second to wipe out a life…or in this case, lives!

 Do you see the Motorcycle?

Now do you see it?

The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately  85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the Motorcycle.

The riders reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident.

The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them.

The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.

All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were killed instantly.

This graphic demonstration was placed at The Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department.

Pass this on to car drivers or soon to be new drivers, or new motorcycle owners, and especially EVERYONE YOU KNOW who has a cell phone!

As they say, a picture is worth  a thousand words.

Save a life…

Stop talking on Cell phones and texting while trying to drive.

The life you save may be your own… or MINE!

Drive carefully and stay safe.


Last week I met up with my friend whom I haven’t seen for ages.  She also has a son with autism so it’s nice to meet up with our “special” boys.

Usually, my friend is very hair conscious and is always having it cut and coloured, because like most of us as we age, she’s getting a few grey hairs.

Okay – a lot of grey hairs!

Anyway, much to my surprise, my friend had let her colour grow out and said she was going to just going to go grey naturally, like me. 

I stopped colouring my hair several years ago after I discovered I had mercury poisoning caused by my teeth.

My friend said she was fed up of all the hassle and expense of having her hair done every few weeks. Also, she was concerned about all the chemicals in the hair products.

She should be.

Not only do all the lab-generated, synthetic chemicals in most hair care products seep into our scalps, but also billions of toxic chemicals waft into the air, get washed down the drains into our ground water, and then get in the food chain.

It’s no wonder there are so many illnesses around.

The thing is, even if we do disguise our age on the outside, we can’t stop the internal clock.  I’m not suggesting we should all “let ourselves go”, but just be more cautious about how and why we want to create a false standard of beauty and aging.

I read something the other day that compared our lives to the seasons.

In Spring, we burst forth in life so fresh, smooth and delicate and with such possibility, the whole world wants to embrace us.

In Summer, we bloom bright and beautiful, and with such strong potential, it takes the breath away.

In Autumn, we start to change, but with such grace and loveliness, people want to bask in the sheer joy of our experience and calm.

In Winter, we get to rest, reflect, rejoice in the life we’ve built, taking all in with the wisdom and sagacity of one who has been there and knows, and can now sit back and simply enjoy.

My friend and I are both in the Autumn of our lives, and hopefully if we avoid as many toxic chemicals as possible, we’ll both get to Winter.

Incidentally, you might want to check what’s in your hair care products. You can discover some nasty ones here –

Be particularly wary if you if you see these –

Cocoamide DEA (diethanolamine) – is a detergent that causes allergic reactions, including eye problems, dryness of hair and skin and can be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time.

Propylene Glycol – is a petroleum derivative and industrial antifreeze. EPA requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles , and because it penetrates the skin so quickly the EPA warns against skin contact to prevent consequences such as brain, liver and kidney abnormalities.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,  Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate – is used in car washes and engine degreasers, and in 90% of products that foam.  It is frequently disguised in semi-natural cosmetics with the explanation that it “comes from coconut”.  Animals exposed to SLS and ALS experience eye damagae, central nervous system depression, laboured breathing, dirrhea, severe skin irritation and even death.

Suttocide (sodium hydroxymethylglycinate) is a formaldehyde releasing preservative used in many “natural” shampoos.  Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen and is extremely toxic when inhaled or swallowed.

Fragrances can contain allergens and sensitisers, which can trigger asthma attacks.  Fragrances also contain chemicals called phthalates, which are hormone disrupters that can affect foetal development and fertility as well as damage sperm in men.

Ext.  D & C synthetic colours are made from coal tar and are certified safe for drugs and cosmetics but not for food.  Toxic coal tar has been shown to be carcinogenic in animal tests and many people are allergic to it.

So you see, the potential side effects of  synthetic chemicals can be pretty nasty, especially if you allow the toxins to build up in your body over time, so my friend has made a wise decision.

Just in case you haven’t read my free skincare report, I’ll just remind you, your skin will absorb up to 60% of whatever you put on it.  If you want to reach your Winter, you might want to read a few labels and maybe change your products to ones which actually feed and nourish your crowning glory

– or even just your scalp!

Take care