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Lee McIntyre and Andrew Fox are both very well known internet marketers, and if you know their stories, you’ll discover they both have one thing in common.

What is it?

Well,  apart from being young men who like to help people succeed using ethical marketing tactics and have fun at the same time, they’ve both washed cars for a living at one point in their lives.

However, they also both decided their fortunes lay in a different direction.

Recently, I interviewed Lee McIntyre and asked whether he thought anyone could change their life regardless of age, gender or work experience, IF they had the rightmindset, tools and direction.

You can learn more by visiting Lee’s page on

and NO…

he didn’t say, “only if they wash cars first”!

Go here to listen to my interview –  Lee McIntyre



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Jean Shaw


As you know I rarely talk about the same thing on this blog, but a subject I do mention fairly regularly are the toxins in our environment.

I probably wouldn’t have considered them but for the fact my son has autism, due I believe, to mercury in vaccines, and also because of the mercury poisoning I developed from the amalgam in my dental fillings.

That’s  what my three TRUE story books are about.

Anyway, today I was talking to Pam, one of the case studies in my last book. Her husband had almost died because of mercury, and his story and her persistence are the reasons both my second  and third books were written.

I owe her more than a debt of gratitude…quite possibly my life, at least the one I currently enjoy.

I asked how Bryan was, and she told me he was getting on well now they’d stopped having their favourite Sunday paper.

Mercury poisoning leaves you very susceptible to all sorts of things, and it appears when the Mail On Sunday changed their ink so the print wouldn’t come off on readers hands, Bryan suddenly became incredibly ill.

Every Sunday, he would feel sick, become agitated, argumentative, tired, lethargic and dizzy. His symptoms increased as the day wore on, but the rest of the week he’d be fine.

The connection between the newspaper print and Bryan’s symptoms was only made when Pam chatted to Lynn, another fellow sufferer, whose story is also in my book.

She revealed she’d experienced exactly the same thing.

It’s the chemicals.

Both Pam and Lynn have reluctantly become experts on mercury poisoning over the years, and Pam often alert s me to news items she feels the wider public ought to be made aware of.

Today was no exception, and was partly due to her recent conversation with Lynn.

You see, whilst Pam was in the doctor’s surgery recently, she’d picked up an old issue of Top Sante. It’s a magazine for the body and health conscious woman, and she’d read an article on the Flu vaccine.

You might not be aware, but most flu vaccines contain mercury in the form of thimerosal. This is not an integral component, but is added to many vaccines to prevent bacterial contamination.

Thimerosal is 49.6% ethyl-mercury and there has been such concern about this mercury based derivative, it’s now thankfully been removed from many childhood vaccines, supposedly to, “make safe vaccines safer” .

Question:- If they were safe in the first place , how could they be made safer?

Anyway, the  article in Top Sante queried whether the flu jab was safe for pregnant women?

The reply from Dr. Kate Sassin was – “The Department of Health advises it is safe for pregnant women to have the flu jab, but states they should try to have the thimerosal free (mercury free) version of the vaccine wherever possible”.

Hmm – does that sound as if the Department of Health actually believe the thimerosal version is safe to you?

Anyway, the reason she passed on this snippet of information to me was because Lynn had mentioned her pregnant friend had just had the flu jab and had tragically miscarried a week later.

Of course that could have been complete coincidence, but it’s worth considering if you know anyone who is pregnant and considering getting a flu vaccine.

Remember, you can get thimerosal free ones but I suspect you’ll have to ask for one.

You see the big pharmaceutical companies produce the vaccines  in huge quantities and are pretty inflexible on returns apparently. I imagine, therefore, if your doctor’s surgery has already got a pile of flu vaccines in stock containing thimerosal, they’ll most likely want to use them.

Personally, I’d never have one and you can see why on my site here.

Another topic I discuss sometimes are the toxic synthetic chemicals in most skin and beauty care products and you can Get A Copy Of My Report here, but just to prove I’m not the only person aware of the situation, you might want to watch this video.

If nothing else, it should make you think.

Take care
Jean Shaw

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Callous Disregard And The UK Benefits Fiasco

In UK, the people have recently elected a new government and the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition party have promised to review benefits to help those most in need.

Hopefully, that covers pensioners and families with children with disabilities.

One of the main topics on the BBC news yesterday, was the financial difficulty often faced by families with a disabled child.

It appears in UK, the average annual income of a family with a disabled child is £15,000. Many are struggling to make ends meet, and the way the government’s consumer pricing index is worked out means these families benefits are disproportionately affected.  The economic downturn and recession hits them hardest.

There are apparently 730,000 disabled childen in UK, and their families are  vulnerable.

Not only is it often a mental and physical strain, but a financial one too.

Many parents struggle to care for their child and hold down a job, even a part-time one.  In a survey of 1000 families, 23% admitted to cutting back on heating, one in seven didn’t  eat properly and half those interviewed had to borrow money to pay their bills.

In order to understand  the dilemma, you have to realise the day to day expenses for disabled children are often greater because of their special requirements.  Therapies, transport, equipment, medication, and dietary needs are all expensive.  Specialist child care is often more expensive too.

Depending on the child’s requirements, you can’t just ask a relation, friend or neighbour to  look after your child whilst you go to work.

There are benefits available, but many families only learn about them by speaking to others in a similar situation, or by word of mouth.  When a child receives a diagnosis it’s usually via the health service.  It’s not their to know about benefits.  That’s a totally different department .

As a result the information isn’t readily available and even when you do find out about it, the forms are incredibly complicated to fill in.  Those people who need the help the most are the ones least able to face them.  Even if they find the time to wade through the pages of paperwork, they’re too tired and stressed to fully understand the gobbledegook.

I can tell you from experience, it’s not an easy process, and judging from what I saw yesterday, the process has become worse over the years.

One man on the BBC news program had a son with autism – just like me.  He produced the forms he had to fill in to get the appropriate help for his young son.  It consisted of one hundred pages!

The gentleman said he felt the government were wasting a lot of money with beurocracy, rather than actual help.  Every autistic child is unique and requires different things so the forms were misleading and complicated.

He said, after successfully completing his forms, his family were contacted by several different agencies for review and assessment meetings.  These he said, were a waste of resources, when all  he really wanted was some speech therapy and  respite.  Both would have helped far more than chatting to some stranger.

I must admit I’ve been lucky over the years with the support I’ve received for my son, but when he was diagnosed with autism, the condition was very rare.  It’s now exploded to the point where now one in every one hundred children has some form of autism spectrum disorder.

Their parents need help!

Interestingly, I received this e-mail today  about pensioners and it does make you wonder where the British government’s priorities lie, especially if, as I believe it’s their vaccine policy, which created the autism epidemic in the first place.

I’m not alone in this view, and  I urge everyone to read Callous Disregard – Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind A Tragedy  by Andrew J. Wakefield

Yes, he is the doctor who was recently discredited and struck off by the General Medical Council, but if you read the TRUE story, you’ll understand the politics of vaccines in the UK and USA, and realise the link between governments and the pharmaceutical companies.

Their  profits rely on vaccine uptake, and they can’t afford any inconvenient observations pointing out the dangers of synergistic and culmulative effects of multiple vaccines.   Dr. Wakefield has been made a scapegoat, just like William McBride was nearly fifty years ago.

If the name means nothing to you, he was the man who described the first victims of Thalidomide and observed if nothing was done, children would continue to be born without limbs.

The pharmaceutical companies didn’t like him either, and he was struck off the Australian Medical Register.

Share holder profits are a very powerful motivator!

Anyway,please read  Callous Disregard – Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind A Tragedy  and make your own mind up.  You can read my books too if you like.  They tell you all about my son and my personal story about why I believe Jodi has autism.  You can find out more at

Anyway, here’s that e-mail I discussed earlier.   Remember I didn’t write it, but am just passing it on.

It’s not actually about families with disabilities, but pensioners, who are also often in financial difficulties.  They too go without food, heating and anything else not considered “essential” just so they can keep a roof over their heads. It’s such a shame when you consider most of them have paid their taxes and contributed to the growth of the country for between 40 and 60 years.

This e-mail highlights the unfairness of current benefits in UK

Pensioners v ILLEGAL Immigrants
Let me see if I understand all this …

If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.
If you  cross the Iranian border illegally you’re detained indefinitely.
If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.
If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you’ll be jailed.
If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from again.
If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you’ll be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.
If you cross the Cuban border illegally you’ll be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the British border illegally you get a job, a drivers license, pension card, welfare, credit cards, subsidised rent or a loan to buy a house, free education and free health care!

Are you aware of the following?

The British Government provides the following financial assistance: –


Weekly allowance –  £100
Weekly Spouse allowance –  £25
Additional weekly hardship allowance – £0


Weekly allowance –  £250
Weekly Spouse allowance –  £225
Additional weekly hardship allowance – £100

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Jean Shaw


Watch Out For Those Beauty Care Commercials

I rarely watch tv, especially the channels which show commercials, but last week I did watch a film.  It was one of those chick flick things, which tug at your heart strings. 

It was good, but would have been better if only had lasted an hour and a half instead of 3 hours!

One of the reasons I don’t like commercials is because I can’t understand half of them.  However, one did catch my attention.

Actually it was more than one, because a professional beautician and hairdresser were giving a lucky lady a makeover, and each time there was a break in the film, we saw the next stage of the process.

The stylists were promoting a particularly well known brand of personal care products, and took great pains to emphasise either the natural (sounding) ingredients, or the properties of one specific ingredient. 

It’s a very clever marketing ploy. By focusing on one ingredient they made the rest appear irrelevant but… that’s not the case, especially where skin care is concerned. 

I’m not going to lecture  on what you should use, all I’m suggesting is you carefully check what else is in your products, before you part with your money.  Don’t be fooled by the hype.

Many products contain toxic ingredients that cause allergies, irritation and disease, and you REALLY need to learn how to read the labels on your skin and personal care products.

Remember your body will absorb 60% of whatever you put on it.

Go into your bathroom and take a look at the labels on your toothpaste, mouthwash,  body wash, soap, deodorant, lotion, body power, shampoo and conditioner.   Do the ingredients sound as if they come from nature, or from a lab?  Can you even pronounce them?

“Natural” often means plant ingredients have been genetically modified and grown with toxic chemicals, and fragrances  like coconut and mango are sometimes nothing  more than a chemical concoction. 

By law, the ingredients in personal care products have to be listed in order of volume, with the highest at the top.  Usually water or aqua makes up most of the product.  You want to check what comes next though, and become an ingredient detective.

If you want to learn more, grab a copy of my FREE skin care report,  and check out my  product site at

You’ll  find some interesting information over there, especially under the harmful ingredients tab.

Take care.

Jean Shaw

I Am SIC – How About You?

One of the nice things about being part of the GVO community, is the great training you get as part of the affordable monthly fee. They’ve got some really good trainers over there.

Jerry Schroeder is one such person.

He’s just brought out a brand new, FREE, generic funded proposal system, which is the ultimate  take-you-by-the-hand,  complete marketing training for newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

It goes under the acronym SIC, which stands  for Second Income Coach.

Isn’t  that clever?

SIC is designed to take the fear out of marketing, and is all about building friendships, relationships  and helping others using  leverage.

Jerry says you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner, because there are no egos allowed in SIC.  It’s all for one and one for all – just like the Three Musketeers.

You can check it out here –

Take care


Last week I stood behind a lady in the checkout queue at the local supermarket, whose shopping trolley was filled to the top.

As I waited for her to unload and pay for her massive shop, I overheard her chatting, and discovered she’d just returned from holiday.   I didn’t catch where she’d been, but it was obviously somewhere warm, because she had a great tan.

The checkout lady asked  if she’d had a nice time, to which the shopper replied, “Yeah, it was alright, but we couldn’t get any “proper food”.  No-one spoke English and we didn’t understand the language”.

I didn’t say anything, obviously, because I wasn’t involved in the conversation, but the thought did cross my mind this lady obviously hadn’t done a lot of research before jumping on the ‘plane.

Surely, if food and language are an issue, then your holiday destination should reflect that, don’t you think?

It’s a common trait of English speaking nations to assume the rest of the world speaks the same language, but of course they don’t.   It’s a bit arrogant really.

It’s also restricting, and can make certain products difficult to sell or use, especially if all the instructions are given or written in what is effectively a foreign language.

So, I was really pleased to learn GVO, the incredible hosting company I’m with is soon making its tools available in FIVE languages.  These are German, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, and of course English.

Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Wonder, if the lady at the supermarket would be interested?


Check GVO out here

Finally! My Interview With Alex Jeffreys – Computer Dunce To Internet Maven

My Interview With Alex Jeffreys – Computer Dunce To Internet Maven

Do you ever receive e-mails telling you the writer has negotiated a special deal from a good friend, just for YOU?

I get them all the time.

I know they’re from people trying to build their lists using Adswaps, and that’s okay.  

I understand how the system works, and you can actually get some “bargains” if you don’t mind handing over your e-mail address  to someone else.

It’s no big deal, after all, you can grab your goodies and remove yourself from the mailing list, can’t you?

Of course, you can, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t, which means your in-box is inundated with e-mails from people whose names you don’t recognise and whose lists you can’t remember why you joined.

Well, that’s how it is for me anyway, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

So, what’s that got to do with anything, you might ask, and here’s the answer.

Last night I did actually manage to record my chat with Alex Jeffreys.  You may recall from an earlier blog post, the last time I spoke to Alex, I forgot to press the red record button. 


It was a great call, too.

Anyway, last night we chatted, and Alex spoke about many things, including his childhood, his education, his lifestyle, and how he’s acquired the business and marketing skills, which will enable him to become a Maven on the internet.

According to Wikipedia,  A maven (also  mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge

There’s no doubt, Alex passes his knowledge on, and our call was nothing like  his normal interviews.  He confirmed, what I’ve known for  ages, there’s a real satisfaction in being able to help people.

If you want to listen to our conversation, you’ll need to go here,  unless or course, you’re already on my list, in which case it will be heading towards your in-box.

Don’t worry though, unlike the Adswaps, you only have to join my list and you can take yourself off it straight away if you wish. 

Of course, I’ll be heartbroken , but will understand!

No seriously, it’s okay if you do that, but you never know, you might just want to stay.

It’s your decision.

Take care.