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GVO Conference – Will My Poem Make Me As Famous As Lewis Carroll?

I don’t know if I’m unusual, but I often think in rhyme, and ever since I fell backwards down the escalator at Kings Cross Station earlier this year, I’ve also seen tiny little cartoon shows inside my head too.

It used to worry me until the specialist at the hospital said it was an extreme form of migraine, consistent with a bang on the head.

He told me he was quite envious, because the only migraines he got were bad headaches, and went on to explain Lewis Carroll supposedly wrote Alice In Wonderland from the visions he’d seen when he’d suffered extreme migraines.

What do you think – If I ever document my experiences, will I be famous too?

Anyway, here’s my latest poem about something launching on 8th September, and which is about to take the internet by storm.

…and NO …

…it’s not something I saw in a vision!

Something great’s come out of Texas
No – it isn’t oil or wheat
But powerful GVOConference
Another global treat!

Audio-visual conferencing
Provides easy tools to use
To build your brand and business
Or just share all your news

No matter what your platform
Be it Windows,Linux, MAC
If you’ve an internet connection
This tool keeps you on track

What – you don’t speak English?
That’s all sorted too
German, Portugese, and  Russian
Or  is Spanish best for you?

If you’re a network marketer
It saves you money and time
No costly hotel meetings
With those up and down your line

And if you market on the internet
You’ll need some K.L.T.
What better way to build it
Than your very own TV?

Perhaps you’re not in business
Just want to keep in touch
With distant friends  and family
But can’t afford too much?

GVOConference could be the answer
It’s a global biz-op too
Inexpensive and non techy
May just be right for you?

Communication‘s changing
Don’t let it pass you by
Do yourself a favour
Give GVO Conference a try!


Oh well  – I can dream can’t I?

For more information on GVOConference, go here –

Take care.

Jean Shaw

GVO Conference

GVO ConferenceI’m not usually privy to internet launches especially ones predicted to be the biggest in online history, but …

…this time it’s different!

I happen to know GVOConference is launching in FIVE different languages on 8th September, 2010.

It’s one of those things EVERYONE could benefit  from, which is why I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the product.

Of course, I do actually have it – sort of, because it’s part of the Titanium package I have with GVO,  and you know I  think that’s just the greatest  affordable one-stop source for ALL your essential online marketing tools.

However, the NEW,  stand-alone GVOConference product is much more powerful,  so look out everyone…

…if you speak  English, German, Portugese, Russian or Spanish, I could soon be finding my way into your world!

Find out more  –

Jean Shaw

These Two Brilliant Resources Are Worth Celebrating


I don’t really like to promote individual products on my blog,Internet marketing tools to celebrate especially in the internet marketing arena because they tend to date so quickly.

One day they’re the flavour of the month and
the next…

…well, you know the story.

Also, generally, I think many are overpriced.

Today, however, I’m going to tell you about TWO
I really believe in, so much so I’ve happily given testimonials
for both.

Depending on your interests, you may have heard of Aweber

It’s an autoresponder messaging service, hugely popular with
internet marketers, and allows people to connect with their

As automated tools go, it’s VERY good, and there are
lots of things you can do to enhance the way you use it, but…

…they take time to learn, and I don’t know about you, but
there just aren’t enough hours in the day to cover all the things
I’d like to know.

I’m often faced with information overload.

I just want to know the best bits, and that’s where
AwebExtra comes in.

This product is the creation of Paul Wilson and Rob J Bradley,
really nice chaps, both of whom I’ve met and interviewed.

So what is it?

Well, I recommend you go and check it out for yourself,
but basically it’s a set of videos revealing some REALLY USEFUL
tips and tricks
using the Aweber service.

The best bit though is the price…

…only $7!

The second product I really like is Instant Traffic Secrets.

This  is another GREAT BARGAIN and really over delivers.

The author, Richard Legg is a fellow Brit (although he now
lives in USA), and is incredibly thorough in his explanations.

As  a Physics “Geek”, he likes to know how everything works
and systemises everything.

He’s brilliant, and so is his training product – Instant Traffic Secrets.

Not only does Richard  give you a video training series to enable
you to get laser targeted  visitors to your site from FREE Google
, but he also gives you a step-by-step PDF workbook
showing you exactly what to do.

Oh, and he throws in a list of all his favourite traffic getting resources.

…all for$9.97!

I couldn’t believe it either.

So there you go – two brilliant resources to either  get you started
in internet marketing, or enhance your current efforts for less than
a night out.

That’s worth celebrating, don’t you think?

Go here for AwebExtra

Go here for Instant Traffic Secrets

Best wishes,

Jean Shaw