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Boobs – Mostly For Men

Ha! Ha! – Thought that would grab your attention!

According to the BBC News this morning, today is International Right To Know Day, so I thought I’d enlighten you about buying bras, (but read to the end for some light hearted banter).

Getting a bra to fit properly let me tell you, is no easy task.  It  certainly requires a lot more than a quick dash into a store, and selecting one which looks great on the slinky sexy model in the catalogue in approximately the right size for your nearest and dearest.

Ever done that… maybe at Christmas?

Thought so, but here’s the big question – do you know what size she is?

Come to think of it, does she know what size she is?

That might sound daft, but as women change shape, so does their bra size.

I went to buy some new bras last week and had I not had a “proper” fitting, (not one of those tape measure jobs), I would have happily bought the wrong size.

You see a bra should not only enhance the shape of the female body, but also provide support, and this shouldn’t require the straps.

For a bra to fit properly when it’s first bought, the hooks should be done up on the loosest ones possible.  This is because as the bra ages it will stretch and will need to be tightened by using the other hooks.

It should be snug, but should still allow room for two fingers to be inserted behind where the hooks do it up so it can be pulled out slightly.

The straps should sit on the shoulders so they aren’t tight, won’t slip and when the arms are lifted up above the head, the back of the bra stays in line with the front.

If the bra rides up at the back, the straps are too tight.

Most importantly, the side of the bra should sit on the breast bone, NOT on the soft fleshy part of the bust as this can cause problems, and the top of the cup under the arm should not rub the armpit.

So you see men it’s not easy.

Even if your nearest and dearest has been measured “properly”, and you know what size she is, there’s another problem.

You see she  may need a different size depending on the cut of the bra.  You can’t just pick up two or three styles in  the same size and assume they’ll fit “comfortably”.

I’m afraid – you just have to fit them on, which is why, if you really care about the woman in your life and want to impress  her, DON’T buy the lingerie you like, but let her choose for herself.

It’s much safer and she’ll love you even more for it.

man boobsNow, talking of boobs, I read something really interesting the other day, which may still interest you male readers…

man boobs!

Now, I know you just like to think of them as relaxed muscle, but apparently there’s growing evidence more and more males over forty are becoming feminized , because they have more of the female hormone “estrogen” in their bodies than they do “testosterone”.


You know what that means apart from man boobs , don’t you…

• Unexplained weight gain
• Impotence
• Health problems caused through an enlarged prostrate

It seems the problem has got so bad, the number of men seeking breast reduction surgery has risen by 2.54% in the last 5 years.

So why do middle aged men suddenly find themselves with estrogen dominance?

Well, that has a lot to do with synthetic chemicals and hormones routinely added to poultry and livestock.

Ever wondered how farmers get their animals ready for market so quickly?

They just inject a few female hormones (estrogens) to fatten them up, which is great for the farmers, BUT when you eat the meat, you also eat the estrogens.

You also get “estrogen twins” in  many everyday products you use, including shampoo, many plastic containers, some canned foods, garden hoses and even your flooring.

When they get into your bloodstream they send “female” signals to your body.

Hence the man boobs!

Anyway, you can reduce some chemicals by eating organic foods, and using certified organic shampoo, which will hopefully reduce the overproduction of estrogen, but if all else fails…

…at least you now know how to get a bra that fits!

 How  To Reduce The Toxic Chemicals In Your Environment

Keep Smiling – it’s not all bad.  Just consider these reasons men should be happier than women :-

Your last name stays put.
The garage is all yours.
Wedding  plans take care of themselves.
Chocolate is just another snack.
You can never be pregnant.
Car mechanics tell you the truth.
The world is your urinal.
You don’t have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
Same work, more pay.
Wrinkles add character.
People never stare at your chest when you’re talking to them.
New shoes don’t cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
One mood all the time.
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
You know stuff about tanks and engines.
A five-day holiday requires only one suitcase.
You can open all your own jars.
You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
Your underwear is £9.50 for a three-pack.
Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.
You never have strap problems in public.
You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.
Everything on your face stays its original colour.
The same hairstyle lasts  for years, maybe decades.
You only have to shave your face and neck.
You can play with toys all your life.
One wallet and one pair of shoes — one colour for all seasons.
You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.
You can ‘do’ your nails with a pocket knife.
You have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache.
You can do Christmas shopping for 24 relatives on 24th December in 24 minutes

 How To Reduce The Toxic Chemicals In Your Environment



Jason FladlienThere’s no shortage of people offering advice product and information about how to become successful on the internet.

Some of it is rubbish, some good, and some of it is brilliant.

One person who seems to have an endless supply of quality information is Jason Fladlien

Now I have to admit, when  I was first introduced to this ex painter turned rapping monk turned marketing productivity dynamo, I was a bit unsure how I felt about him.

He seemed a bit crazy.

He talks really fast, seems to be permanently on a high and oozes self-confidence, coming out with phrases like, “I don’t know anyone who can teach it as good as I can”.


Anyway, the reason he’s known for producing quality products is because of his time management systems, and you can download his free Time Management Secrets Of A Madman report here.

For every one hour Jason spends studying and learning, he spends 16 hours applying what he’s learned.  He then breaks things down into simple systems and passes on the information.

His message is don’t overcomplicate things and don’t give yourself too many choices.

There’s little doubt experience is better than intelligence, right?

After all, knowledge is only powerful if it’s applied in the right way, and Jason seems to have the innate ability to apply it.

I’ve bought several of his courses.

They’re short, concise, and more importantly…actionable.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well,  Jason often holds really useful webinars where he reveals loads of great information.

He’ll tell you straight up he’ll be trying to sell you something  at the end, and this will be no exception I’m sure, but even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll  certainly learn a lot just by tuning in.

Anyway,  he’s got one coming up on Tuesday, 28th September at 7.30 p.m. EST where he’ll reveal how to create an info product in 2 hours or less.

If that sounds a bit far fetched, believe me when I tell you, Jason will deliver. 

He prides himself on making a bold statement to attract people’s attention and then living up to it.

Infact, he produced 26 info products in less than 6 months!

Not bad going, eh?

So, if you’ve been struggling to produce your own product and have nothing better to do on Tuesday, you might want to tune in to listen to Jason Fladlien.

You’ll need to sign up to gain access though because his webinars are always packed.

Perhaps, I’ll see you there?

Click on the link to reserve your spot –  JASON FLADLIEN WEBINAR

Oh, and if you miss it, you can always check out his blog, because he has some great  content over there including 32 FREE reports.

Take care


born with chemicals inside usA few years ago I had blepharitis.

It’s an annoying, irritating and painful skin complaint that affects the eyelids.   Basically, the oil ducts get blocked so the skin dries out, flakes and cracks.

Not only does it look awful, but it also hurts.

Anyway, I discussed the problem, with an eye specialist at the hospital who advised me to put some diluted baby shampoo on a cotton bud and rub it along the bottom lashes of my eye.

Apparently, that’s standard advice.

I did as I was instructed

It stung, but I assumed as it was a very well known baby shampoo, there would be nothing in the product that could actually do any harm.

Silly me!

The only way I could read the contents of the bottle was with a magnifying glass, and here’s what I later discovered

•    Aqua
•    Coco-Glucoside
•    Sodium Lauroamphoacetate
•    Sodium Laureth Sulphate
•    Citric Acid
•    Polysorbate 20
•    PEG80 Sorbitan Laurate
•    PEG-150 Distearate
•    Polyquaternium-10
•    Sodium Benzoate
•    Parfum
•    C1 47005
•    C1 15985 (FPT 0859)

Apart from the Aqua (water) and the Coco-Glucoside, which is a plant extraction and makes a soapy lather when mixed with water, the remaining ingredients are all known contaminants, irritants, allergens and potentially carcinogenic, which makes them an odd choice for a baby shampoo don’t you think?

The bottle stated – “NO MORE TEARS formula is as mild to the eyes as pure water”.

I don’t think so somehow.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is supposedly a milder cousin of the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate used to clean garage floors, and I’ve read a major health concern with SLS is the damage it can do to the eyes!

Great, eh?

Anyway, I was reminded of this the other day when I received an e-mail from MaryEllen Tribby of Working

lab generated chemicalsShe’d written about the dubious contents of the exact same baby shampoo I’d used, and also pointed out many ingredients in most soaps, lotions, and hair products on the market today are loaded with unhealthy chemicals, as well as “by-products” from the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline.

These chemicals pose a real danger to health, including cancer and yet they are largely unregulated.

I’m well aware of this, which is why I now use certified organic skincare, etc.

Now, I know a lot of people dismiss the need to be cautious as a lot of old tripe,  and a ploy to get people to buy the more expensive really natural and organic products.

They’re  happy to use whatever they find on the supermarket shelves, especially if it’s perceived to be a bargain.

However, that may be a false economy.

I admit I used to be exactly the same, and never paid any attention to what was in a product.  The appeal was usually the price because back then  I assumed anything in the shops was SAFE.

It isn’t!

In fact, I’ll bet your bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your house.

We’re all contaminated with pesticides, household and industrial chemicals, so much so, our babies are born with them in their systems.

Constant contaminant poisoning has been linked to the development of asthma, cancer, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, obesity and many other health issues.

Our bodies just don’t know what to do with all these synthetic chemicals, and they build up inside our blood, fat tissues, muscles, bone, brain and other organs.

Companies spend millions of dollars promoting their supposedly “safe” products.  They use attractive, energetic, fit, fun-loving models, or famous celebrities to subtly suggest if we use that particular product we can become like the person in the advert.

It’s a great psychological ploy and is very effective marketing,  but it still doesn’t alter the fact their products are mostly synthetic chemical laden concoctions.

To them, it’s just a money thing.

Health doesn’t come into it.

Many companies even disguise their chemically derived artificial ingredients in words that sound like nature, AND they use the word “natural” a bit too freely.

Again, it’s clever psychological marketing, and it’s no wonder people mistrust the companies who genuinely do produce natural and organic products.

The only real way to ensure you’re not putting the wrong stuff on your body is to read the labels and a very general rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it, and you wouldn’t want to eat it, DON’T put it on your body.

Since your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs 60% of whatever you put on it, you want to be careful what you use.

fumes from chemicalsEven the fumes can be dangerous.

That’s a particular problem for hairdressers.

Not only do many of them handle strong chemicals when they shampoo, condition and colour their client’s hair, but also they breathe in the toxic fumes.

I’m sure you’ve been in a salon and been accosted by ammonia and the fumes from hairspray haven’t you?

Another thing to think about is perfumes

During the college holidays, I went over to France from the UK on the ferry.  Needless to say, I checked out the Duty-Free shop and was amazed how many different types of perfumes there are.

The testers were all out and people were spraying the different fragrances on themselves, not looking to see what was in them first.

Rarely are perfumes made from anything other than lab generated synthetic toxic chemicals all mixed up together, and it’s not surprising they affect a lot of people.

Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser fame often interviews people, but one of his stipulations is they mustn’t wear perfume or aftershave.

Apart from the fact it affects his ability to interview, because the smell can sometimes be incredibly overpowering and might not appeal to his personal preference, but also because he knows unless it’s made from pure organic botanicals, or comes from a pure essential oil, it’s toxic.

You might want to consider that the next time you’re thinking of giving perfume as a present for someone you care about!

safe organic productsAnyway, there are safe natural and organic alternatives available, and yes they do cost more than their lab produced counterparts, but for me it’s a price worth paying.

If you want to grab some free reports about toxic chemicals you can go here –

•    President’s Report Links Chemicals To Cancer
•    Skin Care Industry’s Billion Dollar Lie
•    Ten Toxics You Can Toss Today
•    Toxic Ingredient Directory

Yes, it is my site, but you don’t have to buy anything.  Just educate yourself.

At  the end of the day the question is this …

How much do you value your health?

Take care.


Internet Marketing, Wise Words, And Sods Law!

Russell, Kevin and ChrisToday I went on a rare shopping trip with a friend.

We went to Cambridge, a beautiful city famous for its Cathedral, University, River, and Corn Exchange.

It’s only about 20 miles from where I live, so you can imagine how excited I was when I received an invitation to attend a full day’s internet coaching there with two of the world’s top internet marketers

…for FREE!

Yes, Chris Farrell and Russell Brunson, two of my favourite marketers are flying over from America for a one day workshop hosted by Kevin Potts, who has his own success story.

This remarkable vicar had his first sale on line just 9 months ago and now banks over £2 million per year, so clearly he’s received some good advice from somewhere.

He recently introduced a brand new premium programme called, the “Churchill Apprenticeship”, which he named after Sir Winston Churchill.He was both the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence for UK during the second world war and remained a Member of Parliament for many years after.

Some  of his now famous quotes are –

  • “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
  • “Continuous effort – not strength of intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential”
  • “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and  listen”.
  • “Never, never, never give up!”

Wise words, wouldn’t you agree, and ones which can be applied in any situation?

Now, I know the importance of attending live workshops. There’s nothing like a bit of palm pressing and belly to belly meetings (not literally of course) to enhance your career, so it’s an opportunity not to be missed

Yes, it will be a great workshop.

There will be some really stellar information and marketing strategies revealed, people will network and those who turn up get  full re-sell rights to sell the event recordings.

I can’t believe it’s happening right on my doorstep, and for FREE.

Amazing, isn’t it?

No doubt there’ll be lots of people  whose names I recognise, and possibly even know there. Only one problem though…

…the very day of the workshop…

… I’m flying to America!

That’s what’s called Sod’s Law!

Oh well, another piece of advice Sir Winston Churchill handed out was the importance of keeping a stiff upper lip.  

I’ll just accept the fact I’ll have different opportunities opening for me on that day, and will have to wait a bit longer to meet these three inspiring and genuinely “nice” marketers.

What’s that phrase?

…“Never, never, never give up”!

Take care


GVO Conference – 10 Questions You Should Ask About It

If you’re trying to make a living from the internet I’ll bet you’ve been overwhelmed with the different ways possible haven’t you?

What with affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, and ALL the different opportunities being thrust in front of you on a daily basis, it’s REALLY difficult to decide what’s hot and what’s not.

There’s certainly no shortage of opportunites available, and there lies the problem.

Who do you trust?

Well, obviously you take recommendations from those people you know, like and trust, and perform your “due diligence” as they say.

I don’t know why, but that phrase always makes me smile. It sounds so formal, BUT, you do need to do some research before investing your hard earned MONEY, and more importantly… your TIME.

Whatever your decision, it needs to provide a return on both.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself –

Now, depending on whether you feel you know, like and trust me, I’m going to make a recommendation

GVO Conference


Well, I have it, I use it and I love it.

However, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so I’m going to answer the Ten Questions you’ve just listened to in the video as they relate to GVO Conference.

1. Is The Product Easily Consumable, And If So, Is It Hard To Quit?

GVO Conference is an audio-webinar conference suite so inexpensive anyone, anywhere with a job can afford it.

It requires no downloads to a computer, so is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, even if you have a mobile device (currently only if you can accept flash).

It is an affordable, generic marketing tool, which can benefit anyone who is either an affiliate, internet or network marketer, but is also incredibly beneficial and useful just to stay in touch with friends and family.

It has a business opportunity attached to it so IF you wanted to promote it in that way it’s incredibly easy to do so, because you use it to demonstrate it.

At only $8.97 per month, this resource is very competitively priced, and is something everyone wants and needs.

Also, it has been launched in five different languages – English, German, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.

2. Is The Opportunity Virtual?

GVO Conference is available anywhere there is an internet connection.

It’s a global product and there’s plenty of opportunity for growth as it’s a beneficial tool to have regardless of what market or niche you’re in.

With friends and family scattered all over the world, GVO Conference is easy to introduce to other countries.

As the product is virtual, there are no shipping or handling costs, and customers get immediate gratification.

3. Does The Product Or Service Have Exceptional Value In The Market?

GVO Conference is incredibly powerful. Apart from the audio-video conferencing, you can show power points, share files, stream videos, hold online chats, and record.

It has a facility whereby 4 people can be on screen at the same time – great for communication with staff, representatives or family gatherings.

The product has phenomenal live support 24/7 with REAL people.

If you choose to have the product as a business opportunity, you can soon get a return on your investment because the company pays out 70% commissions. They are able to do this because GVO own the land, the data centre, the software, the fiber optics and everything related to the product.

Extra value can be added by introducing users to the Titanium Package with GVO

4. Is There A Low Entry Fee?

It is only $8.97 per month for one, 50 seat Conference room and upgrades are available. This makes it affordable for most people anywhere in the world.

5. How Low Is The Barrier To Break Even?

The compensation plan offers commission on direct referrals, and as the entry fee is so affordable and the product is so desirable, the barrier to break even is very low.

If you understand compensation plans (and I don’t), it pays out down to 5 levels.

6. Is The Product Or Service Something YOU Can Get Excited About?


I believe it’s one of those rare opportunities that will benefit everyone.

If you’re in business GVO Conference will enhance it.  If you’re looking for a home based business, GVO Conference could be that business, and if you just want to connect with friends and family, this is an affordable conferencing software solution.

GVO Conference is an affordable, useful, non techy, easy to use and easy to demonstrate, marketing and communication tool, but NO, I won’t be recommending it to my mother…

…she has no idea how to even turn on a computer!

7. Is The Business In A Huge Market Space?

Yes, GVO Conference is a global opportunity.

It has great 24/7 real live support, and its competitive advantage is its affordability, its ease of operation and demonstration, plus the different languages.

All the videos and instructions have been translated from English to the other languages by REAL people, and there are instructors available for the different countries.

8. Is The Product Or Service Easy To Explain, Demonstrate, or Market?

(My One Minute Elevator Pitch)   GVO Conference is an affordable multi-language marketing and communication conferencing software solution that can help anyone promote their business and provide an easy, non techy way to stay in touch with others. It is flash based, requires no downloads, suits all internet platforms and has a global business opportunity attached.

It is very easy to demonstrate – simply “show and tell”.

9. Can You Trust The Leadership?

Joel Therien and Mike Potvin have many years internet history behind them, producing quality products.

Highly regarded by their peers and fellow marketers, they are renowned for their openness and speed of implementation when suggestion are made by customers for product improvements.

Their hosting company is used by many high profile marketers including Frank Kern, Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime, etc.

10. Does The Company Have A Past History Of Success. Does It Have A Future?

GVO used to be known as Kiosk, which was primarily a hosting company, but Joel Therien realized many of his clients had no idea how to use internet marketing tools.

In 2004 Joel, lived in Ottowa in Canada and in January of that year he launched an amazing VOIP Conference solution called HotConference.

This was a downloadable product, only available in one language and cost almost $60 per month.

In just 3 months the product had over 7 million downloads.

It grew so fast, Joel almost found himself out of business, because the company providing his fibre optics couldn’t offer him anymore.

There was no fibre left in the city!

To solve the problem, Joel relocated his family and staff from Ottawa, Canada to San Antonio, Texas, (where fibre optics and bandwidth is truly UNLIMITED).

There, he bought some land, built a multi-million dollar data center , bought all the fibre optics and all his software and everything else necessary to expand and grow his business.

In October, 2009, Joel changed the name of the company from Kiosk to GVO, and in September, 2010, re-launched HotConference as the new more powerful GVO Conference

Joel fully expects history to repeat itself and is anticipating having over 10 million users I the first month!

So, that leads me to Question 11

Will one of them be YOU?

Find out more at


GVO Conference is in Pre-Launch But Here’s The Price


GVO Conference is in PRE-LAUNCH. It’s a great product and I know it will be hugely popular.

I wrote  a poem about it and h ave

turned it into a video – well actually I didn’t physically do it, just provided the words, the images and the narrration.

 A friend did the really clever bit.

What do you think?

Feel free to leave a comment.

For anyone who doesn’t know the product it must sound like just another MLM thing.  I know many people are building serious businesses with it, but I prefer to use it as a communication tool to enhance what I’v already got and to stay in touch with friends and family.

I hate being infront of the camera normally, but it’s different somehow in my own conference room with my personally invited  guests. 

It’s just so comfortable.

Anyway, GVO Conference WILL be a huge , there’s no doubt about that, especially as it’s so inexpensive.  Unlike most  network marketing opportunities, this is NOT just affordable in certain countries.

It’s only $8.97 per month, so if you’re one of those people interested in MLM and network marketing, you might want to get in on the Pre-launch, and  if you’re not…

…well you might want to check it out any way and use it as I do …

…to stay in touch!

Take care


The IM Original Product Event Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely lady in Los Angeles named Daylynne Starr.

We were at one of Alex Jeffreys marketing workshops, and Daylynne generously gave EVERYONE at the workshop a copy of her best selling physical book.  This was no mean feat as you know how much books weigh. 

Anyway, that really impressed me, but as I said, Daylynne is generous.

Today, and for the next week, she and fellow marketer, Chris Jenkins  are holding an exclusive product giveaway It’s called The IM Original Product Event, and she’s invited me to participate.

Unlike  many giveaway events, everything on offer is entirely FREE.

There are NO Upsells, Downsells, One Time Offers or any other annoying “catches”

The products are top quality and provided by just nine people  so you won’t spend hours having to wade through pages and pages of offers, downloading  everything, and then losing the will to live because you’ve clogged up your hard drive and can’t remember who you got the stuff from, or why!

If you’d like to benefit from the FREE products visit The IM  Original Product Event between 9th and 16th September here



GVO – Now They Really Know Something About Location, Location, Location

My oldest son is getting married next year.  My friend saw it on Facebook!

No, actually he did tell me beforehand, and although I personally think he’s too young, I can’t say anything because I was married at twenty.

Anyway, ever since the news was announced I see wedding dresses and tuxedos everywhere!

At the weekend I went shopping with my youngest son, who has autism, and as we trailed round the charity shops looking for yet another old video to add to his collection, I noticed  a shop with a sign saying the wedding dress in the window was a copy of the one Jordon had worn at her wedding.

Now,  I can’t say I’m a fan of Katie Price, but I do feel sorry for her.  Clearly her continual quest for attention indicates she’s lacking something in her life.

However, I was intrigued to see how much a copy of the dress would cost, so I went in and had a chat with the owner.

I remarked I’d not seen the shop before and he told me they’d been in the town for several years, but had recently moved premises.

He said the new location attracted passing trade, and offered more value for money because  the premises were cheaper.

It seems moving a few thousand yards had made a big difference to him and his customers.

Hmmm …

I know someone else who benefitted in the same way when he moved his company…

The thing is, he didn’t move a few thousand yards, more like a few thousand miles…

…to a different country!

The best bit is, he took his family and all his staff with him.

Now that’s really taking location, location, location really seriously.

Read  more at The GVO Story


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