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I have no doubt the medical authorities will be delighted with the episode of Casualty which was screened last Saturday evening on BBC 1 in the UK.

This popular prime time hospital drama is watched by thousands and like many long running soaps, there are people who actually believe the actors and actresses are the characters they portray. 

Their story lines have the ability to seriously influence people’s judgements.

The episode this weekend was called, “Truth Will Out” and in my opinion was a real coup as far as subtle innuendo was concerned.

Often what’s not said has more impact than actual spoken or written words.

I rarely watch TV, but this particular Casualty episode concerned a young autistic lad, and as my youngest son has autism, I was intrigued to see what it was about.

The story line was that the autistic boy had hurt his arm when he’d thrown a tantrum because someone else had blown out the candles on his birthday cake.

That’s likely.

The boy was very convincing as a child with autism, both in his mannerisms and his use of echolalia, and he may even have had  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

 However, because of the undoubtedly chaotic and noisy situations during the filming of the program, I doubt it.

Anyway, the boy was taken to hospital where he had to wait for an X-Ray.  He was in pain but his mother refused “pharmaceutical” pain killers and rubbed lavender oil on him instead.

Whilst waiting for the results of the scan, he suffered a seizure.

It was the first one he’d ever had, (but seizures and epilepsy are really common in people with autism especially as they reach adolescence), and naturally everyone was concerned.

His mother, herself a trained nurse, was asked whether he was taking any medications or anything.

She replied he was on a gluten and casein free diet, was taking various minerals and supplements, including grapefruit seed extract, magnesium and Vitamin B12, and she was also giving him intravenous infusions of EDTA.

This is a form of chelation, used to remove heavy metals from the body, and when asked why she was doing that, she replied it was her fault her son had autism and she was trying to help him.

Her reasoning was she’d given him all the recommended childhood vaccines, many of which contain heavy metals, especially mercury and aluminium.

I know – unbelievable isn’t it?

Anyway, the nurse  in the episode said, and I quote,

“Any links between vaccines and autism have been totally debunked”

autistic childReally?

That’s the first I’ve heard of it so clearly I need to contact the script writers to find out where they do their research.

Now back to  Casualty, and the X-Ray revealed a small hairline fracture which wasn’t a major issue, BUT further tests showed the boy was dangerously low in Calcium, leaving him seriously prone to osteoporosis.

Hospital staff  were so concerned they referred the case to Social Services on the grounds the mother was ill treating her child.

Now this woman was doing the best she knew how.

Her husband had left her because he couldn’t stand the strain, (a common scenario in relationships where an autistic child is concerned), and she didn’t trust the medical profession, whose policies she blamed  for her child’s situation. 

She’d turned to natural and alternative therapies that at least gave her some hope and scorned the way the medical profession looked down on them as  “quack treatments” ,because they couldn’t be monetized.

I can understand how she feels.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, the medical profession “experts” gave me an A4 sheet of paper with recommended reading, they wished me good luck but told me I could expect to be a single mother and have to put my son in a “home” by the time he was a teenager because I’d never be able to look after him.

They said he would improve a bit whether I intervened or not because autism is a developmental disorder.


Now, I’m not knocking the medical profession at all.  I think they do a great service in many areas, but equally there are certainly opportunities for alternative therapies as well.

I believe  the subtle messages contained in this episode of Casualty are that–

1) Vaccines do not cause autism
2) Alternative therapies are quack treatments
3) Chelation is dangerous

…but I beg to differ.

As you will be aware, I firmly believe the childhood vaccines were a real contributory  factor in my son’s autism, and if it wasn’t for the alternative therapies we tried, plus  the fact we chelated him for the HUGE amount of heavy metals in his body, he would not have achieved the potential he has acquired today.

Vaccines have their place, BUT for SOME, depending on the circumstances, the vaccine is more dangerous than the condition itself, and you cannot reverse vaccine damage.

Chelation is very dangerous and not to be undertaken lightly.

It requires the help and support of a qualified health practitioner, whether that be mainstream or alternative, because many chelation treatments not only remove the heavy metals, but also some vital essential minerals as well.

EDTA is one of them.

However, not all treatments are like that and I was very fortunate to discover a SAFE chelation,  well two actually.

If you visit my site and check out Humet-R and Seagreens you can read more about them.

As for alternative therapies, well these are many and varied and are only as good as the person who has the knowledge to apply or educate about them.

Admittedly, because almost anyone can set themselves up as an alternative practitioner there are unscrupulous individuals who prey on vulnerable people and take advantage, but not everyone is like that.

The same treatments won’t work for everyone though, because we’re all unique. 

You will NEVER find two people with autism the same so PLEASE don’t assume because you know one person on the autistic spectrum disorder, you know what it’s like. 

You don’t!

However, as long as alternative therapies and treatments are not invasive, dangerous and won’t hurt, I’m all for them

If you don’t try, you’ll never know, and certainly with autism, the earlier  you take any form of intervention, the better.

As much as you may wish, hope and pray, it’s not something your child will simply grow out of.

I KNOW how much my son has improved using non “medical” treatments and I also know if it wasn’t for the chelation and alternative interventions undertaken by ALL the TRUE case studies in my last book, they wouldn’t  have been able to reveal their stories.

It’s also highly likely I wouldn’t have been able to document them even if they had, because I also  suffered from heavy metal poisoning and YES, I did use SAFE chelation

… thank goodness!

Maybe, that’s a subject for a future Casualty episode.

What do you think?

Take care,


For more information on SAFE chelation go here –

The One Thing I HATE About GVO

I really like GVO.

Not only is it a very affordable way to get some really powerful internet marketing tools, BUT you also get access to some great FREE training most people charge for.

Last night was no exception.

It was all about copy writing and I gained as much information and resources from that one hour webinar than I have previously from paid courses.

It was very, very good, and explained the art of copy writing in simplistic terms.

Anyone on the call was also provided with information on how to write killer headlines, the 12 step foolproof sales letter formula, and received two mindmaps,  as well as a link to a valuable “swipe” file

Now, that’s what I call generous.

So what’s the problem?

Well, anyone who is a member of GVO or GVOConference has free access to all the weekly training sessions, and if you’re on the actual calls, you can download the information they discuss.

That’s brilliant and an incentive to turn up, but…

…all the calls are scheduled for EST time and I live in UK, which is a time difference of 5 hours.

The trainings take place every week day with different presenters  specialising in a variety of subjects.  They are held at various different times, but many are scheduled for the evenings.

Take Action Tuesday training, hosted by dynamic duo, Ken Hammond and Mark Call, takes place on Tuesday, (obviously) at 8.00 p.m.

Now, I admit that’s a sensible time to have a webinar, because most people are able to attend.  They’ve usually got home from work, had their evening meal, got the children  sorted, etc, but it’s 1.00 a.m. for me.

Instead of  staring at my computer screen, I should be looking at the backs of my eyelids. However, I’m prepared to miss out on my much needed beauty sleep just so I benefit from all that’s on offer.

When  you’re on a quest for knowledge and self-improvement  just one piece of information can make ahuge difference.

So what do I absolutely HATE about GVO?

…it gives me bags under my eyes!



Hello Is Such A Simple Word But Can Mean So Much

A few weeks ago I was given a brief opportunity to address a room of internet and network marketers at GVO’s first annual workshop in San Antonio..

It wasn’t really planned, which was probably just as well, otherwise I may not have been able to do it.

You see, whilst it wasn’t the first time I’d spoken in public, it was the first time I’d faced an audience who –

a) had absolutely no idea I was going to get up and talk to them, and

b)  were going to listen to something completely unrelated to the topic of the workshop.

However, I spoke from the heart about how my books had come to be written.   They were gracious enough to applaud, and even thank me.

I was reminded of it the other day when I went to a meeting regarding how the financial cuts in local government would affect the funding for adults with special needs.

I wanted to know  what the options would be for my son, who is now twenty-one and about to finish his full time education.

During the interval a lady came up to me, took hold of my arm and with tears in her eyes said, “Thankyou”.

I was a bit surprised and asked “What for?”

She told me she ran a support group  for parents of children with autism and I had absolutely no idea how much my first book, written ten years earlier had helped people all over the world.

It was both humbling and satisfying.

I’ve written three books, none of which I intended to write. Indeed when I penned I’m Not Naughty, I’m Autistic, I didn’t even know I could.

I only wrote it because of pressure from others,  and the same has been true for the other two.

Autism and Mercury Poisoning are not exactly fun subjects!

None of my books were ever written with commercial intent – purely to educate and help.

When you put others before yourself and offer something of value (not necessarily financial) simply because you can, you’ll be repaid many fold.

A smile, an acknowledgement, or just a simple “Hello” can make someone’s day,  and make yours too!

When you give something because you want to, it’s called a “gift”, and today my gift to you is this little poem.  I have no idea who wrote it, but I’m glad they did.

I hope you’ll read it, enjoy it and take note of the message.  Saying it to someone with a genuine smile on your face could really make a huge difference to two peoples lives – theirs and yours! 

Hello is such a little word
But when it’s sent your way
It says so many friendly things
That longer words can’t say

It says “You’re being thought about”
It says “You’re nice to know”
Hope it adds a touch  of joy
This little word – “Hello”

Money isn’t the only valuable thing you have to offer.

Take care.


This weekend I watched the Remembrance Day services on the television.

It was a time of reflection, and depending on the type of person you are, you will either have mourned or celebrated the lives of the dead.

Many of the deceased died in the First World War and since then so much has changed.

Technology has made life so much easier, but not always for the better.

This morning on the BBC breakfast news, the issue of cyber bullying was highlighted and the way some young individuals are targeted via their  internet and mobile phones.

It’s cruel and cowardly.

Sadly, it’s effective and for some , the saying

“Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me”

 no longer applies.

Some people get so depressed they take their own lives.

What a waste!

It’s one thing losing a loved one in war from a bullet fired by a stranger, but to lose a child because of vindictive and often untrue  words from their peers is something else.

What has happened to society when children and young adults can be  nasty.

Don’t they know how lucky they really are?

Oddly enough, I picked up a book of poems at the weekend, and here below is one written by a local lady. 

It took me back to my childhood, and the content is so true for me, I could have written it myself, apart from the bit about candles and TV.

We did actually have electricity when I was a child, and a TV.   Admittedly it was black and white and there were only two channels, but we thought it was fantastic.

It opened up the world to us.

Now the world is only a click or two away.

There will always be some people you don’t particularly want to associate in life, but we all have a choice to avoid them.

There’s nothing “big” or “cool” about being unkind to people just because you can.

Bullying being seen as ” just a bit of fun” depends on whether or not you’re on the receiving end.

Maybe the youth  of today should talk to their parents and grand parents a bit more and hopefully, they’d realise their life isn’t so bad after all. 

With so many things to amuse them and stop them being bored,  there are numerous ways to occupy their time other than senseless bullying.

Childhood Memories  by Gwen Spriggs

When I was just a little girl,
Of maybe five or six
We had no gas or electricity
We lived “out in the sticks”
A paraffin lamp hung from a hook
In the middle of the kitchen ceiling
A black lead range on which mum cooked
An open fire so appealing
On which a tin kettle would whistle away
To make a cuppa tea any time of the day

In winter evenings all us kids
Would help mum peg a rug
She’d let us stay up longer
If we were very good
With a hessian stretched across our knees
We would peg out a pattern, put round a frieze
I remember once we pegged a great sun
In red, orange and yellow, it was  such fun
It looked so lovely in front of the hearth
And my goodness, how it did last

We never had a bathroom
We had to wash each night in a bowl
“Make sure you wash behind your ears,
And your necks are clean”, we were told
Then mum would hold an inspection
Of ears, necks and feet
And if weren’t clean, we washed again
So we knew it was useless to cheat

Then on Friday night
Our mum would light
A fire under the old brick copper
Drag in a tin bath, in front of the hearth
She had to boil gallons and gallons of water
When off we’d go upstairs to bed
Mum lighting the way with a candle
Left alone, I found the dark
Very hard to handle

My brothers would call to me from their room
Telling ghostly stories of death and gloom
I’ll pull the covers right over my head
So I couldn’t see the dark shadows around my bed
Cuddle up tight with my old rag doll
And anxiously wait for my sister Poll

There were no inside toilets in our day
Our  loo was across the yard
Newspaper cut into handy squares
Yes, life was very hard
A china pot kept under each bed
In case of emergencies
And if you wanted to go in the middle of the night
Well, you just had to use one of those

But  kids in those days were happy
Just as happy as happy could be
We had to make our own entertainment
We had very few toys, no TV
Kids of today know nothing
Of the life we had as a child
But we never ever said we were bored
And we always had a smile

  More information on Cyber Bullying

Take care


Three  years ago I wote a book containing TRUE real life acounts  of people whose health had been seriously affected by the  dental amalgam in their teeth.

At the time, most people ridiculed the idea, or swept it under the carpet, but as the quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, the 19th Century Philosopher, says,

All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, Second it is violently opposed, Third it is accepted  as self-evident.

Well, a lot has happened since my book was published, and more and more people are beginning to pay the price for having the second most toxic substance on the planet put in their mouths.

As you probably know, I’m convinced the amalgam placed in my mouth when I was unaware I was pregnant,  is part of the reason my son has autism.

One person I hugely respect,  and who frequently writes about the dangers of mercury is  Dr. Mercola.  Once more he has highlighted the topic in his latest article 

It’s about the recent resolution passed in Costa Mesa, California, the first city in the United States to call for an immediate end to dental amalgam, and quotes this

The watershed Monahan Resolution is the first success for Californians for Green Dentistry, a new project of Consumers for Dental Choice … At the city council hearing … dentists, health professionals, injured consumers, scientists, advocates, and even former Californian Dental Board member Dr. Chet Yokoyama… offered poignant testimony calling for a ban on dental mercury.”

Dr. Mercola also posted the same two You Tube videos as shown below.

I hope you’ll watch them, particularly the second one. Maybe then  you’ll realise mercury poisoning can affect anyone – including YOU!

The people in my book had no idea they were being continuously poisoned, and it took a lot of determination and effort to finally discover why their health had deteriorated so much it threatened to destroy their lives.

I’ve just made my book available on

It’s called Mercury Poisoning – It’s Not In Our Heads Anymore and the picture on the front is of myself and my son. The shadowy images in the clouds represent the fuzzy thoughts we had BEFORE we were both chelated for mercury.

You can check out the Amazon book on my site

Take care




Can You Answer This Riddle?

For several years I’ve been hearing about the importance of Facebook, and whilst I’ve had an account for some time, I’ve never spent any time on it because to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do with it.

Actually, until this weekend I had two accounts, but have no idea why.

Like most older people, I thought Facebook was for “kids”, and couldn’t see the point of knowing what someone was planning for tea, or looking at photos of people I didn’t know.

As for all the strange invites I received – well, I had no idea what, if anything, I was supposed to do with them, so I didn’t do anything.

I just deleted them and  hoped I wasn’t offending anyone.

I know I should have taken the time to get at least an overview of Facebook and what it’s all about, but like most people, I’m busy and I learn on a need to know basis.

Until now, I didn’t need to know…

… at least that’s what I thought.

This weekend, however, I’ve had a quick insight into its power and let’s face it, anything that has over 223 million people log into it for an average of 55 minutes per day must have something going for it.

Apparently,  Facebook currently has more than 500 million users and if it were to  be a country, it would be the third largest in the world.

That’s powerful!

Most users, it seems, have an average of about 130 friends, so unless I want to be considered “less than average”, I have some catching up to do!

Another thing that inspired me to investigate Facebook a bit further was a visit to the local Indian Restaurant.  Surprisingly, for a village of this size, we have a lot of restaurants to suit all different tastes, and as I was chatting to the manager about the competition, he told me the method of advertising he’d found most beneficial for his business was word of mouth via Facebook. 

He said he’d only been doing it a few months but wished he’d started years ago!

Anyway, this weekend my eldest son came to stay with me, and gave me a quick  rundown of all the tabs and things, plus I bought a very inexpensive, but useful video course called FastFacebookTraffic

I was able to quickly learn a bit of Facebook etiquette and discovered how beneficial this social media platform could actually be if used correctly.

I know many people have  a “Fan” page, but I must confess I  find that a bit narcissitic, especially as you’re supposed to invite people to Like It and start  the ball rolling by Liking It yourself.

Clearly, I’m in the minority, though and I do actually like myself, so it’s a possibility some time in the future.

Meanwhile, I’ve probably spent more time on Facebook this weekend than for the entire time the site has previously been up, and I do know my way around it now…

…sort of!

Here’s a riddle for you,  and if you answer it by commenting on my Facebook page, I’ll send you a free downloadable copy of my last book, Mercury Poisoning – It’s Not In Our Heads Any More  if you get it right. (You can find the details here. Don’t think you don’t need it. You value your health don’t  you?)

Okay, here’s the riddle and the link to my Facebook page.  If you also become my friend that will be great.

What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you’ll die?

Hope to see you on my Facebook page.  As the old saying goes – “Strangers Are Friends Waiting To Happen”, so …

…see you there – “friend”!

Take care

 Jean Shaw

Create your badge

I have to admit I’m rarely the first to know about anything,  so I was quite pleased to be able to inform you in my last post of the official public launch of GVOConference,  BEFORE it had actually happened.

Good for you Jean, I thought – let the people know what a great deal they can now get their  hands on, and it WILL be too…

…when it eventually takes off!

Like all good things worth  waiting for GVO wanted to get everything perfect,  and there were a couple of videos they wanted to translate into different languages, before the launch, which held things up a bit.

I’m told it’s now going to take place next week.

So, unless Sod’s Law strikes again, you WILL be able to  the power of webconferencing from the comfort of your own home or office at a fraction of the cost you now have to pay from Tuesday, 9th November, 2010  

…unless Sod’s Law strikes again!

However, the delay isn’t a bad thing for everyone, because IF you’re an internet leader (or even if you’re not) you’ve got another week to get in on the ground floor at what many people are predicting to be the next Fortune500 company for a  trial price of just $1.00!

So, if you’re an optimist like me, you’ll think yourself very lucky you’ve still got the chance to get in BEFORE it kicks off.

Take care,


P.S.  Get Your $1.00  here –

GVOConference – No Hype Here

Well, it’s been a long time coming but GVOConference is finally being opened up to the general public – tomorrow!

Yes, 2nd November is official  launch day.

It’s a great product and does what it says on the tin.






I hate all the hypey stuff surrounding most product launches and you know I’ve mentioned  GVOConference several times before, so all I’ll say is this –

If I said I could introduce you to a Home Business  Opportunity with a global international market, launched in five different languages, that providesimmediate satisfaction, has no shipping or handling costs , is highly consumable, easily demonstrable, has superior live support 24/7  every day of the year, and offers a high residual income at a price point affordable in ANY country in the world…

… what would you say?

How about … Thanks!


GVO Conference – check it out