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Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat to Joel Therien over Skype, and YES, I did manage to record it…

Thank Goodness!

After  all, as nice as he is, the CEO and Director ofGVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has responsibilities and I know he’s busy…

…VERY busy.

There seems to be something about me and recording those people most difficult to get hold of though.

It has nothing to do with me being nervous about speaking to people whose financial success far exceeds my own, because I’ve inherited my grandma’s beliefs about money.

She’s an incredible ninety-six year old with a mind as sharp as a razor and the self-confidence of knowing money doesn’t make a person any greater or lesser than her.

We’re all the same underneath.

As Frank Sousa told me in a recent interview, the fact he’s a multi-millionaire, doesn’t make him any different from anyone else.  He still gets out of bed one leg at a time and puts his pants on the same way.

There’s a thought!

Joel , as I said is the brains behind GVO  Virtual Opportunities),and if you haven’t heard of it yet, believe me you will.

It’s hotly predicted to be the next Fortune 500 company, and whilst we all know these companies come and go, there’s no doubt in my mind, GVO is here to stay.

Apart from providing powerful, reliable generic tools everyone who does anything online wants and needs at a price people can afford, it also has amazing FREE training on how to use them, plus phenomenal live support, 24/7, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, and YES, three-hundred and sixty-six if it’s a leap year!

I especially love the GVOConference facility which I use to communicate with my autistic son.

Anyway,  Joel kindly gave up some of his “family” time for an informal chat with me yesterday, and during our conversation, revealed much about himself.

He told me what drives him and why he really drives that red Ferrari.  (No, ladies, he’s NOT having a mid-life crisis)!

It was an enjoyable conversation and one for which I’m very grateful.

It has ended the year on a high and if you’d like to listen to it, please go to his page on my site

Another thing you may wish to do is consider the things you could be grateful for because as this message on my calendar revealed

Experiencing gratitute without expressing it is like receiving a present and not unwrapping it!

sherry and mince piesToday, I was very grateful for being able to take my son on the Mince Pie Express.  He loves trains and this was a short train ride across country during which we were served a glass of sherry and a mince pie, or orange juice and a chocolate biscuit.

(Actually, we received two helpings – one on the outward journey and the other on the return, so today I am doubly grateful!)

I’m also grateful that out of all the blogs in cyberspace YOU managed to find mine, so let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones, health, wealth and happiness in 2011.

I plan to take a couple of weeks off now so my hope is you stick to your resolutions if you make any and may buy augmentin all your dreams come true!

Best wishes and take care,


P.S.   Don’t forget to listen to my interview with Joel Therien! GVO is one of those rare companies whose products I would gladly recommend to my family, friends, and YOU too! You never know, it could be just what you need to make 2011 a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Do you ever have days when things outside your control stop you in your tracks?

It happened to me yesterday.

Oh, in the great scheme of things it was nothing, but frustrating never-the-less.

Recently, we changed our car and the “new” one has so many electrical gadgets, I’m always getting warning messages  and beeps, which really make me anxious.  Apparently, the model we have is notorious for them and they are often triggered by the change in temperature.

Apparently,  that means the warning I have to “STOP!” because I have a puncture, could actually mean it’s cold!

Great, eh?

Then there’s my computer.

It’s been playing up for ages and I’ve never really taken the time to sort it out.  Yesterday, however, I was supposed to be interviewing a lovely lady the other side of the world about her involvement with GVO and couldn’t connect to Skype.

I  tried to connect several times,  uninstalled it and re-installed it, but no joy.  After wasting at least two hours, and phoning my network provider as instructed, I finally discovered it was nothing to do with my end at all. 

Instead Skype were having a problem and it was all to do with their “supernodes”.

Great, eh?

My only consolation is the lady whom I was supposed to have been interviewing over Skype also had the same problem so was aware I wasn’t deliberately wasting her valuable time. 

So that still leaves me with a computer, which runs frustratingly slow at times and does all sorts of weird and wonderful things, including freeze on me just at a crucial point.

No doubt it’s all the “stuff” I have on and there’s a conflict somewhere between the hardware, software and general “wear”

Great, eh?

Anyway, it was enough to bring this little poem into my mind, so whilst this computer is actually working, I thought I’d do a “brain dump” .

My Christmas Computer Poem

It’s a few days to Christmas
And in the Shaw house
Computer screen’s frozen
Won’t respond to my mouse

Time is a wasting
There’s so much to do
Articles, blog posts,
Interviews, too

For weeks it’s done strange things
Of that there’s no doubt
Is it software or hardware,
Or simply worn out?

Frustration is building
Need to sort it out quick,
Should I call the repair man
Or good old Saint Nick?

(That’s Father Christmas incase you were wondering)


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Frustration Free Christmas and New Year.

Take care,



[APOLOGIES – You may need to let this video buffer and then play it.  (Don’t ask me why – I’m NOT a techie – I only made the video).]

Okay, TODAY’s the day GVOConference is being released to the general public.

For a one time set up fee of less than $30 and then $8.97 per month, you can get a revolutionary 50 seat conferencing tool that knocks the socks off its competition.


The price.

For less than one tenth that of its closest competitor, GVOConference could potentially change lives.

There’s nothing to download to your computer as a viewer, no technical skills required  and plenty of video training if you need a bit of encouragement.

You can hold audio/video conference calls, and online chats, show powerpoints, share files, and record the whole thing.

All you need do is give someone with a computer and internet access your web conference room address and you can communicate with up to 50 people in real time from the comfort of your own home or office.

That means you can

• stay in touch with friends and family,
•  collaborate with work colleagues,
• teach and learn new skills,
• train your business partners

and just generally do what you like with your very own TV station.

Its uses are only as limited as your imagination.

Another thing you can do with it IF YOU WANT TO, is promote it as a global home business opportunity that is –

• highly consumable
• easily demonstrable

and significantly AFFORDABLE in every country of the world.

That’s one thing most Network Marketing companies don’t consider.

I must admit I’m not a connoisseur of the industry, and to be perfectly honest I’ve never really been a fan of them because I had the impression they were all Pyramid Schemes.

However, I’ve lately come to realise ALL corporations are Pyramid schemes.

When you think about it, the people in the management positions are always going to earn more and benefit from the work of the people below.

That’s the problem of having a job.

Your income is always capped, either by the salary scale or the amount of hours you can physically work.

That’s why the concept of leverage through Network Marketing is so appealing.

There’s no doubt IF you have a great product you can create a successful  business by promoting it.

The problem with most Network Marketing companies though, is they usually have to charge several times more for their products than their store counterparts to cover all the  commissions and bonuses, which means introducing their business opportunity to new prospects can require the big “sell”.

Let’s face it, most people dislike selling, but more significantly, even more people HATE being sold to.

Also, it seems the average monthly cost to be part of a Network Marketing company is between $100 and $200.  If you live in a country where the average salary is only  $400 per month or less,  that’s a huge chunk of your salary isn’t it?

I’m actually  a representative for the World’s First Certified Organic To Food Grade Standard Skin, Body And Health Care Products, This particular company requires a monthly investment of about $100 though, so whilst it may be an  international opportunity, it’s certainly NOT affordable for everyone.

I was a customer first, and was impressed with the quality of the products.

I also liked the integrity of the company, so I decided I might as well promote theirorganic business opportunity.

They’re brilliant products – very safe and I highly recommend them!

GVOConference is another product I highly recommend.

It’s also a great product, and the people behind it are also full of integrity.

They’re very open  and transparent and welcome suggestions from their customers for any improvements, which they implement as soon as they possibly can.

What’s really nice about GVOConference, apart from the price is the developers have launched it in FIVE different languages.

These are English, German, Portugese, Russian and Spanish AND there’s even training and support in the different languages too!

That means, if you want to promote it as a business opportunity, it’s really global.

You see, at $8.97 per month it’s affordable in most countries and as it’s something EVERYONE wants there’s no “selling” involved.

Pretty good, don’t you think?

This is a RARE Network Marketing opportunity because rather than being more expensive, GVOConference is MUCH CHEAPER than its competitors!

If you want to know why it’s so affordable you can read my other blog posts or check out, but take it from me, investing in GVOConference,(which launched to the public today), could be the best $8.97 decision you ever make.

Check out GVOConference here

Best wishes


GVO Conference If you celebrate it, the last weekend before Christmas is traditionally one of the busiest shopping times of the year.

Although many people order on line these days, the tills are usually ringing as people pack the stores to complete their last minute shopping.

However, this year, in UK at least, the weather has changed all that.

It’s also disrupted the travel plans of millions of commuters, and many people who had planned to jet off on their  holidays, or visit friends and family for the festive season have found themselves stranded.

Admittedly, in comparison to other countries, the UK winter weather is mild, but we’re just not used to it and are ill prepared.

Snow comes as a bit of a shock to the system these days,  as in recent years, the majority of the country has seen very little except on Christmas cards.

Not this year though, and unless you are one of those very organised people who’ve already bought your Christmas presents, you may be experiencing a bit of panic as to what to buy.

GVO <a href=Even those people who’ve already ordered things are wondering whether their presents will arrive in time as the weather has meant delays for the postal and courier services.  Many lorries have been stranded on motor  ways, unable to deliver their goods to suppliers.

So, IF you’re sitting in the warmth of your home, heeding the advice of the travel agencies and only venturing out if absolutely necessary, but nevertheless worried about what to buy your loved ones that’s – 

  •  very  affordable
    most  unusual
  • definitely non-technical
    generally useful

and provides more satisfaction and opportunity than a pair of frilly knickers or quality socks, plus you can guarantee delivery for Christmas, I highly recommend you check this out –

GVOConference  – the ultimate audio/video web-conferencing suite

It’s a great way to stay in touch regardless of the weather.

Happy Christmas!


Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway 5

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Stephanie Mulac and her delightful family at a Alex Jeffreysmarketing workshop in Las Vegas.

Yes, Stephanie was there with her husband and two delightful daughters, and Stephanie was one of the inspirational speakers.
Her story was both encouraging and amazing, as the whole family make a full  time income, whilst they travel round the USA in their RV.

That’s what I call mobile marketing!

Stephanie spoke about the importance of relationships , so it’s no surprise  to find her yet again co-hosting another Self-Improvement Giveaway. 

Actually, it’s her 5th, and each one gets better and better.

The upcoming one begins on 6th January, 2011 – just in time to keep you on track with those New Year’s Resolutions!

The hosts this year are Stephanie MulacDr Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen and they’re looking for contributors to make this the best ever.

Let’s face it, with all the bad news around, we could all do with a bit of inspiration, so if you have anything you think could benefit someone, why not submit it to

The 5th Annual Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway Event


I’ve submitted my new e-book Changing YOUR Life Starts With YOU!, but there are many, many, more quality products in there, all being made available to the public between 6th  January and  31st January, 2011.

So, if you want to help others start the New Year on the right note, submit your products NOW!

Oh, and if you just want to benefit from all the other contributions,  I recommend you start clearing your hard drive now, because from what I’ve seen, you’ll be wanting to download a lot if products!

Take care and best wishes,



I know what I want for Chrismas.

I want a response from  a certain online marketer who appears to have suddenly been struck deaf, dumb and blind.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t get  a reply to your e-mails and phone calls, especially when it concerns something you’ve paid for and haven’t received?

On 25th October, I signed up for a course from a successful, well known and respected internet marketer. 

It cost me $197.

I’d previously attended his free webinars and watched some excellent videos he’d released for free.

He’s very easy to listen to and I’d been really impressed with his delivery and the amount of information he provided, so I was really looking forward to his 12 week course.

Unfortunately, seven and a half weeks later, I’m STILL looking forward to it!

I’ve e-mailed both him and his support,  I’ve left  messages on his answerphone and at one point I raised a Resolution claim with Paypal.

It seemed my last resort, and oddly enough, THAT did produce a response from the marketer in question.

He told me, IF I closed the Resolution dispute, everything would be in order and it would all be sorted.

Needless to say I did, and promptly received a link to one of the videos I’d already watched for free prior to signing up.

I was a bit disappointed to say the least, but it confirmed he had mycorrect e-mail address, so I waited, and waited and waited.


Again, I emailed him and his support department.  I left two urgent messages on his answerphone, and even stayed up really late to attend TWO webinars he’s conducted recently on which I was able to submit a question  for Support.

Naturally,  my questions were about the course I still haven’t received.

I knew he wouldn’t address them  on the webinars but unless he very foolishly deleted all the chat from the webinars,I know he’s definately aware of my complaint.  After all, he’d been asking questions and we all know the way marketers create products is by asking what people want and responding appropriately.

Until I did that, he could have argued he wasn’t aware  of the problem and his support department had been dealing with it, but I know he would have seen the live chat questions.

Sherlock ShawThey don’t call me “Sherlock Shaw” for nothing!

Anyway, as all attempts to get a response from either this marketer who claims to “really care” about his customers,  or his “fantastic” support system have failed, I decided to go back to Paypal, but guess what ?

A closed dispute cannot be reopened or  escalated to a claim.

Remember that if you ever  find yourself in the same position.

So having exhausted all other methods I find myself wasting even more of my precious time writing this blog post. 

 I don’t mean writing this blog is a waste of time I could be spending it doing other things.

I know as marketers get more successful they tend to hand over work to various support staff and mistakes do happen, but reputation is everything online.  It would be such a shame if his became tarnished because of  negligence in the support department.

I’m not going to name the person concerned, because I don’t like to speak ill of people,  but I am going to send him a link to this post and hope he’ll either grant me my Christmas wish or refund my money.

Miracles do happen!

Take care


 Well, it looks as if  I actually got something right for a change…  WILL be opening the doors to the general public on Monday, December 20th 2010!

I’ve had a copy of it for some time though AND of course I’ve also had a smaller version of it for ages as the full GVO Titanium hosting package, includes a 10 seat webinar conference suite in its monthly fee, (as well as unlimited autoresponders, video production, competition witness and all the other fantastic tools and training).

I’ve just learned Aweber, the popular autoresponder service have announced they’ll be making  a huge change to their pricing structure today, December 15th, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if many of their customers jump over to GVO like rats from a sinking ship.

It’s got plenty to offer and I know they won’t be disappointed as the open rates for their autoresponder messages is as good as, if not better than Aweber’s.

These days every penny counts doesn’t it especially if there’s no compromise on service and quality?

Aweber’s move is a scene we’ll most likely see a lot of in 2011 as companies increase their prices to keep their share holders happy.

However, GVO isn’t one of them.

Whilst its competitors have all their bits and pieces scattered in different locations, and outsource a lot of their work, GVO have everything neatly located under one umbrella, with PLENTY of room for expansion.

They own

  • a huge data center with plenty of room for expansion,
  • all the fibre optics,
  • all  the software and all the code

for  all the products they provide.

They have NO shareholders and the only people they answer to are their customers.

Apart from a very small mortgage on the data center and salaries for their excellent staff, Joel Therien, the CEO of the company openly admits their monthly overheads are virtually non existent.

That’s why GVO can bring their powerful products to the market at a price so low their nearest competitors just can’t compete.

GVOConference,  is being launched to the general public on 20th December for only $8.97 per month.

Even with the one time set up fee of just under $30, it’s a huge bargain and there’s no doubt in my mind it will quickly become the premier online conferencing and webcasting service

When everything else is equal, people make their buying decisions based on price, and GVO’s competition currently charge a minimum of $100 dollars per month for the same service.

I don’t know what you think, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out who’s going to be  flavor of the month does it, especially as the global recession is having such an effect on most peoples finances.

If history repeats itself, GVOConference is poised to do to the other conferencing sites what Go Daddy did to other domain suppliers and Netflix did to Blockbuster!


Well both those companies launched their products  for the same price of $8.97 per month, and they’ve almost annihilated their competition.

Even if GVO’s competitors decided to cut their prices for customer retention, do you honestly think they could cut them by 90%?

If they did and you were one  of their shareholders, how would you feel?

Pretty annoyed, I would imagine!

Another thing, GVO and GVOConference have in their favor is IF you want to, you can become an affiliate for them as they have a global home based business opportunity built in.

It’s not compulsory  though.  You can just purchase the products and use them for yourself.

Either way GVO and GVOConference will save you money but using their powerful tools can potentially earn you a substantial residual income too.

The last I heard, the other conferencing suppliers weren’t offering that sort of deal.

Anyway, as I said, GVOConference is launching on 20th December.

You can get in on the GROUND FLOOR now if that’s your thing and perhaps earn yourself a load of affiliate commissions, or you can get the product, use it and enjoy it!

Either way, if you want to be notified of when this amazing opportunity goes LIVE and get in on the pre launch list for free now, just register here

You won’t regret it.

I haven’t.  Just look back at my previous post to see why.

Take care,


Are You Looking For An Affordable Quality Present That Doesn’t Take Up Any Space, Doesn’t Need Feeding Or Dusting, Suits Absolutely Anyone, Isn’t Just For Christmas And Doesn’t Require Batteries?

GVOConference  is an

  •  Affordable quality present 
  •  Doesn’t take up any space,
  •  Doesn’t need feeding or dusting,
  •  Suits absolutely anyone,
  •  Isn’t just for Christmas 
  •  Doesn’t require batteries!

What more could you want

Take care,


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