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My Alex Jeffreys Saga Continues – Warning – Be Careful Where You Point Your Mouse!

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you’ll have heard me mention Alex Jeffreys.

He was my first real mentor and very good he was too.

Anyway, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with him because as much as I like and respect him, things always seem to go wrong for me whenever he’s involved.

It’s not his fault of course, it’s clearly me, but it does seem strange.

He’s currently on his fourth MarketingWithAlex coaching course,  and I was on the first one.

Undoubtedly he’s got it nailed now because the webinars don’t last anywhere near as long as they did when I was propping my eyelids open and  trying to keep awake for the end of the weekly training calls.  I think the record was about six hours, and I remember my son used to be getting up just as I was going to bed.

Alex certainly was enthusiastic, so during that time I felt  very, very tired.

Last year I went to his second workshop over in Las Vegas and had a great time, met a lot of nice people and learned a lot, BUT on the way home, tired and exhausted, I did a backward somersault down the “up” escalator  at King’s Cross railway station and ended up in hospital.  I cut my leg, knocked myself out and my head has never been the same since!

Anyway, at that workshop, I decided I’d trymy hand at interviewing people in the hope of inspiring others to try to create a different life for themselves if they wanted to, and about a year ago Alex kindly agreed to be one of my interviewees. 

My “interviews” are more like friendly chats.  I start them off with an introduction, ask a few relevant questions and we see where the conversation takes us.

It’s all very comfortable and fun.

I interview people over Skype using Pamela and they usually come out okay, providing the recording system works… okay – as long as I press the red button!

The first time I interviewed Alex, I didn’t.  We had a test call, which was great, began our real call and that was great, BUT I then realised it wasn’t being recorded so we had to stop.

Pamela does this funny thing  on my machine where you can’t record straight away after you’ve stopped recording.  You have to wait until the previous recording has landed in the call log and then press the record button again.
Clearly I was too fast off the mark and it didn’t work, but fortunately, we were able to do it again.  It  wasn’t the same though.
It was good and you can listen to that one here, but the one that got away had been phenomenal.

Anyway,yesterday, I thought I’d catch up with Alex again and see what he’d been up to over the past year and see  if he had any more nuggets of marketing wisdom to offer.

I set up Skype, did a test call with Pamela and the Skype testing call service, and it was fine.  Then about 10 minutes before I was due to actually start recording I got a message saying there was an update to download for Skype so I did it and LOST Pamela.   Not  only did she disappear from my tools option in Skype but she left my computer altogether.

Even bringing up a list of all my programs and stuff didn’t produce her and you can’t miss the icon because it’s bright pink.

Anyway, I knew Alex was pushed for time so I explained I’d record using Audacity, but Alex said the sound wasn’t very good and spent some time setting me up on one of the GoTo sites so we could record that way.
It took quite a bit of his precious time, but eventually we got it sorted.  I pressed record and we began what was by then going to be a much shorter than planned interview because of the time already wasted.

It went well, really well , and at the end of the call I asked Alex how to get the recording.  He explained and then rushed off to his meeting – (very late and for that I apologise to whoever it was he was scheduled to be with).

Sure enough, the recording rendered and eventually ended up just where it was supposed to.

“Great” I thought, but then I listened to it and realised with horror, it was only 10 minutes in length.  We’d chatted for well over an hour!


So, what had happened?

 I hadn’t touched anything during our conversation..


you know how your screen can go black sometimes if you don’t press any keys for a while?  Well that had happened during our call, so I’d just touched  the mouse so I could see the screen again.

I suspect, (although I can’t say for certain), as the last thing I’d done before the screen went black was press Record on the GoTo screen, my pointer was still on the Record button, and when I pressed the mouse to see the screen again, it stopped the recording.

I’ll never know, but something happened, and that sounds logical.

Fortunately, I’d kept Audacity running the whole time so I did manage to capture our chat,  but the moral of this story is …

… when you’re sitting at your computer, be careful where you point your mouse!


Incase you’re interested I will be releasing this latest interview and several of my others  together  with their transcriptions fairly soon.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to write a Press Release but it’s weird.  You have to write it in the third party, and apparently they’re most effective when under 500 words and with just two or three paragraphs.

That means the one I’ve just submitted fails miserably.

Still, I’d REALLY love to win the Marketer’s Cruise in the competition GVO are running throughout May, so perhaps some news channels will pick it up.   I only need a 100 people to sign up for what is, after all, a brilliant product.

That can”t be that difficult, can it?

Just in case my Press Release bombs though, how about you reading it and maybe give GVOConference a test run? It’s a great product, very generic and incredibly useful, but you need to be quick if you want to take advantage of the discount.

What are you waiting for? Go on – read it now and then head over to


2012 Marketer’s Cruise Incentive For GVOConference Re-Launch Competition

Broadcasting live from his multi-million dollar data centre in San Antonio, Texas, Mr. Joel Therien, the CEO and Developer of GVO and 7MinuteWorkout,  today revealed the re-launch of his affordable and extremely popular GVOConference webcasting suite.

Revealing why his company made the transition from Canada to USA, Joel Therien explained how despite not promoting the business in that time, the company still increased its Alexa ranking, and is currently in the top 4000.

Mr Therien asserted GVOConference is the “only affordable conferencing solution for anyone on the planet today”.  At a price of just $8.97 per month (plus a one-time set up fee of $29.97) it is globally affordable, even in countries where the average monthly income is only $500 per month.

Despite the low cost, Mr. Therien confirmed the product was robust and reliable, and this was echoed by Mark Call, a successful internet marketer who makes a full time income from webcasting using GVOConference.

He explained the advantage of the webcasting suite, apart from the price, almost one-tenth that of its closest competition, is its ease of use both for the presenter and the listener.  Unlike its competitors, GVOConference requires no downloads and will work on Windows, Linux and Mac.  No technical skills are required and the simplicity of the software makes it an easy and affordable way to communicate both for business and personal  use.

It has the power to browse the internet, stream videos, show powerpoints, utilise whiteboard demonstrations, hold video, audio and online chats, upload and download files, screenshare , drag attendees into a video conversation, and record the sessions.

GVOConference  has been launched in five different languages with more scheduled to follow.  Currently, it is available in English, German,  Portugese, Russian and Spanish. All versions are compliant for the hard of hearing and there is an efficient live customer service team available 24/7/365, plus access to weekly training classes.

Mr. Therien revealed GVOConference is also a rare home business. He said no-where else could you get a global networking opportunity for under $10  month.  His super affiliate program pays out down to ten levels with scope for unlimited income by referring unlimited people.

Mr Therien likened GVOConference to Go-Daddy and Netflix, both of which annihilated their competition by setting a low price point. He explained people are creatures of habit and most only change their buying habits based on price.  He offered Walmart as another example of how consumers had moved from the smaller retail businesses to a more affordable option.

To allay any suspicions, Mr Therien explained GVOConference is so inexpensive because  he owns his own data centre, the land, all the software, the code and everything involved in the running of the operation. There are no third parties involved, and no shareholders, so costs can be kept low and vast profits paid out to affiliates.

In order to incentivise new users, Mr Therien is running a competition during the month of May.  There are several prizes, the first being a cabin for two on the prestigious 2012 GVO/Marketers Cruise.  This will go to the first GVOConference affiliate who can bring in 100 Paid NEW members. The emphasis is on “Paid” members, because currently there is a 30-day “Free” trial available.

Offering a no question asked money back guarantee, Mr Therien said anyone who signed up for GVOConference on either Saturday 7th May, or Sunday 8th May 2011, would receive a coupon waiving the $29.97 sign-up fee.

For more information on GVOConference and to take advantage of the coupon discount,visit