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Jason C MaxwellA few days ago I interviewed Jason C Maxwell and I have to admit I was expecting him to be a bit arrogant.


Now I KNOW you should never pre-judge anything or anyone but I’m only human. and we ALL do it.


Although I’ve never met him, he caught my attention because he always tries to be the first person to leave a blog comment on a particular site I visit, which is a very clever way to get yourself noticed.


Anyway, he’s just published his first book on Amazon called Local Business Insane Results  and offered to give ten people a twenty minute recorded interview with him for their personal use.


I thought that seemed a bit pompous, but another very clever marketing ploy.


I was intrigued,  so I applied to be one of the ten and we had our “chat” earlier this week.


I’m really glad we did, because he is so nice and not at all what I was expecting.


Each week he holds a free webinar for people who are struggling with their busines online and tries to help them whenever he can and you can find the details on his site Local Business Insane Results


Before you go to check it out though, listen to my interview with him  and see if you find Jay as warm and friendly as I did.


Jean Shaw Interviews Jason C Maxwell

Oddly enough just after I started to write this post I received an e-mail, which just reinforces the message about not pre-judging others,  etc.  I have to admit it made me cry because it reminded me of an earlier post I made regarding my son who has autism.


 A Baby’s Hug


We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a  high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking.


Suddenly,  Erik squealed with glee and said, ‘Hi.’ He pounded his fat baby hands on  the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment.


I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose  pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of  would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed.


His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map.

We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled.


His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. ‘Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,’ the man said to Erik.


My husband and I exchanged looks, ‘What do we do?’ Erik continued to laugh and answer, ‘Hi.’


Everyone in the restaurant noticed and looked at us and then at the man.


The old geezer was creating a nuisance with my beautiful baby. Our meal came and the man began shouting from across the room, ‘Do ya patty cake? Do you know peek-a-boo? Hey, look, he knows peek- a-boo.’


Nobody thought the old man was cute. He was obviously drunk.


My husband and I were embarrassed. We ate in silence; all except for Erik,  who was running through his repertoire for the admiring skid-row bum, who  in turn, reciprocated with his cute comments.


We finally got through the meal and headed for the door. My husband went  to pay the check and told me to meet him in the parking lot.


The old man sat poised between me and the door.


‘Lord, just let me out of here before he speaks to me or Erik,’ I prayed.


As I drew closer to the man, I turned  my back trying to sidestep him and avoid any air he might be breathing.


As  I  did, Erik leaned over my arm, reaching with both arms in a baby’s  ‘pick-me-up’ position. Before I could stop him, Erik had propelled himself from my arms to the man.


Suddenly a very old smelly man and a very young baby consummated their love and kinship. Erik in an act of total trust, love, and submission laid his tiny head upon the man’s ragged shoulder.


The man’s eyes closed, and I saw tears hover beneath his lashes. His aged hands full of grime, pain, and  hard labor, cradled my baby’s bottom and stroked his back.


No two beings have ever loved so deeply for so short a time.


I stood awestruck. The old man rocked and cradled Erik in his arms and his eyes opened and set squarely on mine. He said in a firm commanding voice,’You take care of this baby.’


Somehow I managed, ‘I will,’ from a throat that contained a stone.


He pried Erik from his chest, lovingly and longingly, as though he were in  pain. I received my baby, and the man said, ‘God bless you, ma’am, you’ve  given me my Christmas gift.’


I said nothing more than a muttered thanks. With Erik in my arms, I ran for  the car. My husband was wondering why I was crying and holding Erik so  tightly, and why I was saying, ‘My God, my God, forgive me.’


I had just witnessed Christ’s love shown through the innocence of a tiny  child who saw no sin, who made no judgment; a child who saw a soul, and a mother who saw a suit of clothes. I was a Christian who was blind, holding a child who was not.


I felt it was God asking, ‘Are you willing to share your son for a moment?’ when He shared His for all eternity. How did God  feel when he put his baby in our arms 2000 years ago?


The ragged old man, unwittingly, had reminded me, ‘To enter the Kingdom of God , we must become  as little children.’


If this has blessed you, please bless others by sending it on.


Sometimes, it takes a child to remind us of what is really important. We must always  remember who we are, where we came from and, most importantly, how we feel  about others.


The clothes on your back or the car that you drive or the  house that you live in does not define you at all; it is how you treat your  fellow man that identifies who you are.


NOW – you can go and listen to my interview with Jason


If Sally Neill’s The Queen – Jay Boyer’s The King!

A few blog posts ago I told you about my interview with Sally Neill, the Blog Hopping Queen.


 Learn With Sally Sally is a wee bonnie lassie from Scotland and has just started her first ever coaching course, Learn With Sally.


She’s revealing the tips and tricks she’s mastered to not only turn her simple little blog into a pot of gold, but also gain her a huge following of loyal fans plus the respect of her peers and more “seasoned” marketers.  By all accounts she’s making a very  impressive job of it too! 

Someone else who has done the same but without a blog is Jay Boyer and I am dubbing him the King of Kindle.




Well, I decided it would be a good idea to turn my remaining two published paperback books into Kindle versions.


 I thought it would be easy(ish).




My books are quite lengthy.


In paperback format the first is 123 pages long and the other two are 186 pages and 234 pages respectively.


In Kindle, they’re even more but I was confident I could do it.


 Anyway, having struggled for days trying to get the text to look right in the FREE e-book reader I’d downloaded to my computer from Amazon, I finally admitted defeat and sought help.

 Jay Boyer - Zero to Hero

That’s where Jay Boyer came in.


My Kindle connundrum had meant I’d just missed the English summer (which took place last Wednesday) and just incase there’s a repeat performance I don’t want to miss that too, so I invested in Jay’s Kindle Sales Krusher course and now all three of my books are in Kindle versions.


I like Jay. He’s very easy to listen to and has a good story too.


Unlike many people who claim to make mega bucks overnight when in reality they’ve been struggling like the rest of us for years, Jay has gone from Zero to Hero in 20 months flat.


 I’d love to interview him.


He just seems such a genuinely nice family type guy and if the quality of the work he produces now is anything to go by, the carpentry work which used to provide his income must have been pretty spectacular.


 He certainly over delivers and pays attention to detail so I’m guessing he wasn’t a cowboy builder in his former life.


Anyway, Jay’s Kindle Sales Krusher saved the day and as I was so impressed and intrigued by his rapid rise to fame, I invested in his 20K-A-Month in 20 Months product, which details his zero to hero story.


It was promoted very inexpensively on the Warrior Forum where he’s become quite a prolific product superstar, so I even took the Zero to Hero upsell as well.


That’s why I’d love to interview him.


He shows, as much as anyone else I’ve ever spoken to, how anyone can change their situation with the right mindset and road map.


 So, King of Kindle, Mr Jay Boyer- IF you ever get to read this blogpost, Thanks and give me a call sometime.


(Sound like Mae West don’t I?)


Take care



Jean Shaw's booksI fully realise non-fiction books about autism and mercury poisoning aren’t everyone’s cup of tea,and believe me, they wouldn’t have been on my wish list for reading if I hadn’t been personally involved with both subjects.

However, I was and still am, so when I was asked to share the TRUE stories in the hope of helping others understand the problems, what could I do?

Obviously, I had to write the books.

Anyway, all three have been up on Amazon in paperback for some time, but now I’m pleased to announce they’re also available as Kindle versions.

Yes, I’ve been busy lately doing all the conversions.

Infact, I do everything – all the research, all the writing, all the editing, publishing and all that fun stuff, which if I had any sense at all, I’d outsource.

However, if I did that, I couldn’t honestly say I was the author, could I?

As much as I really hope you check them out,  I also sincerely hope you won’t actually NEED to.

I’ve made the books as humerous as possible,and they all make very good reading, BUT the reality is neither autism nor mercury poisoning are “fun” subjects.

You can find out more on my site here


Take care



Okay – Who Nicked My Widgets?

It’s been one of those weekends!

Firstly, I got suspended from a course I was doing because I was trying to log into it with two different computers…
…both mine, I might add and located side by side on my kitchen table so I could watch the tv and supervise my son at the same time.

It’s called multi-tasking and is not recommended by males who don’t seem to be able to do it.

Anyway, as that ruined my evening I decided to write a blog post BUT when I arrived here something looked wrong.

ALL my widgets have disappeared and as I write this, they’re still on “walkabout”.


IF anyone sees some rather neat banners and text links with my name attached to them, please send them back home.

I miss them.

On a happier note though, I’ve been allowed back into the course.

Just no time to access it now as I’ m too busy Widget hunting!