The 7MinuteWorkout StoryOne year ago on 11th March, 2011, Joel Therien and Chris Reid launched their 7MinuteWorkout program and I became one of its first members.

That gave me the title of “Maverick”.

Now if you look in Thesaurus an alternative word to “maverick” is “rebel”.

Somehow I’ve never thought of myself in those terms, but apparently the desription is “someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct”, so I guess by being a Maverick Member of the 7MinuteWorkout, I am a bit of a rebel.

You see the concept of the program goes completely against everything I’d ever learned about exercise, and whilst there will be many skeptics, especially in the younger generation, there’s no doubt about it, exercising just seven minutes a day, three times a week works!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

That’s what I thought too, but I tried it anyway, and am really glad I did.

Not only have I been able to interview lots of people about the 7MinuteWorkout, write a book on it, but also change my health.

It’s not easy in as much as you do have to push yourself with the exercises, BUT it’s only for seven minutes, three times a week, and it’s well worth the effort.

You can do the exercises at home, when you want, or you can do them at the gym. Most people who go that route find it takes them longer to actually get to the gym than it does for them to workout!

The whole push yourself for hours until you drop type attitude towards exercising is certainly changing though, and only last week I watched a program on the BBC where a scientific study revealed concentrated exercise of only 1 minute a day can prove just as, or even more beneficial, than an hour running on a treadmill.

That’s good news for those of us who don’t particularly like exercise and live in a time strapped society.

One interesting thing I discovered about the 7MinuteWorkout program is the majority of members are middle aged and above, and I suspect there are two reasons for this.

Firstly, most of them don’t want to go to gyms alone where everyone is younger, fitter, stronger and more energetic than they are, so like to go with someone else for moral support, and secondly they either haven’t got the time or the money to go that route.

However,the 7MinuteWorkout program allows two people to share the same membership and as it’s an online program, you create your own profiles and don’t both have to exercise at the same time or even be in the same house, city or even country!

It’s just a “buddy” system for moral support.

Another thing about the 7MinuteWorkout program is you can earn money from it if you wish to do so as there’s a global home business opportunity affiliate program you can join for a small one off investment.

I don’t know any gyms that offer that, plus if you do decide to go that route, you actually get SEVEN memberships, not just two.

Anyway, if you want to grab a couple of chapters of my book and see what it’s all about go here –

Take Care and Stay Healthy.