My Books

A Life In Rhyme are a collection of rhyming story poems I’ve written over a period of years.

None of them were initially written for book publication, but I have received such encouragement from friends and family about them, I’ve decided to compile the verses into four different titles.

They are available in paperback, kindle and I’ve personally narrated them all so they are also available on AUDIBLE,  if you’re interested.

A Life In Rhyme – My Story is the first book, and introduces you to why and how I started my writing career, not only through my rhyming verses, but also via the background information accompanying each unique poem.

In this book, you are introduced to my son Jodi who has autism and whose disability proved the catalyst for my rhyming poems and verses.

A Life In Rhyme – My Family is the second book , and  introduces you to my family and the story poems I’ve written for them on their special birthdays and anniversaries. Each one is like a This Is Your Life set in rhyme.

A Life In Rhyme – People Poems is the third book , and  introduces you to friends and acquaintances and the story poems I’ve written for them for special events in their lives. I’ve changed the names of all the recipients, but not the actual poems I wrote for them.

A Life In Rhyme – Life’s Observations is the fourth book , and introduces you to story poems I’ve written about events in my life and random observations, together with some of the rhyming verse included in the other books I’ve written.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.