serious central retinopothyIt’s been almost three months since I’ve done very much “online”, and I must admit whilst I did have a few withdrawal symptoms initially, I really appreciate spending quality time with my family.

My absence has been due in part to health issues – nothing serious, but frustrating.

Central serious retinopathy is one of those rare mysterious ailments that just comes and goes for seemingly no reason. It affects the eyes making it difficult to see, but I know from past experience my eyes will clear eventually.


I’ve had it before, you see.

Whilst it usually affects men and it’s rare to get it more than once, I guess I’ve just been unlucky, or…

…maybe I’ve been very lucky.

I believe things happen for a reason and perhaps my body is trying to tell me something.

As I said, my time away from the computer has enabled me to spend quality time with my family, which has been wonderful.

Every minute counts especially when people these days seem to be dying younger, and a recent Harvard study has revealed this is the first generation when parents are likely to outlive their children!

I don’t think I’m old, but I’m the same age as Steve Jobs, the innovative man behind the Apple brand, who’s just met an untimely death. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how much money, power or influence you have, IF you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

One family who know that and are on a mission to wake up the nation are the incredible Chicoine family!

This family of EIGHT are running across Canada and USA to raise awareness of the type of illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Things like –


*Heart Condition


*Type II Diabetes


*Sleep Apnoea


The Chicoine’s began their epic journey on 8th May, 2011 and are not sure when it will end. It seems each day they’re joined by well wishers and invited to talk to various groups about their WELLNESS REVOLUTION.


Marathon Of HealthLiterally running a marathon a day, their unique journey is taking them 12,500 miles across two countries, and is really making people sit up and take notice.

They’ve been featured on various news channels including Fox, NBC, CBS and you can only imagine how the support will grow as more people become aware of their worthwhile cause.

The Chicoine family are hoping to get one million people to sign their “electronic” petition, which is aimed at taking a stand against truly preventable diseases.

Apparently, at least one hundred people a day are currently signing up so it looks as if they’ll reach their target by the time they reach their destination.

Will you help them?

I have,  although unless they catch a plane or ship, they won’t be running through my neck of the woods any time soon.

However, obesity and all that goes with it is a global problem, so good for them, that’s what I say.

Anyway, if you’d like to help, please visit the Marathon Of Health page and add your name to this worthwhile cause.




Sign The Petition On The Marathon Of Health …It Costs Nothing But Your  Signature



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