I believe things happen for a reason and although I’ve often thought –

 “Why me”?

…things have always worked out in the end.

It’s not so much what life throws at you but how you react.  One wise woman once told me –

“Your thoughts create your life”


How true!

When my youngest son developed autism I was devastated.   However, peer pressure meant I went on to write a book.

When I discovered I had mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam,  and made the link between mercury and my son’s autism,  I was asked to write another book.

Finally, other sufferers of mercury poisoning contacted me with their TRUE stories and I was convinced to write yet another book.

I didn’t want to write any of them, but somehow felt I had to…

It was my destiny.

Since then, I’ve gone on to write other books, which I have actually wanted to write, but I’m on a journey, and every day I learn something new.

I know I can’t run before I can walk,  and it’s a huge learning curve.

However,  I’m not into this “fake it until you make it” advice.

I started this blog in a moment of madness, which I’ve called my  “menopausal moment” , and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Don’t worry – it’ll have nothing to do with hot flushes etc, but my thoughts about all sorts of things.

Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and useful.


Take care.