I believe things happen for a reason and although I’ve often thought -


“Why me”?


…things have always worked out in the end.


It’s not so much what life throws at you but how you react.  One wise woman once told me -

“Your thoughts create your life”


How true!


When my youngest son developed autism I was devastated.   However, peer pressure meant I went on to write a book.


When I discovered I had mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam,  and made the link between mercury and my son’s autism,  I was asked to write another book.


Finally, other sufferers of mercury poisoning contacted me with their TRUE stories and I was convinced to write yet another book.

I didn’t want to write any of them, but somehow felt I had to…


It was my destiny.


Now, I’ve started internet marketing and who knows, maybe I’ll go on to write another book. This time I might  actually even WANT to.


I know I can’t run before I can walk,  so it may be some time before that happens.  I’m not into this “fake it until you make it” advice.


However, you might want to read this blog and see how my “menopausal moment” turns out.


Don’t worry – it’ll have nothing to do with hot flushes etc, but my thoughts about all sorts of things.


Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and useful.


Take care.


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