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SkillShare: Learn How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things Everyday

Skill Share

Skill Share

Compiled by Rachel J Rofe, SkillShare: Learn How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things Everyday is a compilation of chapters written by various authors including myself.

It became an instant best seller when it was launched on Kindle in February 2014.

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You’ll learn all sorts of things from relationships, to marketing, to food skills, and much more from these expert contributors, and whilst you may not be interested in all the topics, you can certainly learn a lot!

My chapter is about audio recording.

Thorns To Be Thankful For: Personal Stories Of Overcoming Hard Times

Another of Rachel Rofe compilations Thorns To Be Thankful For: Personal Stories Of Overcoming Hard Times is a mixture of Thorns To Be Thankful For.1inspirational personal stories, and my chapter is about my son Jodi, who has autism.

Again, this was an instant best seller when it was launched in February 2014.

Here’s the description –

   One of the greatest things about being human is that we get to experience a wide range of experiences.      Sure, sometimes we’re hit with low periods that make us question everything. We also have the high periods – the feeling of new love, the first warm day out of winter; the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio.
While they don’t feel like it at the time, low periods certainly have their value. They make way for revelations, wisdom, rebirth.
Personally, I love to operate under the belief that “everything happens for our highest good”. When “bad” things are happening, I like to think that it’s because it’s making way for a great learning lesson or an even bigger blessing.
That’s what this book is about. You’re going to read stories of people overcoming mind-bending hardship and coming to the other side much stronger.Buy Now
Some of the things people in this book went through are unthinkable. But they got through it – and when you read, hopefully you realize that you can get through anything too. This book will help you peek into the fabric of peoples’ souls. You’ll hear their stories, feel inspired, and realize that we’re all in this together. It is my hope that as tough things come up in your life, you’ll think back to a story you read here and realize that there’s hope on the other side.


Ida Godbold – 100 Years and Counting!

Ida Godbold  paperback coverThis book is about my Grandma Godbold and was written for her 100th birthday.

It doesn’t matter who you talk to, everyone thinks their generation was the best,and even those who experienced tremendous hardships recall mostly the good bits.

My Grandma is no exception.

Whilst she’s survived two world wars and been surrounded by lots of death, endured years of hard work without the modern conveniences we now take for granted, she still maintains she’s probably seen the best in mankind.

She’s helped bring babies into the world, and washed and lain dead people out, something common for many people of her generation.Buy Now

She comes from an era when people were strong, resilient and didn’t just care about material things, but friends and neighbours too. They were proud, independent and hard working. They didn’t rely on handouts, didn’t think the world owed them any favours and when things were broke, they fixed them.

That went for relationships as well as “stuff”, and it’s a philosophy many of us would do well to adopt.

This is the story of my Grandma Godbold, and is based on the conversations we’ve had together over the years. Whilst it will be of most interest to her family, Ida Godbod, is a remarkable woman in my opinion.

She’s part of my history.

Indeed, but for her I wouldn’t be here to tell this tale, and you wouldn’t be reading this blog post!





The GVO Story

Again it’s a true story, but this time it’s about something completely different from autism and mercury poisoning… …or is it?

ActuaTheGVOStorylly, The GVO Story is about Joel Therien, who is now the CEO of several multi-million dollar companies, and the reason I wrote it is because I’ve actually met and interviewed him.

Amazingly it was the search for a cure for a mysterious debilitating health problem that led Joel to the internet.

The GVO Story covers Joel’s battle with aspartame poisoning, and how he eventually regained his health, and go on to develop amazingly powerful and affordable online tools , services, and business oppoBuy Nowrtunities.

His unique online webhosting and marketing solution, as well as his healthy lifestyle program, are changing the lives of people all around the globe.

His story is both interesting and inspiring- at least I think so!

Both the paperback book and Kindle version are available on Amazon , and if you ever read them and feel inspired , please go back and leave an honest review.

 Thanks so much.

By the way,  the book is also now available on Smashwords , and if you’d like to listen to my interview with Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO, please visit

A Life In Rhyme – Rhyming Verse and Story Poems

My Books

A Life In Rhyme are a collection of rhyming story poems I’ve written over a period of years.

None of them were initially written for book publication, but I have received such encouragement from friends and family about them, I’ve decided to compile the verses into four different titles.

They are available in paperback, kindle and I’ve personally narrated them all so they are also available on AUDIBLE,  if you’re interested.

A Life In Rhyme – My Story is the first book, and introduces you to why and how I started my writing career, not only through my rhyming verses, but also via the background information accompanying each unique poem.

In this book, you are introduced to my son Jodi who has autism and whose disability proved the catalyst for my rhyming poems and verses.

A Life In Rhyme – My Family is the second book , and  introduces you to my family and the story poems I’ve written for them on their special birthdays and anniversaries. Each one is like a This Is Your Life set in rhyme.

A Life In Rhyme – People Poems is the third book , and  introduces you to friends and acquaintances and the story poems I’ve written for them for special events in their lives. I’ve changed the names of all the recipients, but not the actual poems I wrote for them.

A Life In Rhyme – Life’s Observations is the fourth book , and introduces you to story poems I’ve written about events in my life and random observations, together with some of the rhyming verse included in the other books I’ve written.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Jodi Goes To The Farm – Childrens Rhyming Verse Story Book

Jodi Goes To The Farm - photo

This is a very educational story book written in rhyming verse, which I’ve made available both in illustrated and photo versions.Buy Now

It’s also available in audio 

Jodi Goes To The Farm is about a day trip to the farm and the whole poem explains a little about all the animals Jodi and his mum see.

I’ve also included some additional facts which I didn’t cover in the poem and some animal jokes.

The book is suited to children aged between 5 and 10 years old and is availabe both in Kindle and paperback versions.



Jodi Visits The Farm – Children’s Story Book- Photo and Illustrated Versions

51FuWIEUfGL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Jodi Visits The Farm is a delightful children’s story book, which introduces animals found on a farm to the young reader in an engaging and educational way.

Facts about the farm animals are subtly included in the story line and there is a selection of animal jokes at the end to amuse both young and old.

For those who prefer illustrations, an illustrated version of the saBuy Nowme story

is available.


The book is also available in Audio

Thank you!


Jodi Visits The Zoo – Children’s Story Book – Photo and Illustrated Versions

Jodi Visits the FarmJodi Visits The Zoo is a delightful children’s story book, which introduces animals found in a zoo to the young reader in an engaging and educational way.

Facts about the zoo animals are subtly included in the story line and there is a selection of animal jokes at the end to amuse both young and Buy Now


For those who prefer images, a photo version of the same story is available.

There is also an audio version available



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