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My Two New Books And Why Dawn Kay, Chris Reid And Joel Therien Are Such A Bother!

My youngest son has autism and is frightened of domestic animals, like cats and dogs.

It’s because they invade his space.

He’s never been frightened of large animals like those you see on farms or in zoos, though and that’s what gave me the inspiration for my latest two books, Jodi Goes To The Farm and Jodi Goes To The Zoo.  I have to say I’m quite proud of them because they are both in rhyming verse – no mean feat, I can tell you.

That’s my son in the picture.  He’s almost 24 years old now and hates shaving.

He says, “It’s such a bother!”

I’ve never written children’s books before, but they were a doddle compared to the non-fiction ones I usually produce, and the best bit about them is unless I’ve made some typo’s or something, I won’t have to re-publish them.

Not so, The GVO Story and The 7MinuteWorkout Story, both of which I have to update.

The 7MinuteWorkout StoryIn the case of The 7MinuteWorkout Story, Joel Therien and Chris Reid introduced a brand new compensation plan earlier this month for those who want to be resellers of their brilliant health and fitness program.  It’s such a good deal, and pays out a 100% commission for those interested in getting a fit body and a fat wallet, I obviously had to add it to my book.

Thankfully, I’ve already got it done, but…

…it was such a bother.

Then, Joel Therien has something else up his sleeve, which means I have to re-write The GVO Story too!.

At the beginning of March, he’s introducing a brand new business opportunity called Pure Leverage.  The name should give you a clue about what it’s about, but basically it provides online marketing products and services people want and need, at a price they can afford.

Not only do the products all integrate together, but if you wish, you can become a reseller of them and leverage the efforts of the people you introduce, thus getting 100% commission on your efforts.

It’s never been done before and all indications are Pure Leverage will change lives, so yet again it’s something I need to update my book about.

I only found out about it last night so clearly haven’t done it yet, but watch this space.

It’s such a bother.

PodcastBloggingUncutThen, there’s Dawn Kay, who is the only person ever to have turned the tables and interviewed me.

Usually, I ask the questions.

Anyway, she’s just come out with a brilliant inxpensive new product called Podcast Blogging Uncut, and I’m featured in it.  I had no idea, but have to admit I’m secretly flattered.

The trouble is, the product is all about creating podcasts and because I’ve already done several interviews in the past, it would be a good idea to turn them into podcast versions too.  Actually, because I was mentioned in the course, I sort of feel obliged to do it, so that’s another thing to add to my to do list.

As Jodi says, “It’s such a bother!”

Actually, I don’t really mind.  All the books, products and programs have the potential to give pleasure, help people and improve lifestyles, so spending my time updating and tweaking is a small price to pay, wouldn’t you agree?

However, The GVO Story and the podcasts haven’t been done yet, so as I said earlier, watch this space, unless of course you feel like me sometimes and it’s all …

…such a bother!

Take care


Your Health – Whose Agenda Is It Anyway?

Smoking Gun courtesy of The Knowles Gallery From Flickr

Smoking Gun courtesy of The Knowles Gallery From Flickr

I believe a combination of mercury from MY dental amalgams and HIS childhood vaccines, (especially those he was given when he was first born) was the smoking gun behind my son  Jodi developing autism during the second year of his life.

I also believe the MMR vaccine pulled the trigger.

Now, admittedly that particular vaccine doesn’t contain the thimerosal (49.6% ethyl-mercury), which is found in most childhood vaccines and is the subject of much controversy,  BUT when the immune system is already compromised with heavy metals and other environmental toxins, I think you’ll agree injecting three live viruses at the same time into a child whose brain is still developing may not be the wisest of moves.

So – whose agenda was it?

When my son received his MMR, it was a very new vaccine, and we were informed it was safe.

The manufacturers had said so, and surely they wouldn’t have made it available if there had been any cause for concern, would they?

Prior to to its introduction, children caught the viruses and built up their immune systems naturally, or had their Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines given separately over a period of time.

However, it meant at least three visits to the doctor, which was often “inconvenient”, so someone, somewhere, decided to combine all three to save time and money.

The idea was simple, and easy to sell to health care professionals and parents, especially as no-one was then aware of the possible adverse effects.

I certainly wasn’t.

Certain guidelines should have been in place though, but no-one at that stage picked up on the fact my son was less than thirteen months old when he had his first dose of MMR, or, more importantly, he’d been hospitalised with two febrile convulsions when he was ten months old due to a very high fever.

Jodi should NEVER have been offered the vaccine.

No-one told us.

The thing is, once you’ve had a vaccine, you can’t take it out.

Vaccine damage is for the most part irreversible. That’s why the drug manufacturers really must reveal all the possible adverse reactions they’ve experienced in any trials and certainly report all deaths.


The drug manufacturers give their own assurances, the medical profession believe them and the general public are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated in the belief herd immunity will stamp out certain preventable illnesses.

Sadly, some people people pay a heavy price, often unwittingly.

Recently the Italian Health Authorities paid compensation to a young lad because they conceded the MMR had caused his autism.

His lawyer, Mr Ventaloro said, ‘It is wrong for governments and their health authorities to exert strong pressure on parents to take children for the MMR jab while ignoring that this vaccine can cause autism and linked conditions.’

[If you have the time please read this story and watch the videos on Dr Mercola’s website, which discuss  vaccines and herd immunity.  It will really open your eyes and make you realise Kaa was right in The Jungle Book when he hissed, “You Can’t Trust Anyone!”]

It seems the big boys have selective amnesia when it comes to any issues that might harm the uptake  and therefore the financial profit of their products.

Research and Development is always expensive and few companies want to waste their investment, but apart from Merck who are behind the MMR vaccine, two other cases have recently been highlighted in the press concerning  huge drug companies which should make us question their agenda.

Profit seems to be the main criteria when it comes to convincing us to take their vaccines, pills and potions, otherwise why would GlaxoSmithKline allegedly promote some of their products for marketing medicines for unapproved uses, and Roche offer inducements to get medical professionals to use their drugs?

It’s not just the drug companies either who are guilty of putting profits before people as you’ll see if you click on the link by the image 

The  infographic reveals some disturbing facts in visual format concerning the very real dangers of smoking.

Smoking Infographic

  Click here for the link to the Smoking Infographic



Both smoking and obesity will destroy your health and most likely make you dependent on long term drugs, which makes you wonder if there’s  a conspiracy theory going on, doesn’t it?

Certainly YOU have to look after your health and be responsible for what you put in your body.

You’re in control of your own destiny.

Everyone has an agenda and you need to make sure when it comes to your health, the one you’re following is your own!

The 7MinuteWorkout StoryMine is to follow the 7Minute Workout.

Maybe you’d like to join me?

It’s a healthy lifestyle program primarily based on simple, effective exercises which you do for seven minutes a day, three times a week.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, so I’ve written a book about it .

One of the members whose stories I’ve included in my book  is Mike Reid, and if you Click the link below you’ll be able to listen to him


Check out 7MinuteWorkout




Autism Awareness – What Do You Know About The Disability?

autism awareness
April is Autism Awareness Month, and 2nd April is not only World Autism Awareness Day but also my son’s birthday.

He has autism.

Jodi is now 23 years old and has just moved into supported living with two other lads of a similar age.  One has Downs Syndrome and the other unspecified learning difficulties.


It’s a move I never thought would be possible, especially as when he was first diagnosed with the condition, the “experts” told me I’d most likely end up putting my son in a home (read “institution”) by the time he was a teenager because I’d never be able to look after him.


With the right help, advice, support and dedication, a lot can be done to help a person with autism become the best they can be.

However, the range of problems for people on the autistic spectrum is huge and it’s certainly true if you know ONE person with autism, you KNOW one person with autism.

No two are the same!

If you want an easy to understand insight into the disability, I highly recommend you read my first book – I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic – Jodi’s Journey 

It will make you laugh and cry and is my son’s true story.  Admittedly, I wrote it 12 years ago, but the problems faced by people with autism and those who love and care for them are still the same.

The book is incredibly easy to read and will give you a very good overview of what it’s like to live with the disability.

Believe me – it’s not easy!

Anyway, today, as I said is my son’s birthday and this afternoon he had a bit of a party at his house.  All the guests enjoyed food prepared by the three lads and tonight they are off to the circus.

I know how lucky he is.

Most people with autism, especially higher functioning autists lead very sad, lonely and miserable lives.  Totally misunderstood, people can be very cruel to those who are considered “different”.

Hopefully, the Autism Awareness month will help people get over their fear and ignorance about autism, but the sad reality is more people are becoming aware of the issue anyway.

When my son was diagnosed with the disability, autism was very rare.  Statistically it affected more boys than girls and that hasn’t changed over the years, BUT whereas in 1990 the likelihood of your child getting some form of autism was about 1 : 2500, now as many as 1 : 100 children are on the autistic spectrum.

That’s scary, because  autism doesn’t just affect the individual.  Its tentacles are far reaching and very destructive to families and loved ones.

Also, as autism is a disability, not a disease, life expectancy for anyone with the condition is normal, which means our autistic children will eventually become autistic adults, all needing some sort of support.

Usually, that’s provided by parents , but if the laws of nature are anything to go by, children generally outlive their parents, so who’s going to look after them?

It’s not something I like to dwell on.

Anyway, as I said a lot can be done to help people with autism and if they ever discover what actually causes it, one day there may just be a ” cure”.

Until then though, we just have to be as open minded as we can and try to support everyone affected by the disability.

Here is a video  by a young girl who explains a bit about how autism has affected her life, but remember what I said earlier, if you know one person with autism, you only know one person with autism.

They are ALL different, so you might like to check this video out as well.  It’s also about a girl with autism and made me cry –

Look and learn!

Take care.








During my last interview , the topic of the name of this blog came up again.  It’s not  really surprising as it has absolutely nothing to do with the menopause in the usual sense of the word.   It’s mostly my thoughts on all sorts of different subjects.

However, just to set the record straight,  it came about because I was introduced to the world of the internet during one of my “menopausal moments”.  You know, those times when you act completely out of character.

Anyway,  at that time I had no idea about the importance of keywords and relevance as far as the search engines are concerned, and now I know better, but…

…this blog is comfortable.  It’s familiar like an old pair of slippers and I’m reluctant to change it.

I  have this idea if people are meant to find me, they will.

You did!

Anyway, that’s how the blog started, and since then I’ve done many things “out of character”, including joining some mlm/network marketing companies, which is something I’d never considered was really “me”.

To be perfectly honest, it still isn’t, BUT I can see the potential of earning residual income for promoting GOOD products,  and that’s the only reason I’m involved.

They’re  ALL , not just “good”, but GREAT products,  and I use them, and would use them regardless of whether there was an income opportunity involved, or not.

To me, that’s secondary, but I know a lot of people are making a LOT of money by actually making the introduction of the work from home mlm opportunities to others their sole business.

I just tell people about them because I like the products, know they can help people, and if anyone buys or joins as a result of my recommendation, then great.

It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

As you can tell from this site, I am a huge fan of everything GVO.  I’ve interviewed and even written a book about Joel Therien,  and I don’t put my name to things lightly.

I hate hype, and that’s one thing you don’t get with GVO, although I have to admit I hate it when they launch any new products, because everything is geared to the serious  mlm/network marketer type of person, rather than those less interested in that sort of thing…

… like me.

That’s the situation at the moment with MeetCheap, which is a phenomenally,  inexpensive, web based, collaborative tool, due to launch to the public on 23rd January, 2012.

At only $19.97 per YEAR for a 20 seat conference room, where you can hold live webcasts, web meetings, sales presentations, etc., anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection , and which has an mlm business opportunity included in the price as well, I guess they can be forgiven for a bit of hype.

After all, there’s NOTHING currently to compare to it out there in cyberspace, especially as it can be linked to ViralWebcaster so the webcasts can actually be held inside of Facebook!

That hasn’t been released yet either, but I’m reliably informed it’s very powerful and, “WILL BE the TOOL of 2012”

Viral Webcaster is the brainchild of Tissa Godivitarne and Mark Call, another two hype free people I like, because they are genuinely nice and helpful.  They also make a very profitable living from holding webinars so clearly they know what they’re doing and have implemented the best of everything in this new product.

If you want to check it out before it even launches, you can go to the ViralWebcaster page on Facebook, where there’s a short video explaining how it works.

Apparently, you have to first, click the LIKE button and, second, Click ALLOW, and then Mark Call gives you the details

Anyway, if you  also want to check out  MeetCheap, or any of the other GVO products, you can go to my 10 Questions page and scroll to the bottom.

They’re all listed on that page, because (according to those in the know) they all satisfy the criteria for the questions you should ask yourself before getting involved with any home based business.

The 7MinuteWorkout satisfied the criteria too, and is a great health and fitness lifestyle program, which I’m sure many people will appreciate in the New Year, especially if they indulge just a bit too much over the festive season!

Here’s  a video I made about it, and if you want to see more I’ve written about it, you can check out my 7MinuteSuccessWorkout site.

Finally, there’s ONE Group.

Now this company provides certified organic skincare amongst other things, and certainly doesn’t fulfil all the criteria for the 10 questions, BUT I suffered from mercury poisoning and had to get rid of as many toxic chemicals from my body as possible, and you’ll be surprised how many your everyday items contain.

I was!

Anyway, these Miessence, Mi-Vitality and Mi-Environ products only contain beneficial and active ingredients from food and plants, (which I can pronounce), rather than potentially dangerous Lab concocted toxic synthetic chemicals, (which I can’t pronounce).

That’s why I use them, and as I personally use a sufficient amount each month to fulfil the required order level to become an Independent Representative and potentially earn commission, then it makes sense to choose that option, doesn’t it?

If you want to read my story, you can check out my books at, or you can get my free organic report here.

Now, here’s a video I made about ONE Group, incase you’re interested in either purchasing,  or building a home based business with chemical free products , BUT it certainly isn’t for everyone, and of all the mlm opportunities I’ve found myself part of, this is probably the hardest to sell.

Of course, it doesn’t bother me, because I just want to use the products, but that may not be the case for you.


Anyway, that’s why my blog is called , “Jeans’s Menopausal Moment”, but  I guess my moment of madness  has  already allowed me to meet hundreds of people worldwide,  and led me to become an author, an interviewer, a blogger, an article writer, a ghost writer, video producer, webmaster, and an mlm and network marketer, albeit unintentionally.

That’s not bad is it?

The menopause is supposedly a time of change,  and I certainly haven’t stood still.

Wonder what 2012 will bring?

Best wishes for the festive season and take care.


In many respects I’m very lucky and have a lot to be grateful for, but my youngest son has autism, which does make life somewhat difficult sometimes.

Christmas is one of those “sometimes”.

Jodi is now 22 years old, but still loves videos,especially those really old childrens videos he’s grown up and become so familiar with.

When I say videos, I really mean “videos” – those bulky black oblong things that are fast becoming obsolete, and which people are practically giving away at car boot sales and charity shops.

It wasn’t always so.

When he was younger, and didn’t understand there was more than one copy in the world, he wanted to buy every video he already had, thinking, I suspect, his copy had been taken from home.

He also wanted to buy every other video shown in the trailers of the film, or displayed inside the video covers.

It cost us a small fortune, and we now have over 2000!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

The thing is Jodi doesn’t speak, other than a few odd words, BUT he can recite every word from every video in the right accent and even mimes the actions and includes the sound effects.

It’s incredible!

I remember the other year when he was at college he sang The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book on stage, and afterwards loads of people came up to me and said they had no idea he could speak, yet alone sing.


Anyway, back to the reason I’m “desperate”.

Jodi has typed out a list of videos. Most of them he’s been able to get, but not all.

My son loves Christmas, but never asks me for anything, which means I never know what to buy him. He knows he gets presents though, and every day since about July, he has been dragging me to the calendar, and lately it’s been twice a day.

He points to three dates in December and says –

“Christmas Eve”.

“Christmas Day – presents – good boy”

“Boxing Day”


Then he will thrust the piece of paper on which he’s typed out his video list infront of my face and point to those left. He’s even cut out the image of the most important one he wants on Christmas Day, because he’s been a “good boy”.

The thing is I can’t get it…


I’ve tried every charity shop and car boot sale I can find; e-bay and amazon can’t help either, so I’m desperately trying this internet “thing”.

I’ve heard/read somewhere we are all just 6 clicks away from any information we need because of the viral component of the internet.

Apparently, if you want to know/find something and put the word out, a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, will have the information you seek.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you recognise this picture, will you kindly see if you, or your contacts have this very old  Teddy Trucks One Hour Special video collecting dust somewhere in your attic, garage or wherever. and then consider selling it to me, because honestly that’s all my son wants for Christmas.

Getting it for him will make two people VERY happy indeed – my autistic son and his “desperate” mother, plus…

… it will prove this internet “thing” really does work!




P.S. If you have the video please just leave me a comment or message me on Facebook  and I’ll contact you.


Jean Shaw's booksI fully realise non-fiction books about autism and mercury poisoning aren’t everyone’s cup of tea,and believe me, they wouldn’t have been on my wish list for reading if I hadn’t been personally involved with both subjects.

However, I was and still am, so when I was asked to share the TRUE stories in the hope of helping others understand the problems, what could I do?

Obviously, I had to write the books.

Anyway, all three have been up on Amazon in paperback for some time, but now I’m pleased to announce they’re also available as Kindle versions.

Yes, I’ve been busy lately doing all the conversions.

Infact, I do everything – all the research, all the writing, all the editing, publishing and all that fun stuff, which if I had any sense at all, I’d outsource.

However, if I did that, I couldn’t honestly say I was the author, could I?

As much as I really hope you check them out,  I also sincerely hope you won’t actually NEED to.

I’ve made the books as humerous as possible,and they all make very good reading, BUT the reality is neither autism nor mercury poisoning are “fun” subjects.

You can find out more on my site here


Take care



It’s Not True What They Say – Words Do Hurt!

Disability - invisible autismI’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”?

Well, it’s not true!

Last night my eldest son took his 22 year old non-verbal autistic brother to the cinema. They arrived a bit early so instead of waiting around for about an hour, (something my youngest son finds difficult), they went for some fast-food before the film started.

They ordered, took their meal to a table and sat down. There were no napkins on the tray so my youngest went across the room to get some.

On his return he accidentally brushed against the back of a woman who was seated at a table with two children of about 8 or 9 years of age.

My son, of course, didn’t realise he’d done anything wrong, and even if he had, would not have been able to apologise properly because he hardly speaks unless prompted.

Now I’ll be the first to admit,  it’s not immediately obvious there’s anything wrong with my son.  Autism can often be invisible at first glance, and the woman grabbed his arm.

That’s not a nice thing to do to anyone, but especially not to a person with autism.

Anyway, my eldest son quickly rushed across, discovered what her problem was and explained his brother hadn’t done it deliberately, that it was an accident and why he hadn’t apologised.

He went on to say “sorry” on his brother’s behalf.

You’d think that would be the end of it wouldn’t you?

Instead the woman went on and on about how he should be more careful and her two young companions called my son a “Stupid spas”, meaning “spastic”.

Not nice, is it?

You’d think the mother would have been ashamed and reprimanded the children for being so rude, and insensitive, but instead she allowed them to make rude gestures to my sons for the remainder of the time they were in the restaurant.

These gestures were ones you wouldn’t expect a responsible adult to use in a public place, yet alone a child.

Now both my sons are big lads – adults in fact, and I know this is probably showing my age, but when I was young we respected our elders. We didn’t answer them back and were even in awe of children just a few years older than ourselves.

Of course, times have changed, but my question is, when did parents lose all control over their children?

rude gesturesWhat happened to society that people just take their own comfortable lives for granted and forget most people less fortunate than themselves don’t choose to be that way?

My son has autism. He’s trapped and can do nothing about it.

He didn’t choose to be autistic, no-one would, just like no-one would choose to have any form of disability, but it happens.

It has nothing to do with race, wealth or religion – some people just draw the short straw.

I wish I’d been in that restaurant last night.

I would have politely pointed out to that “lady” and her children that one day they could find themselves in a similar situation. Maybe they’ll have an accident and be left brain damaged or physically disabled, perhaps a child with a disability will be born into their family, or to someone close to them.

I wouldn’t wish it on them, but as I said, these things happen.

I wonder if it struck close to home they’d still use phrases like “Stupid spas” then?

Somehow, I don’t think so.

My youngest son is lucky. He has autism and doesn’t understand cruel words and gestures, but his brother does.

He was hurt and rightly so, but he’s an adult and can put it down to ignorance on behalf of the other diners.

Imagine though, if those jibes had been directed towards a vulnerable and sensitive child with some other form of disability, who understood the words and their implications.

Verbal abuse can be incredibly painful.

Words can hurt Talking of abuse, I was saddened to learn Amy Winehouse, the talented singer who wrote such haunting lyrics had fallen foul of drink and drugs this week.

You’d think she would have had everything going for her but I hear she was a “troubled” teenager and daily you can see evidence many of her peers are following her downward spiral.


Is it because they don’t have good role models to look up to any more – people who have respect for themselves and others?

If that mother in the restaurant is anything to go by the future is looking very bleak indeed, because no matter what they say, words can cut a person just as surely as a knife.

They hurt!

Autism – Can Anyone Help My Friend, Please?

Worried about Autism As you know my son has autism and over the years he has improved tremendously in his ability to do things for himself.

So too had my friend’s son.

He has been toilet trained since the age of seven years, could dress himself independently,  and whilst his diet was somewhat limited he’d eat and drink whatever was put in front of him.

Not any more!

About eighteen  months ago things started to change for some reason.

The first thing my friend noticed was her son stopped  eating or drinking unless she continually prompted him to do so.

Then, he’d stop dressing himself and unless she told him to put his shoes on individually, he’d only put one on regardless of whether both shoes were standing side by side.

More worryingly though, he’s  just started to wet himself. He seems to just go wherever and whenever he wants, although he knows how to use the toilet, and needless to say, my friend is getting REALLY worried.

It’s as if he needs permission to do everything.

He can do everything himself…

he just doesn’t…

any more… unless prompted.

If anyone  has experienced the same problems with an autistic child or a child in general, could you PLEASE comment on this blog post so I can forward the information to her?

She’s concerned about possible childhood dementia!



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