One of the nice things about being part of the GVO community, is the great training you get as part of the affordable monthly fee. They’ve got some really good trainers over there.

Jerry Schroeder is one such person.

He’s just brought out a brand new, FREE, generic funded proposal system, which is the ultimate  take-you-by-the-hand,  complete marketing training for newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

It goes under the acronym SIC, which stands  for Second Income Coach.

Isn’t  that clever?

SIC is designed to take the fear out of marketing, and is all about building friendships, relationships  and helping others using  leverage.

Jerry says you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner, because there are no egos allowed in SIC.  It’s all for one and one for all – just like the Three Musketeers.

You can check it out here –

Take care