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Dean Holland – Internet Profits – Is It The Answer To The Job Centre?

Dean HollandLike many countries, UK is currently going through a recession, and at the beginning of this year, a young lad I know very well lost his job.

It was a case of last in, first out, and he found himself at the Job Centre, where the staff were not particularly helpful.

Basically, you fill in a form and then go off and register on loads of job agency websites, apply for as many suitable jobs as you can in the hope you’ll eventually get an interview.

This proves you are actively seeking employment and therefore entitled to any money the Job Centre is able to give you to keep the wolves from the door.   It’s a soul destroying experience, but fortunately the young lad was able to find alternative employment within 5 weeks, albeit at a much lower salary than he’d previously been on.

However, he had to take it, because a) if he hadn’t his benefits would have stopped, b) he needed to pay the rent and c) it’s somehow easier to find employment when you’re already in work.

Now, about four weeks ago, a friend of the family found himself in similar circumstances in as much as he also lost his job.

This time, however, he wasn’t the last in.

Infact, he’d been in his job for over 20 years and had a managerial role.  He also had his petrol paid for, a mobile phone and private health cover, so it came as quite a shock to suddenly find, as the only bread winner in the family, he was “inbetween opportunities”, as they say.

Like the young lad, he’s been enduring the Job Centre, and finding it just as depressing.  He says, the staff there make you feel really guilty as if it’s your fault the whole country now has more people than suitable jobs.

They more or less tell you to take anything that’s available even if by doing so you wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage, or feed and clothe your family.

Fortunately, at the moment he’s resilient and hasn’t yet been worn down by the process, but unquestionably he will struggle to find the type of job he wants and would be ideally suited for.


Well, firstly his age – he’s fifty(ish) and secondly, his education.  You see he didn’t go to university and his previous job didn’t require him to go on numerous courses to get bits of paper.

That means when he goes to fill in the application forms, there’s no-where to say, well actually I haven’t got those requirements, BUT I have got over thirty years experience in the school of life in the real world of work.

My point is, no matter how skilled, or dedicated you are to your JOB no-one is indispensible.

Many people have discovered that the hard way, and found they needed another way to either earn, or supplement their income, which is why many have turned to the internet. Indeed, many have found their fortune online, but there are many roads to travel and lots of pitfalls if you don’t know where to go and who to follow.

Dean Holland, found that out to his cost.  Well, at least, initially, but soon turned his life around and went from being over $60,000 in debt to living the life of his dreams, and he’s now teaching others to do the same.

The nice thing about how he’s doing it, is he’s not expecting anyone to spend a fortune, because he knows the majority of people just don’t have it.

His methods are proven to work, and are current, which is a good thing because we all know how quickly the internet changes.  Dean is a good instructor too.   He doesn’t make you feel as if you should know what he’s teaching, unlike some people who assume too much.

Anyway, if you want a free video to see if Dean could possibly help you get started online as a backup plan incase your employers decide they no longer need you in your Just Over Broke position, you might want to click on the link below and go here.



Remember, no-one is safe when working for someone else!

Dean Holland – Dare You Take His Quick Start Challenge?

Dean Holland's Quick Start ChallengeLike many people on line I have bought lots of courses for ALL sorts of things and am probably what’s known in UK as a Jack of all Trades – meaning I know a little about a lot.

One of the courses I was on was run by Alex Jeffreys, whom I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, and I’ve interviewed him a couple of times. You can listen to them if you like over at

Anyway, one of his most well known students is Dean Holland, who was, I think, on the same course as I was.

Incase you haven’t heard of him, he famously went from over $60,000 in debt to selling over $1,000,000 online in just 3 years, which makes me wonder where I went wrong!

Dean is one of the good guys out there and doesn’t feed you a whole load of hype and false promises, but the reason I mention this is he’s just handed down the gauntlet and challenged people who either want to get started online, or speed up their progress to take his Quick Start Challenge.

So, what do you think?

Do you dare to take the QSC?

I won’t be taking it, although from the results already achieved by some of those who have, I probably should.

Instead, guess who I’ll be trying to get an interview with?

(If YOU think you’ve got what it takes, click on the link below for the

 Quick Start Challenge





As a young child in the late 50’s, I used to enjoy Watch With Mother in black and white on our one and only home TV.


It was a combination of education and entertainment, and I watched, listened and learned.


Now, in 2011, when I’m in my late 50’s, I’ve enjoyed Learn With Sally in full colour on my computer, and again I’ve been educated and entertained.


I’ve once more watched, listened and learned.


However, in 2012, I’m going to take action, because the tips, tricks and techniques used by The Blog Hopping Queen really work, plus, of course, slight Sally is not someone to be messed with.


This wee Scottish Lassie threatens to kick butt!


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sally (again) following the successful completion of her first Learn With Sally coaching course, and also two of her more active students, Nikki Stephens and Barry Wells, who’ve put me to shame.


When  you listen to our chats you’ll discover why Sally’s method of teaching is so effective and how Gold Stars and acknowledgement can produce far more positive results than criticism.


In our lives we’re all guilty of being quick to criticise, and slow to praise, and maybe the world would be a different place if it were the other way round.


People generally remember the last thing you say, so if you want to make friends and influence people, try to make sure it’s positive!


You can listen to my interview with Sally here,


and with Barry and Nikki , here


On Sally’s last webinar in the course, she felt it was a bit like saying goodbye to her children and letting them loose on the world.  She was proud of ALL of them and  said she knew they’d go on and be successful in whatever they chose to do.


She’s like that – inspiring, motivating  and encouraging.


Sally’s course is no longer available, BUT you can purchase the replays, and if you’re considering starting an online business, or want to move yours up a notch, I seriously recommend you purchase them.


Sally covers blogging, social media, video, and various other easy to implement strategies , which help build that all important Know, Like and Trust!


You can get the LearnWithSally Replays  by clicking on the image below


Make 2012 your best year yet -just like me!


Take care and Season’s Greetings.




What have Alex Jeffreys, Sally Neill and Joel Therien all got in common?

Well, apart from the fact I’ve met and interviewed  all three, I can confirm they’re not only approachable, friendly and fun, they’re also

trustworthy and authentic
very inspirational
family orientated
highly motivated
extremely helpful
provide great information


have all just released new products and services.

Jean Shaw and Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys has a FREE report, which I have to say  is probably his best one yet, especially as this time he’s corrected all the spelling mistakes before he issued it.

You’ll know what I mean if you listen to my 2011 interview with him, but his Unreported Marketing report is certainly a wake-up call and a stark reminder to us all how easy  it is to set ourselves up for failure, unless we have  the right road map.

Sally Neill, the Blog Hopping Queen knows what that’s  like. She’s actually mentioned in the report and attributes  her online success to Alex.

Jean Shaw and Sally Neill

Now, in her own unique style, Sally’s providing some of  her Monkey See, Monkey Do tips and tricks following  the huge success she’s made of her first coaching class called Learn With Sally.

It’s an appropriate name for the course as there’s no doubt she provides excellent value and you will learn how to have an online presence without being tied to the computer forever.

Then there’s dear old Joel.  Hope he doesn’t read this as he’s a bit funny about his  age, although he’s not even reached the mid-life crisis  stage yet.

Some people may disagree though, because he has just  launched Host Then Profitsand if you don’t know what  that is, you soon will.

It’s currently the only ONE Stop solution to marketing on the internet, and provides ALL the tools AND the training  necessaryto help you succeed on line.

There’s no doubt about it, provided you take action, the all inclusive

web hosting

lead capture pages
auto responder service
banner free video hosting
web conferencing
turnkey webpages
statistical tracking, and
professional internet marketing training

WILL save you time and money AND if you are so  inclined could MAKE you money too, because despite only costing $9.97 per month it has a built in  mlm opportunity which pays out 80% residual income  every month.

Okay, now you’ve picked yourself off the floor  I highly recommend you go and check them out and to  make things really easy for you, I’ve created a  page where you can find all three by clicking here .

Good Luck!


What message did Carl Macro, Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland give me this weekend?

Balloons symbolising hope This weekend I was privileged to be invited to two totally different events.  Both were special in their own way and involved young men.

Now before your mind goes off on a tangent, let me explain what made these occasions so memorable.

On Saturday, I went to an event celebrating the life of Carl Macro, who sadly died on Monday, 30th May, 2011. Had he lived another few weeks he would have been just 29 years old.

I’ve known Carl since he was a very small boy and his short life has always been plagued with ill health.  He had his first liver transplant aged 12 years old and a second when he was twenty-four.The reality is Carl was always on borrowed time, but he was one of the bravest, most inspirational people I’ve ever come across.

Despite all he had to go through, he remained cheerful, optimistic and was a great support for anyone in need.  When I needed volunteers for the Son-Rise Program I was running for my youngest son who has autism, Carl was the first to volunteer his time.

I’ll never forget him, or his Celebration of Life ceremony held this weekend.

It was attended by many different age groups, each with our own special memories, and the event took on a party type atmosphere. 

That was Carl’s wish.

Life is for living!

He wanted no mourning dress, just bright colours and at the end we all released balloons into the sky.

It was beautiful, and everyone who attended left with the feeling there was “hope” life could get better…

… even if it wasn’t on this earth.

Carl’s faith was strong.  His message was clear.

Sunday’s event was totally different.

Again everyone left with a feeling of “hope”, but not for a better future in the after world but in the present.

Dean HollandAlex JeffreysInstant Profit Seminar was a free two day event hosted by Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland and offered simple, effective and actionable ideas people could implement online to promote their product or service.

Their ethical strategies have helped them personally achieve financial freedom and their desired lifestyle, and as I listened to their marketing messages, I couldn’t help compare them to Carl’s.

Both really said the same thing.

Life is short.  Live each day as if it’s your last and don’t waste your precious time on things that aren’t necessary or aren’t taking you where you want to go.

Never stop believing things will get better.

Focus on what’s important in your life, always give your best, and provide value to others.

Carl did,  and Alex and Dean are doing so too, just in a very different way.

So what was their message?

…NEVER give up HOPE!

Carl Macro’s sadly left us
He’s on this earth no more,
Missed by all who knew him
Of that you can be sure
Young Carl was such a fighter
And cheerful to the end
Someone we were pleased to know
And proud to call a friend
Ill health took Carl from us
But looking down from up above
He can be sure that all who knew him
Remember him with love.

P.S. I’ve just published my new site –, and as the name suggests I’ve interviewed several people with more to follow.

Each individual had hope and has changed their lives for the better and if you want to listen in and see if you identify with any of their stories, please feel free to check them out here –




My Alex Jeffreys Saga Continues – Warning – Be Careful Where You Point Your Mouse!

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you’ll have heard me mention Alex Jeffreys.

He was my first real mentor and very good he was too.

Anyway, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with him because as much as I like and respect him, things always seem to go wrong for me whenever he’s involved.

It’s not his fault of course, it’s clearly me, but it does seem strange.

He’s currently on his fourth MarketingWithAlex coaching course,  and I was on the first one.

Undoubtedly he’s got it nailed now because the webinars don’t last anywhere near as long as they did when I was propping my eyelids open and  trying to keep awake for the end of the weekly training calls.  I think the record was about six hours, and I remember my son used to be getting up just as I was going to bed.

Alex certainly was enthusiastic, so during that time I felt  very, very tired.

Last year I went to his second workshop over in Las Vegas and had a great time, met a lot of nice people and learned a lot, BUT on the way home, tired and exhausted, I did a backward somersault down the “up” escalator  at King’s Cross railway station and ended up in hospital.  I cut my leg, knocked myself out and my head has never been the same since!

Anyway, at that workshop, I decided I’d trymy hand at interviewing people in the hope of inspiring others to try to create a different life for themselves if they wanted to, and about a year ago Alex kindly agreed to be one of my interviewees. 

My “interviews” are more like friendly chats.  I start them off with an introduction, ask a few relevant questions and we see where the conversation takes us.

It’s all very comfortable and fun.

I interview people over Skype using Pamela and they usually come out okay, providing the recording system works… okay – as long as I press the red button!

The first time I interviewed Alex, I didn’t.  We had a test call, which was great, began our real call and that was great, BUT I then realised it wasn’t being recorded so we had to stop.

Pamela does this funny thing  on my machine where you can’t record straight away after you’ve stopped recording.  You have to wait until the previous recording has landed in the call log and then press the record button again.
Clearly I was too fast off the mark and it didn’t work, but fortunately, we were able to do it again.  It  wasn’t the same though.
It was good and you can listen to that one here, but the one that got away had been phenomenal.

Anyway,yesterday, I thought I’d catch up with Alex again and see what he’d been up to over the past year and see  if he had any more nuggets of marketing wisdom to offer.

I set up Skype, did a test call with Pamela and the Skype testing call service, and it was fine.  Then about 10 minutes before I was due to actually start recording I got a message saying there was an update to download for Skype so I did it and LOST Pamela.   Not  only did she disappear from my tools option in Skype but she left my computer altogether.

Even bringing up a list of all my programs and stuff didn’t produce her and you can’t miss the icon because it’s bright pink.

Anyway, I knew Alex was pushed for time so I explained I’d record using Audacity, but Alex said the sound wasn’t very good and spent some time setting me up on one of the GoTo sites so we could record that way.
It took quite a bit of his precious time, but eventually we got it sorted.  I pressed record and we began what was by then going to be a much shorter than planned interview because of the time already wasted.

It went well, really well , and at the end of the call I asked Alex how to get the recording.  He explained and then rushed off to his meeting – (very late and for that I apologise to whoever it was he was scheduled to be with).

Sure enough, the recording rendered and eventually ended up just where it was supposed to.

“Great” I thought, but then I listened to it and realised with horror, it was only 10 minutes in length.  We’d chatted for well over an hour!


So, what had happened?

 I hadn’t touched anything during our conversation..


you know how your screen can go black sometimes if you don’t press any keys for a while?  Well that had happened during our call, so I’d just touched  the mouse so I could see the screen again.

I suspect, (although I can’t say for certain), as the last thing I’d done before the screen went black was press Record on the GoTo screen, my pointer was still on the Record button, and when I pressed the mouse to see the screen again, it stopped the recording.

I’ll never know, but something happened, and that sounds logical.

Fortunately, I’d kept Audacity running the whole time so I did manage to capture our chat,  but the moral of this story is …

… when you’re sitting at your computer, be careful where you point your mouse!


Incase you’re interested I will be releasing this latest interview and several of my others  together  with their transcriptions fairly soon.

How NOT To Be An Internet Marketing ZombieI must admit I don’t like bad language. 

It’s not that I’m a prude, but I just feel it’s unnecessary, especially when there are so many other words available to get your message across.

I fully appreciate strong language is used in all walks of life and is becoming the norm rather than the exception, but I still don’t like it.

We all learn from example, so why not set good examples, especially for our children…right?

One person whose work I’ve come to increasingly admire over the last couple of years because of his principles is Gary Simpson.

He stands up for what’s good – at least in Internet Marketing circles and sets a good example for the rest of us to follow.

Gary calls a spade a spade and has no time for people who cannot, or will not help themselves.

I interviewed him recently and if you missed it you can listen here.

He is a master wordsmith and his “reports” are packed full of good, sound and helpful advice, usually written in a style you could happily show your mother.

However, occasionally Gary gets annoyed. 

His tone changes, and his choice of words are somewhat less “selective”.

Such has  been the case in his How Not To  Be An Internet Marketing Zombie report, which he is allowing you to re-brand, IF you are one of those people who do actually want to help yourself.

I agree fully with the content of the report,  just don’t necessarily  like the words he’s used to convey the message, and to be fair he did tone it down a bit after I gave him my views, although perhaps not enough for my liking.

Maybe I am a prude after all ?

Anyway, it’s well worth reading, because it covers a topic which has become an increasingly frustrating experience for anyone serious about having an online presence, and highlights what many believe to be “bad” practice.

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up when you read How Not To Be An Internet Marketing Zombie, which you can download by clicking either on the words or on the image above.

I can confirm, the language, described on the cover by the author himself as “FOUL”, is not typical of Gary’s work,  and I highly recommend you check out all the other informational products he’s written because they’re good…

…VERY good! 


P.S.  Don’t forget to listen to the interview.  That’s very good too (although I do say so myself)!

I  like talking to people and sitting infront of a computer alone for many hours doesn’ t lend i

tself to being sociable.

However, the wonders of technology do meanI don’t have to be completely isolated, and occasionally I interview other online marketers who can offer value to others.

My latest call was with Joe Fier, whom you may know is an internationally renowned web video producer and copywriter whose work is featured on many product launches including Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player.

He’s  also partnered on products with WordPress expert Matt Woolfe.

He’s another of Alex Jeffreys students and clearly took all the information he was taught onboard.

If you want to learn more about this young man from Sandiago, and benefit from the information he shares,  you might just want to listen to my call with Joe on his page, here …


You’ll also learn why you just might find Fier’s  Beers sometime in the future!


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