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NowLifestyle – Could This Home Business Opportunity Prevent Old Age Debt Problems?

Is Dean Holland's Quick Start Challenge The Answer?My gran was a remarkable lady and I often used to visit her.  She always wanted to reach 100 years of age and no-one had any doubt she’d make it.

She was in a nursing home but wasn’t the eldest there.  I know of at least two who were well over a hundred.

Indeed, one day, my mum went to visit Grandma and was met at the door by a well-dressed lady of 102 who was about to go for a walk outside.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s the water in this area, but there do seem to be a lot of exceptionally old people around, which is a bit scary if the statistic on the BBC news the other week is anything to go by.

It said three out of ten over 50’s have debt problems.


You see, even if we retire in our late sixties, or early seventies, that still leaves an awful lot of years to survive without a regular income, and if many of us are in debt at fifty, the outlook is likely to be pretty bleak, isn’t it?

Many people will end up at home too poor to go out or live a healthy lifestyle.

My gran always said it was okay getting old as long as you have your health, but it doesn’t help to have a bit of money behind you as well, does it?

One possible way to solve that is to get involved with something you can do at home and keep active at the same time, and one person who can provide that opportunity is Joel Therien.

He’s on a mission to help as many people as he can to get fit bodies and fat wallets!

It’s quite an opportunity and his NowLifestyle is something you might want to check out if you want to stay stronger for longer before it’s too late (like me).

Good Luck!

Pure Leverage – Why Does Joel Therien Keep Giving Away Expensive Luxury Shiny Red Cars?

BMWWhy does Joel Therien keep giving away expensive red cars?

When I first met him  in 2010, he was giving away his shiny red BMW.

Well, I don’t suppose he was actually giving it away, because prior to the presentation there had been a contest and the person to bring in the most new members to GVO won the car.

In case you don’t know, that’s the amazing hosting company he set up in 2000 (previously known as Kiosk)and which he relaunched under a new name.

(If you want to know more you can read my book – The GVO Story or you can listen to my interview with him where we do actually discuss his car).

Tissa_and_JeanAnyway, the lucky winner was Tissa Godivitane, a lovely tall guy who had difficulty even getting into the car, yet alone driving it.

However, he clearly deserved the prize and was a popular choice, because as I say, he’s a really nice chap.

Fast forward, almost three years and Joel is now giving away the car he’d bought to replace his beloved BMW and I hear his children aren’t too impressed.

You see it’s a shiny red….

Ferrari F430 Spider!

Why is he doing this?

NO – it’s NOT because the colour is fading (red is notorious for it on cars), but he’s just launched Pure Leverage, and is running another contest to get new members.

Mind you, I personally don’t think he needs to run a contest to get members because Pure Leverage is an incredibly easy to use marketing system which ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to do effective marketing online needs.

You see there’s nothing else that can compare to it in terms of reliability and cost.

For just $24.95 you can get …

  • 100 seat personal conference suite
  • an authority blog
  • 100 auto responder campaigns
  • video e-mail service

The auto responder service alone would cost you far more than that elsewhere because Pure Leverage allows you to have 10,000 leads before it charges you extra, and you certainly can’t get a personal 100 seat conference suite where you can hold video, audio and text chats, stream videos and powerpoints, share your screen, use a white board, upload and download files and save the sessions for anywhere close to that price.

Not bad, eh?

You can see why I say it’s a marketing system ANYONE and EVERYONE needs!

Joel doesn’t stop there though.

He’s not just a hosting provider, but an internet and network marketer so the insight he has into the online industry is pretty extensive.  His list of trusted expert contacts is phenomenal.

He KNOWS what people WANT and NEED, so to cater to EVERYONE he has made Pure Leverage a business opportunity for those people who want it.

You can, if you wish, become a reseller, for an additional $19.97 per month, OR $199.70 if you care to make an annual payment and save yourself nearly $40.

That means IF you introduce someone to Pure Leverage you can get 100% commission on your direct referrals …

for LIFE!

It doesn’t even stop there though, because you get commission on your direct referrals’, direct referrals too …

…for LIFE

I know what you’re thinking – “It’s one of those Pyramid Schemes”, aren’t you?

Come on, you can admit it, but it’s a win-win situation for EVERYONE.

If you introduce Pure Leverage to someone and they INVEST in the product, they will SAVE a lot of MONEY on the tools and services, compared to what they would have to pay elsewhere, so obviously they’ll be HAPPY.

You’ll be happy too if you’re a reseller because you’ll earn commission from that referral for as long as he or she remains a customer of Pure Leverage.

Now, if that referral is so happy with Pure Leverage, he or she wants to also become a reseller, you’ll also benefit from any referrals he or she makes.  That means you’ll be even happier and will want to encourage them to earn lots and lots of money by making lots and lots of referrals which will make even more people really really happy.

You won’t mind that they could potentially earn much more than you because you’re here to make people happy..


So, now I’ve told you the reason Joel is giving away his bright red shiney Ferrari, you’ll understand why people are promoting this so madly and why someone is going to be really, really, really happy at the end of the competition.

Just hope it’s someone short like me this time (Ha! Ha!).

Of course, whoever it is, I don’t suppose Joel’s children will be too pleased, but I’m sure he’ll find an even more shiny, luxurious, expensive  car to replace it.

Not sure if it will be red this time though, but I’m guessing if you watch this space in about two to three years time, you might find out.

What do you think?

Anyway, if you want to check out the Pure Leverage great Ferrari Giveaway – go here




Dean Holland – Dare You Take His Quick Start Challenge?

Dean Holland's Quick Start ChallengeLike many people on line I have bought lots of courses for ALL sorts of things and am probably what’s known in UK as a Jack of all Trades – meaning I know a little about a lot.

One of the courses I was on was run by Alex Jeffreys, whom I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, and I’ve interviewed him a couple of times. You can listen to them if you like over at

Anyway, one of his most well known students is Dean Holland, who was, I think, on the same course as I was.

Incase you haven’t heard of him, he famously went from over $60,000 in debt to selling over $1,000,000 online in just 3 years, which makes me wonder where I went wrong!

Dean is one of the good guys out there and doesn’t feed you a whole load of hype and false promises, but the reason I mention this is he’s just handed down the gauntlet and challenged people who either want to get started online, or speed up their progress to take his Quick Start Challenge.

So, what do you think?

Do you dare to take the QSC?

I won’t be taking it, although from the results already achieved by some of those who have, I probably should.

Instead, guess who I’ll be trying to get an interview with?

(If YOU think you’ve got what it takes, click on the link below for the

 Quick Start Challenge





My Two New Books And Why Dawn Kay, Chris Reid And Joel Therien Are Such A Bother!

My youngest son has autism and is frightened of domestic animals, like cats and dogs.

It’s because they invade his space.

He’s never been frightened of large animals like those you see on farms or in zoos, though and that’s what gave me the inspiration for my latest two books, Jodi Goes To The Farm and Jodi Goes To The Zoo.  I have to say I’m quite proud of them because they are both in rhyming verse – no mean feat, I can tell you.

That’s my son in the picture.  He’s almost 24 years old now and hates shaving.

He says, “It’s such a bother!”

I’ve never written children’s books before, but they were a doddle compared to the non-fiction ones I usually produce, and the best bit about them is unless I’ve made some typo’s or something, I won’t have to re-publish them.

Not so, The GVO Story and The 7MinuteWorkout Story, both of which I have to update.

The 7MinuteWorkout StoryIn the case of The 7MinuteWorkout Story, Joel Therien and Chris Reid introduced a brand new compensation plan earlier this month for those who want to be resellers of their brilliant health and fitness program.  It’s such a good deal, and pays out a 100% commission for those interested in getting a fit body and a fat wallet, I obviously had to add it to my book.

Thankfully, I’ve already got it done, but…

…it was such a bother.

Then, Joel Therien has something else up his sleeve, which means I have to re-write The GVO Story too!.

At the beginning of March, he’s introducing a brand new business opportunity called Pure Leverage.  The name should give you a clue about what it’s about, but basically it provides online marketing products and services people want and need, at a price they can afford.

Not only do the products all integrate together, but if you wish, you can become a reseller of them and leverage the efforts of the people you introduce, thus getting 100% commission on your efforts.

It’s never been done before and all indications are Pure Leverage will change lives, so yet again it’s something I need to update my book about.

I only found out about it last night so clearly haven’t done it yet, but watch this space.

It’s such a bother.

PodcastBloggingUncutThen, there’s Dawn Kay, who is the only person ever to have turned the tables and interviewed me.

Usually, I ask the questions.

Anyway, she’s just come out with a brilliant inxpensive new product called Podcast Blogging Uncut, and I’m featured in it.  I had no idea, but have to admit I’m secretly flattered.

The trouble is, the product is all about creating podcasts and because I’ve already done several interviews in the past, it would be a good idea to turn them into podcast versions too.  Actually, because I was mentioned in the course, I sort of feel obliged to do it, so that’s another thing to add to my to do list.

As Jodi says, “It’s such a bother!”

Actually, I don’t really mind.  All the books, products and programs have the potential to give pleasure, help people and improve lifestyles, so spending my time updating and tweaking is a small price to pay, wouldn’t you agree?

However, The GVO Story and the podcasts haven’t been done yet, so as I said earlier, watch this space, unless of course you feel like me sometimes and it’s all …

…such a bother!

Take care


Tim Castleman – A Jerk Or A Really Nice Guy Who Has Simply Been Misunderstood?

Tim_CastlemanTim Castleman is a rising young star in the internet marketing world and has recently been a speaker at the Warrior Forum 2012 event.

I like him.

To me he comes across as intelligent, articulate and funny, but you can’t please everyone, and there are those who describe him as a “jerk”.

By his own admission he swears sometimes during his webinars and presentations, and that’s not something I like to hear.

That’s not because I’m a prude, but because as adults we are all role models for our children and they learn by example.

Sadly, my years as a support assistant in a secondary school revealed not everyone shares my view, because the language coming from some of those young people was quite disgusting. However, it  was clear from listening to their parents swear words formed a huge part of their every day conversations, so they really didn’t have a lot to aspire to.

I’m told it takes 21 days to form a habit,so clearly many of those parents had been practicing for a long time, and the problem with habits is they’re often hard to break.

Now I’m not suggesting Tim’s language is profound, because  to be honest, I’ve never heard him say anything  to make me cringe in the webinars I’ve listened to.  However, if he does swear on them it would be a shame because he’s articulate, and with so many other wonderfully descriptive words in the Engligh language there’s just no need.

Anyway, recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim and can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of our casual chat.

He’s successful both online and offline and provided a  great insight into how he’s become such a prolific product creator.

What makes his products so good in my view is their simplicity and ease of implementation. That and the fact they all have to pass his “Mom” test and since I’m roughly her age, I’m clearly part of his ideal target audience.

If you’d like to listen to our conversation, please visit Tim Castleman’s page on  

 I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised and get a lot of value.

You can also decide for yourself whether he’s a jerk or an entertaining, misunderstood marketer who REALLY cares and wants to help people.

I know which one I’m voting for and when you’ve listened to our chat you can let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, if you like.

Take care



The 7MinuteWorkout Story – Finished My Book Just In Time For Maverick Monday!

The 7MinuteWorkout StoryOne year ago on 11th March, 2011, Joel Therien and Chris Reid launched their 7MinuteWorkout program and I became one of its first members.

That gave me the title of “Maverick”.

Now if you look in Thesaurus an alternative word to “maverick” is “rebel”.

Somehow I’ve never thought of myself in those terms, but apparently the desription is “someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct”, so I guess by being a Maverick Member of the 7MinuteWorkout, I am a bit of a rebel.

You see the concept of the program goes completely against everything I’d ever learned about exercise, and whilst there will be many skeptics, especially in the younger generation, there’s no doubt about it, exercising just seven minutes a day, three times a week works!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

That’s what I thought too, but I tried it anyway, and am really glad I did.

Not only have I been able to interview lots of people about the 7MinuteWorkout, write a book on it, but also change my health.

It’s not easy in as much as you do have to push yourself with the exercises, BUT it’s only for seven minutes, three times a week, and it’s well worth the effort.

You can do the exercises at home, when you want, or you can do them at the gym. Most people who go that route find it takes them longer to actually get to the gym than it does for them to workout!

The whole push yourself for hours until you drop type attitude towards exercising is certainly changing though, and only last week I watched a program on the BBC where a scientific study revealed concentrated exercise of only 1 minute a day can prove just as, or even more beneficial, than an hour running on a treadmill.

That’s good news for those of us who don’t particularly like exercise and live in a time strapped society.

One interesting thing I discovered about the 7MinuteWorkout program is the majority of members are middle aged and above, and I suspect there are two reasons for this.

Firstly, most of them don’t want to go to gyms alone where everyone is younger, fitter, stronger and more energetic than they are, so like to go with someone else for moral support, and secondly they either haven’t got the time or the money to go that route.

However,the 7MinuteWorkout program allows two people to share the same membership and as it’s an online program, you create your own profiles and don’t both have to exercise at the same time or even be in the same house, city or even country!

It’s just a “buddy” system for moral support.

Another thing about the 7MinuteWorkout program is you can earn money from it if you wish to do so as there’s a global home business opportunity affiliate program you can join for a small one off investment.

I don’t know any gyms that offer that, plus if you do decide to go that route, you actually get SEVEN memberships, not just two.

Anyway, if you want to grab a couple of chapters of my book and see what it’s all about go here –

Take Care and Stay Healthy.


During my last interview , the topic of the name of this blog came up again.  It’s not  really surprising as it has absolutely nothing to do with the menopause in the usual sense of the word.   It’s mostly my thoughts on all sorts of different subjects.

However, just to set the record straight,  it came about because I was introduced to the world of the internet during one of my “menopausal moments”.  You know, those times when you act completely out of character.

Anyway,  at that time I had no idea about the importance of keywords and relevance as far as the search engines are concerned, and now I know better, but…

…this blog is comfortable.  It’s familiar like an old pair of slippers and I’m reluctant to change it.

I  have this idea if people are meant to find me, they will.

You did!

Anyway, that’s how the blog started, and since then I’ve done many things “out of character”, including joining some mlm/network marketing companies, which is something I’d never considered was really “me”.

To be perfectly honest, it still isn’t, BUT I can see the potential of earning residual income for promoting GOOD products,  and that’s the only reason I’m involved.

They’re  ALL , not just “good”, but GREAT products,  and I use them, and would use them regardless of whether there was an income opportunity involved, or not.

To me, that’s secondary, but I know a lot of people are making a LOT of money by actually making the introduction of the work from home mlm opportunities to others their sole business.

I just tell people about them because I like the products, know they can help people, and if anyone buys or joins as a result of my recommendation, then great.

It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

As you can tell from this site, I am a huge fan of everything GVO.  I’ve interviewed and even written a book about Joel Therien,  and I don’t put my name to things lightly.

I hate hype, and that’s one thing you don’t get with GVO, although I have to admit I hate it when they launch any new products, because everything is geared to the serious  mlm/network marketer type of person, rather than those less interested in that sort of thing…

… like me.

That’s the situation at the moment with MeetCheap, which is a phenomenally,  inexpensive, web based, collaborative tool, due to launch to the public on 23rd January, 2012.

At only $19.97 per YEAR for a 20 seat conference room, where you can hold live webcasts, web meetings, sales presentations, etc., anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection , and which has an mlm business opportunity included in the price as well, I guess they can be forgiven for a bit of hype.

After all, there’s NOTHING currently to compare to it out there in cyberspace, especially as it can be linked to ViralWebcaster so the webcasts can actually be held inside of Facebook!

That hasn’t been released yet either, but I’m reliably informed it’s very powerful and, “WILL BE the TOOL of 2012”

Viral Webcaster is the brainchild of Tissa Godivitarne and Mark Call, another two hype free people I like, because they are genuinely nice and helpful.  They also make a very profitable living from holding webinars so clearly they know what they’re doing and have implemented the best of everything in this new product.

If you want to check it out before it even launches, you can go to the ViralWebcaster page on Facebook, where there’s a short video explaining how it works.

Apparently, you have to first, click the LIKE button and, second, Click ALLOW, and then Mark Call gives you the details

Anyway, if you  also want to check out  MeetCheap, or any of the other GVO products, you can go to my 10 Questions page and scroll to the bottom.

They’re all listed on that page, because (according to those in the know) they all satisfy the criteria for the questions you should ask yourself before getting involved with any home based business.

The 7MinuteWorkout satisfied the criteria too, and is a great health and fitness lifestyle program, which I’m sure many people will appreciate in the New Year, especially if they indulge just a bit too much over the festive season!

Here’s  a video I made about it, and if you want to see more I’ve written about it, you can check out my 7MinuteSuccessWorkout site.

Finally, there’s ONE Group.

Now this company provides certified organic skincare amongst other things, and certainly doesn’t fulfil all the criteria for the 10 questions, BUT I suffered from mercury poisoning and had to get rid of as many toxic chemicals from my body as possible, and you’ll be surprised how many your everyday items contain.

I was!

Anyway, these Miessence, Mi-Vitality and Mi-Environ products only contain beneficial and active ingredients from food and plants, (which I can pronounce), rather than potentially dangerous Lab concocted toxic synthetic chemicals, (which I can’t pronounce).

That’s why I use them, and as I personally use a sufficient amount each month to fulfil the required order level to become an Independent Representative and potentially earn commission, then it makes sense to choose that option, doesn’t it?

If you want to read my story, you can check out my books at, or you can get my free organic report here.

Now, here’s a video I made about ONE Group, incase you’re interested in either purchasing,  or building a home based business with chemical free products , BUT it certainly isn’t for everyone, and of all the mlm opportunities I’ve found myself part of, this is probably the hardest to sell.

Of course, it doesn’t bother me, because I just want to use the products, but that may not be the case for you.


Anyway, that’s why my blog is called , “Jeans’s Menopausal Moment”, but  I guess my moment of madness  has  already allowed me to meet hundreds of people worldwide,  and led me to become an author, an interviewer, a blogger, an article writer, a ghost writer, video producer, webmaster, and an mlm and network marketer, albeit unintentionally.

That’s not bad is it?

The menopause is supposedly a time of change,  and I certainly haven’t stood still.

Wonder what 2012 will bring?

Best wishes for the festive season and take care.


As a young child in the late 50’s, I used to enjoy Watch With Mother in black and white on our one and only home TV.


It was a combination of education and entertainment, and I watched, listened and learned.


Now, in 2011, when I’m in my late 50’s, I’ve enjoyed Learn With Sally in full colour on my computer, and again I’ve been educated and entertained.


I’ve once more watched, listened and learned.


However, in 2012, I’m going to take action, because the tips, tricks and techniques used by The Blog Hopping Queen really work, plus, of course, slight Sally is not someone to be messed with.


This wee Scottish Lassie threatens to kick butt!


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sally (again) following the successful completion of her first Learn With Sally coaching course, and also two of her more active students, Nikki Stephens and Barry Wells, who’ve put me to shame.


When  you listen to our chats you’ll discover why Sally’s method of teaching is so effective and how Gold Stars and acknowledgement can produce far more positive results than criticism.


In our lives we’re all guilty of being quick to criticise, and slow to praise, and maybe the world would be a different place if it were the other way round.


People generally remember the last thing you say, so if you want to make friends and influence people, try to make sure it’s positive!


You can listen to my interview with Sally here,


and with Barry and Nikki , here


On Sally’s last webinar in the course, she felt it was a bit like saying goodbye to her children and letting them loose on the world.  She was proud of ALL of them and  said she knew they’d go on and be successful in whatever they chose to do.


She’s like that – inspiring, motivating  and encouraging.


Sally’s course is no longer available, BUT you can purchase the replays, and if you’re considering starting an online business, or want to move yours up a notch, I seriously recommend you purchase them.


Sally covers blogging, social media, video, and various other easy to implement strategies , which help build that all important Know, Like and Trust!


You can get the LearnWithSally Replays  by clicking on the image below


Make 2012 your best year yet -just like me!


Take care and Season’s Greetings.




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