Pure Leverage – Why Does Joel Therien Keep Giving Away Expensive Luxury Shiny Red Cars?

BMWWhy does Joel Therien keep giving away expensive red cars?

When I first met him  in 2010, he was giving away his shiny red BMW.

Well, I don’t suppose he was actually giving it away, because prior to the presentation there had been a contest and the person to bring in the most new members to GVO won the car.

In case you don’t know, that’s the amazing hosting company he set up in 2000 (previously known as Kiosk)and which he relaunched under a new name.

(If you want to know more you can read my book – The GVO Story or you can listen to my interview with him where we do actually discuss his car).

Tissa_and_JeanAnyway, the lucky winner was Tissa Godivitane, a lovely tall guy who had difficulty even getting into the car, yet alone driving it.

However, he clearly deserved the prize and was a popular choice, because as I say, he’s a really nice chap.

Fast forward, almost three years and Joel is now giving away the car he’d bought to replace his beloved BMW and I hear his children aren’t too impressed.

You see it’s a shiny red….

Ferrari F430 Spider!

Why is he doing this?

NO – it’s NOT because the colour is fading (red is notorious for it on cars), but he’s just launched Pure Leverage, and is running another contest to get new members.

Mind you, I personally don’t think he needs to run a contest to get members because Pure Leverage is an incredibly easy to use marketing system which ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to do effective marketing online needs.

You see there’s nothing else that can compare to it in terms of reliability and cost.

For just $24.95 you can get …

  • 100 seat personal conference suite
  • an authority blog
  • 100 auto responder campaigns
  • video e-mail service

The auto responder service alone would cost you far more than that elsewhere because Pure Leverage allows you to have 10,000 leads before it charges you extra, and you certainly can’t get a personal 100 seat conference suite where you can hold video, audio and text chats, stream videos and powerpoints, share your screen, use a white board, upload and download files and save the sessions for anywhere close to that price.

Not bad, eh?

You can see why I say it’s a marketing system ANYONE and EVERYONE needs!

Joel doesn’t stop there though.

He’s not just a hosting provider, but an internet and network marketer so the insight he has into the online industry is pretty extensive.  His list of trusted expert contacts is phenomenal.

He KNOWS what people WANT and NEED, so to cater to EVERYONE he has made Pure Leverage a business opportunity for those people who want it.

You can, if you wish, become a reseller, for an additional $19.97 per month, OR $199.70 if you care to make an annual payment and save yourself nearly $40.

That means IF you introduce someone to Pure Leverage you can get 100% commission on your direct referrals …

for LIFE!

It doesn’t even stop there though, because you get commission on your direct referrals’, direct referrals too …

…for LIFE

I know what you’re thinking – “It’s one of those Pyramid Schemes”, aren’t you?

Come on, you can admit it, but it’s a win-win situation for EVERYONE.

If you introduce Pure Leverage to someone and they INVEST in the product, they will SAVE a lot of MONEY on the tools and services, compared to what they would have to pay elsewhere, so obviously they’ll be HAPPY.

You’ll be happy too if you’re a reseller because you’ll earn commission from that referral for as long as he or she remains a customer of Pure Leverage.

Now, if that referral is so happy with Pure Leverage, he or she wants to also become a reseller, you’ll also benefit from any referrals he or she makes.  That means you’ll be even happier and will want to encourage them to earn lots and lots of money by making lots and lots of referrals which will make even more people really really happy.

You won’t mind that they could potentially earn much more than you because you’re here to make people happy..


So, now I’ve told you the reason Joel is giving away his bright red shiney Ferrari, you’ll understand why people are promoting this so madly and why someone is going to be really, really, really happy at the end of the competition.

Just hope it’s someone short like me this time (Ha! Ha!).

Of course, whoever it is, I don’t suppose Joel’s children will be too pleased, but I’m sure he’ll find an even more shiny, luxurious, expensive  car to replace it.

Not sure if it will be red this time though, but I’m guessing if you watch this space in about two to three years time, you might find out.

What do you think?

Anyway, if you want to check out the Pure Leverage great Ferrari Giveaway – go here





Pure Leverage Members Area And Why I Couldn’t Leave It Out Of The GVO Story Book

The GVO Story by Jean ShawEver since I mentioned Joel Therien was such a bother, people have been asking me,

… “Why?”

Well, the thing is I’ve written and published The GVO Story which is all about him, his company and the amazingly affordable products and services he offers to anyone wishing to have an online presence, regardless of where they live in the world.

Of course, they have to have an internet connection

… Duh!

Anyway, the book had everything in it, and I was happy.

Then he went and introduced Pure Leverage!

Naturally, I couldn’t leave that out, as not only does it provide affordable services, which can SAVE you MONEY if you need them,  but can also MAKE you MONEY  if you wish,  as it also provides a unique 100% commission  business opportunity to anyone interested in that form of marketing.

It’s not compulsory though.

You just choose the package that’s best for you, but obviously at the moment they’re heavily promoting the business opportunity, which I personally think might put a lot of people off as not everyone is a network or mlm marketer.

Indeed, just the mention of that type of opportunity makes a lot of people think of Pyramid Schemes and turns them off.

Anyway, incase you’re interested in just what you get for your money with Pure Leverage, here’s a look inside  the back office.


Now you see why I couldn’t leave it out of my book, don’t you?

Take care,


Pure Leverage – Shall I Give It A Year?

Pure_LeverageLast night I went to see the film, I Give It A Year.  It was brilliant – really funny.

It’s about the trials and tribulations of a pair of newlyweds during their first year as a married couple, and the language sometimes is unbelievable. How the actors and actresses managed to keep straight faces, I’ll never know. I won’t reveal the plot, but let’s just say it does have a happy ending.

Anyway, when I got home, I couldn’t sleep, so I did a bit of reading and realised if I hung on for a little while longer, I could listen to the Pure Leverage training webinar starring Daegan Smith.

I’ve heard his name often, as he’s quite a power house as far as list building  is concerned, but I’d never seen him, so I decided to tune in to see what he sounded and looked like.

That’s the thing with the Pure Leverage conference suite – you can see and hear the presenters – all at the same time too as you can drag the presenters into the middle of the screen!

Anyway, last night or rather this morning for me,  I watched and listened to Joel Therien, Mark Call and Daegan Smith explain how they had all started with nothing and worked their way up to the dizzy heights they now find themselves in.

They started off acknowledging each other, which I must admit, in the early hours of this morning I could have done without.  The mutual admiration society bit may have provided the necessary social proof and be well deserved, but sometimes, people would rather just have their time respected.

Just saying!

Still, I looked and listened as once again it was pointed out, IF you want to better yourself, you need to look at who you spend your time with.

It seems your life is directly affected by the five people you most associate with, so if you want to increase your financial status, you need to hang out with the people who have more than you do and know how to do it.

Mark Call certainly believes that.  I’ve known of him for a few years now and even met him a couple of years ago. I’ve watched as he’s risen up the ranks,  and last night he revealed how just five years ago he’d been through a messy divorce and had left the family home.  He’d lost everything other than the things  he took in the five boxes he’d placed in the back of his pick up truck.

He’s certainly made up for it since, and attributes that on the positive guidance and influence of Joel and Daegan.

Of course, a lot of hard work has gone into it too, but their message is you have to give in order to receive.

Some people claim you have to be rich before you can give, but historically, the people we perceive to be really wealthy, actually gave generously before they became rich.

It’s the same with anything else in life, whether that be relationships, health, fitness, religion.  If you want to get better at something, hang around with those who can do it, and have what you want.

If you can’t do it in person, read their books, listen to their audios, watch the videos or get involved in the online webinars.

If you want life to change, YOU must change.

All three presenters prove anything is possible if you put your mind to it and focus, and all three agree Pure Leverage is a fantastic tool to focus on.

It changes lives.

Admittedly, Pure Leverage is a new opportunity, but it’s based on solid foundations, and proven systems.

I’ve met Joel Therien the CEO of the company, and written two books about him; The GVO Story and The 7MinuteWorkout Story, so I guess you can say I’ve been hanging around him for some time.

I’ve never met Daegan Smith, but as the webinar last night was recorded for the VIP members of Pure Leverage, no doubt I’ll be watching him again.

Apparently, they’ve got many more guest presenters lined up in the future, so  with all those very rich, successful and influential people waiting in the training section with great advice

…what do you think?

Pure Leverage – shall I Give It A Year?

Find out more – here



Pure Leverage – Why It’s Equivalent To Shovels In The Californian Gold Rush!

Pure_Leverage -100%_CommissionToday is my birthday!

It’s also the anniversary of when I first discovered the internet as a vehicle for making money.  The problem is, as you probably already know, there are literally hundreds of money making avenues to follow.

It’s a confusing landscape and taking a few unnecessary detours can cost you dearly.

Your internet adventure can soon turn into a financial nightmare, but who can you trust?

There are many good guys and girls out there; offering great products and advice, and it’s not for me to judge.  Obviously, I have my own opinions, but no matter whom you follow or what you do on the internet, you will need certain tools.

Remember, the days of the Californian gold rush?

No, I don’t either because I’m not that old, BUT the people who got really rich in those days weren’t necessary those panning for gold, but the people selling the tools for them to do it.

Anyone selling shovels, sieves and buckets had a unique selling proposition.

It makes sense.

Fast forward several years and the people making the consistent money in the virtual internet gold rush are the people selling the tools.

Products come and products go, but tools go on forever!

Anyone selling blogs, websites, auto responders, audio and video facilities, conferencing rooms, lead capture systems, marketing training, etc., certainly has a unique selling proposition.

It makes sense.

Now, just imagine if one company could provide ALL those services from ONE location at a really AFFORDABLE price with ONE set of LOG-IN details, and…

…provide a 100% commission compensation plan which pays you to promote the products you use…

… for ever!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, but that’s what Pure Leverage offers.

Joel_TherienSo, can you trust them?

Well, here’s my take on it in case you’re interested.

Pure Leverage is run by Joel Therien.  I’ve met him, interviewed him, written two books about him, written copy for him and always found him to be ethical, open and transparent.

He is, in my opinion, one of the good guys, and I am part of his GVO and 7MinuteWorkout communities, both made up of “real” people from all corners of the globe.

Joel is all about lifestyle, and whilst he does have lots of those essential “boys toys” to prove he’s a success,  Joel is essentially a dedicated family man, not just towards his own family but to his “extended” family communities.

Several years ago as a result of ill health, Joel had a vision.

He determined to make the internet a level playing field and provide affordable essential online marketing tools and services to everyone with an internet connection, no matter where they lived in the world.

Joel achieved that in the internet marketing world with GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities, and in the health and fitness world with the 7MinuteWorkout program.

However, his vision grew.

He listened and learned, and realised some people have poured their heart and soul into this internet “thing” and yet still never made a penny.

He had, and not just from providing online marketing tools and services, but from affiliate internet marketing and network marketing of high value non- physical  products, which could be delivered online and didn’t require expensive shipping.

That’s when he asked, “What if….?”

What if he combined all his tools and services with the combined knowledge of both his and other “do-ru” success stories? He’d met a lot over the years, all experts in various different marketing strategies, and  who actually made money from the actions they took.

Joel already had all the tools and services with GVO and they’d been proven to be just as robust, and much cheaper than any of his competitors. That’s why hugely successful internet and network marketers use them all the time, so why not combine these tools and services with marketing know-how and  turn them into a commission based home business opportunity?

After all, the tools and services are equivalent to the shovels and sieves of the Californian gold rush, and the knowledge and training equivalent to having a map to know exactly where to look!

Hence, Pure Leverage was born.

It is a unique business opportunity providing a 100% commission payout, and it doesn’t restrict network marketers to promoting only the Pure Leverage products either.  Instead it enables you to enhance, rather than compete, with whatever other lines or products you choose to promote.

There is a basic monthly package of $24.95 which includes –

•           A fully installed authority blog
•           A full auto responder service
•           A fully hosted 100 seat webinar conference suite
•           Video e-mail software
•           Video hosting and streaming
•           Turn key (Pure Leverage) lead capture pages
•           Turn key (customizable) lead pages

and much more.

There is also the second tier monthly VIP package of $97, which includes PLR (private label rights) materials and top quality expert internet and marketing training, to help members grow and form a relationship with that all important “list”.

You can just use the basic tools and services for yourself and even if you do just that, you’ll save yourself a fortune on comparable tools, services and training, BUT for an additional reseller fee of $19.97 per month you can promote the products. This covers the cost of the infrastructure to run the backend, the support system and access to the merchant account facilities.

The way the compensation plan works for resellers is you can receive commission on any sales of the products you own from personally introduced members in your downline.

I emphasise the YOU OWN bit, because there will be various upgrades within the company and unless you actually own them and use them, it would be very unethical to promote them, wouldn’t it?

So many times marketers promote things they’ve never seen or owned, or authors claim to be experts in a whole variety of fields about which they know little or nothing about. Whenever someone purchases the product through your direct recommendation, you receive 100% commission on the sale for the first month.

On the second month, you receive 50% commission on that sale, and 50% commission on the sales of your directly recommended downline, but only for the products you personally own.

Matching checks for any product sales in the direct downline pass upwards for ever, BUT if you don’t own the product then commissions’ jump over you to the next person who does.

Significantly, even if you change your mind at a later date, you can’t benefit from the sales of those who signed up under you for upgrades before you did.

It’s a fair system and Pure Leverage is destined to change lives.

It simply can’t fail…

…it’s the equivalent of shovels in the Californian gold rush!

Find out more here ===>>>http://jeanshawonline.com/PureLeveragePure_Leverage