Yesterday I had a chat with rookie entrepreneur Darren L Carter, who is currently teaching English to young children in a farming village in Japan.

This was his very first interview, but I doubt it will be his last. He’s a really nice young man with a very wise head on his shoulder.

In July, his teaching contract will end, and before then he wants to get 1455 on his “list”. He explained why he chose such an unusual number in our call.

You can listen to it on his page on

Darren is an action taker and believes you should learn from everyone and every experience.

This week he’s going to interview a very wise, inspirational gentleman who survived the Atom bomb in Hiroshima during the First World War.

Darren is going to make the interview available to anyone who joins his list.

If he’s as good at asking questions as he is at answering them,  it’s bound to be something well worth listening to, but he’d like your help in deciding what questions to ask.

You can help him by quickly heading over to his blog and offer a few suggestions.

Oh, and while you’re there, sign up  for his list  == => /blog


…listen to the interview first so you can discover the meaning behind the Japanese phrase –

“Underneath The Lighthouse Is Dark”



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