If you’re trying to make a living from the internet I’ll bet you’ve been overwhelmed with the different ways possible haven’t you?

What with affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, and ALL the different opportunities being thrust in front of you on a daily basis, it’s REALLY difficult to decide what’s hot and what’s not.

There’s certainly no shortage of opportunites available, and there lies the problem.

Who do you trust?

Well, obviously you take recommendations from those people you know, like and trust, and perform your “due diligence” as they say.

I don’t know why, but that phrase always makes me smile. It sounds so formal, BUT, you do need to do some research before investing your hard earned MONEY, and more importantly… your TIME.

Whatever your decision, it needs to provide a return on both.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself –

Now, depending on whether you feel you know, like and trust me, I’m going to make a recommendation

GVO Conference


Well, I have it, I use it and I love it.

However, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so I’m going to answer the Ten Questions you’ve just listened to in the video as they relate to GVO Conference.

1. Is The Product Easily Consumable, And If So, Is It Hard To Quit?

GVO Conference is an audio-webinar conference suite so inexpensive anyone, anywhere with a job can afford it.

It requires no downloads to a computer, so is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, even if you have a mobile device (currently only if you can accept flash).

It is an affordable, generic marketing tool, which can benefit anyone who is either an affiliate, internet or network marketer, but is also incredibly beneficial and useful just to stay in touch with friends and family.

It has a business opportunity attached to it so IF you wanted to promote it in that way it’s incredibly easy to do so, because you use it to demonstrate it.

At only $8.97 per month, this resource is very competitively priced, and is something everyone wants and needs.

Also, it has been launched in five different languages – English, German, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.

2. Is The Opportunity Virtual?

GVO Conference is available anywhere there is an internet connection.

It’s a global product and there’s plenty of opportunity for growth as it’s a beneficial tool to have regardless of what market or niche you’re in.

With friends and family scattered all over the world, GVO Conference is easy to introduce to other countries.

As the product is virtual, there are no shipping or handling costs, and customers get immediate gratification.

3. Does The Product Or Service Have Exceptional Value In The Market?

GVO Conference is incredibly powerful. Apart from the audio-video conferencing, you can show power points, share files, stream videos, hold online chats, and record.

It has a facility whereby 4 people can be on screen at the same time – great for communication with staff, representatives or family gatherings.

The product has phenomenal live support 24/7 with REAL people.

If you choose to have the product as a business opportunity, you can soon get a return on your investment because the company pays out 70% commissions. They are able to do this because GVO own the land, the data centre, the software, the fiber optics and everything related to the product.

Extra value can be added by introducing users to the Titanium Package with GVO

4. Is There A Low Entry Fee?

It is only $8.97 per month for one, 50 seat Conference room and upgrades are available. This makes it affordable for most people anywhere in the world.

5. How Low Is The Barrier To Break Even?

The compensation plan offers commission on direct referrals, and as the entry fee is so affordable and the product is so desirable, the barrier to break even is very low.

If you understand compensation plans (and I don’t), it pays out down to 5 levels.

6. Is The Product Or Service Something YOU Can Get Excited About?


I believe it’s one of those rare opportunities that will benefit everyone.

If you’re in business GVO Conference will enhance it.  If you’re looking for a home based business, GVO Conference could be that business, and if you just want to connect with friends and family, this is an affordable conferencing software solution.

GVO Conference is an affordable, useful, non techy, easy to use and easy to demonstrate, marketing and communication tool, but NO, I won’t be recommending it to my mother…

…she has no idea how to even turn on a computer!

7. Is The Business In A Huge Market Space?

Yes, GVO Conference is a global opportunity.

It has great 24/7 real live support, and its competitive advantage is its affordability, its ease of operation and demonstration, plus the different languages.

All the videos and instructions have been translated from English to the other languages by REAL people, and there are instructors available for the different countries.

8. Is The Product Or Service Easy To Explain, Demonstrate, or Market?

(My One Minute Elevator Pitch)   GVO Conference is an affordable multi-language marketing and communication conferencing software solution that can help anyone promote their business and provide an easy, non techy way to stay in touch with others. It is flash based, requires no downloads, suits all internet platforms and has a global business opportunity attached.

It is very easy to demonstrate – simply “show and tell”.

9. Can You Trust The Leadership?

Joel Therien and Mike Potvin have many years internet history behind them, producing quality products.

Highly regarded by their peers and fellow marketers, they are renowned for their openness and speed of implementation when suggestion are made by customers for product improvements.

Their hosting company is used by many high profile marketers including Frank Kern, Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime, etc.

10. Does The Company Have A Past History Of Success. Does It Have A Future?

GVO used to be known as Kiosk, which was primarily a hosting company, but Joel Therien realized many of his clients had no idea how to use internet marketing tools.

In 2004 Joel, lived in Ottowa in Canada and in January of that year he launched an amazing VOIP Conference solution called HotConference.

This was a downloadable product, only available in one language and cost almost $60 per month.

In just 3 months the product had over 7 million downloads.

It grew so fast, Joel almost found himself out of business, because the company providing his fibre optics couldn’t offer him anymore.

There was no fibre left in the city!

To solve the problem, Joel relocated his family and staff from Ottawa, Canada to San Antonio, Texas, (where fibre optics and bandwidth is truly UNLIMITED).

There, he bought some land, built a multi-million dollar data center , bought all the fibre optics and all his software and everything else necessary to expand and grow his business.

In October, 2009, Joel changed the name of the company from Kiosk to GVO, and in September, 2010, re-launched HotConference as the new more powerful GVO Conference

Joel fully expects history to repeat itself and is anticipating having over 10 million users I the first month!

So, that leads me to Question 11

Will one of them be YOU?

Find out more at GiveMeFiveConferencing.com


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