HELP! – Mother Of Autistic Son Desperately Needs To Find Out If This Internet “Thing” Really Works BEFORE Christmas!

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In many respects I’m very lucky and have a lot to be grateful for, but my youngest son has autism, which does make life somewhat difficult sometimes.


Christmas is one of those “sometimes”.


Jodi is now 22 years old, but still loves videos,especially those really old childrens videos he’s grown up and become so familiar with.


When I say videos, I really mean “videos” – those bulky black oblong things that are fast becoming obsolete, and which people are practically giving away at car boot sales and charity shops.


It wasn’t always so.


When he was younger, and didn’t understand there was more than one copy in the world, he wanted to buy every video he already had, thinking, I suspect, his copy had been taken from home.


He also wanted to buy every other video shown in the trailers of the film, or displayed inside the video covers.


It cost us a small fortune, and we now have over 2000!


Yes, you did read that correctly.


The thing is Jodi doesn’t speak, other than a few odd words, BUT he can recite every word from every video in the right accent and even mimes the actions and includes the sound effects.


It’s incredible!


I remember the other year when he was at college he sang The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book on stage, and afterwards loads of people came up to me and said they had no idea he could speak, yet alone sing.


Anyway, back to the reason I’m “desperate”.


Jodi has typed out a list of videos. Most of them he’s been able to get, but not all.


My son loves Christmas, but never asks me for anything, which means I never know what to buy him. He knows he gets presents though, and every day since about July, he has been dragging me to the calendar, and lately it’s been twice a day.


He points to three dates in December and says -


“Christmas Eve”.


“Christmas Day – presents – good boy”


“Boxing Day”


Then he will thrust the piece of paper on which he’s typed out his video list infront of my face and point to those left. He’s even cut out the image of the most important one he wants on Christmas Day, because he’s been a “good boy”.


The thing is I can’t get it…




I’ve tried every charity shop and car boot sale I can find; e-bay and amazon can’t help either, so I’m desperately trying this internet “thing”.


I’ve heard/read somewhere we are all just 6 clicks away from any information we need because of the viral component of the internet.  

Apparently, if you want to know/find something and put the word out, a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, will have the information you seek.


So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you recognise this picture, will you kindly see if you, or your contacts have this very old  Teddy Trucks One Hour Special video collecting dust somewhere in your attic, garage or wherever. and then consider selling it to me, because honestly that’s all my son wants for Christmas.


Getting it for him will make two people VERY happy indeed – my autistic son and his “desperate” mother, plus…


… it will prove this internet “thing” really does work!






P.S. If you have the video please just leave me a comment or message me on Facebook  and I’ll contact you.


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Jean Shaw lives in UK and is the mother of two boys. Her youngest has autism and she has three published books on the subject. Interested in toxic free skincare, healthy probiotics, health and fitness and beginner internet marketing. Jean enjoys writing, interviewing and helping people.

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  1. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jean, I’m on the case my friend. I’ll ask about and place this post on Facebook to ask everyone there.

    Fingers crossed between us we can find it and make your home a happy one this Christmas :)

    I’ve never met anyone that suffers from Autism but I have heard some remarkable stories from people that have. It’s simply fantastic that Jodi can sing the words of the songs on the videos.

    I’ll try my best to pass the word Jean and hope that you and Jodi have a fantastic Christmas, along with the rest of your family of course.

    Best of luck, Barry

    • Jean says:

      Thanks Barry,

      Really appreciate it.

      Autism is incredibly fascinating, but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      It’s one of those invisible disabilities which affects the whole family, not just the person with the condition. It’s a life long disability too, and whilst some people can improve tremendously, especially if they get the right sort of intervention early enough, there isn’t a “cure” as such.

      One of the hardest things about autism, apart from the fact you can’t see it, is there are no two people the same. Even if you know one person with the disability, it doesn’t mean you “KNOW” about autism.

      It’s multi-faceted, complicated, and as I say, very fascinating…

      …, (but best viewed from a distance) !

      Best wishes


      P.S. Glad to see you’re back on form again and look forward to speaking with you soon.

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Jean, just a thought. Have you tried your local Library? Ours has a collection of videos, dvd’s etc so maybe they’re worth a try?


    • Jean says:

      That’s a great idea, Barry.

      Will check it out although even if they do have a copy I doubt they’d want to sell it.

      Still, I’ll never know unless I try, will I?

      Take care


  3. Hi Jean,

    I’ve posted it on Facebook, emailed my work people, and have asked my dad to promote it on his Facebook as well (he’s part of a different online course so I hope he’ll be able to reach some of them as well).

    Fingers crossed for you that you manage to get a copy – I guess (apologising for knowing very little about autism) that Jodi won’t fully understand if you tell him you simply can’t get it for him.

    I’ll carry on promoting it where I can until I hear that you’ve got a copy!

    Speak soon,


    • Jean says:

      Thanks Nikki,

      I really appreciate your help.

      Yes, you’re absolutely correct, Jodi won’t understand why I can’t get it for him.

      In the past when he’s tried the same tactic, I’ve always been able to deliver…eventually. The thing is, videos are old fashioned now and not so easily accessible, plus the one he wants is really old.

      I have no doubt someone, somewhere, has it and isn’t using it, but who and where?

      Come out, come out , wherever you are…..

      Take care,


  4. Dee Ann Rice says:


    I will look for this video as well. There has to be a copy of it out there somewhere.

    I really hope you find it for your son for Christmas.

    I have never had any direct contact with someone with Autism but have know people who had autistic children.

    From talking to them in the past about their children, I know how important this is to you and him to get this video.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Jean says:

      Thankyou Dee Ann,

      That’s so kind.

      You’re right, there must be a copy out there somewhere!

      It’s really difficult to explain things to people with autism as things tend to be black or white.

      There’s never any grey areas and as I’ve always managed to get him what he’s wanted in the past I have no doubt he’s expecting to find this elusive video in his Christmas stocking.

      I can’t bear the thought of disappointing him.


  5. Barry Ranns says:

    Hi Jean,
    We have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome, so I can understood some of the things you are going through.

    Have you thought about trying your local Freegle, it used to be Freecycle, but they changed the name. You can reach the main site at

    I will try my local one (Hull) for you,


    • Jean says:

      Hi Barry,

      Thankyou so much for your suggestion.

      To be perfectly honest I’ve never heard about Freegle. What a nice name.

      It’s really kind of you to help me out as it’s not looking very hopeful so far.

      There MUST be a copy out there SOMEWHERE!

      I think he’s getting the message that I can’t find it because he now tells me in his own way that he also wantsThe Favourite Play Group Video, One Hour Special, which is another really OLD Tempo Pre-School video.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an image of that one, but I live in hope!

      Take care and thanks again.


  6. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jean,

    I normally find whatever I need online and I already looked EVERYWHERE for this and can’t find any information on it :(

    I just wish I could have done a little bit more for you though.


    • Jean says:

      That’s so kind of you Sergio,

      It’s crazy isn’t it?

      Guess I’ll have to really work on a plan “B”.


      Take care.


  7. Julie says:

    Hi Jean,

    I’ve never heard of the Teddy Trucks, anyways, what about writing to the BBC, maybe worth a try.
    I really do hope a copy turns up for you.


    • Jean says:

      Hi Julie,

      It is very old – probably about 15 years, and it is a Children’s video, but he collects them.

      The ridiculous thing is he may never even watch it, but knows it’s available because he’s seen it advertised on one of his other videos.

      He lines his videos up side by side and leaves a space for where the ones he wants will go, when he gets them. As he has well over a thousand, it takes up a lot of space.

      You can’t imagine how happy I’ll be when he understands there are NO videos available any more, otherwise we’ll have to move to a mansion!

      Take care,


  8. Kim says:

    Hi Jean,

    Oh, I sure hope that you can find the video. I will look for it here too.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Jean says:

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for dropping by and for your efforts.

      Congratulations on your new site, by the way. I just KNOW you and your sister will be able to help and encourage a lot of people.

      Take care,


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