If You’re Thinking Of Getting A Flu Jab – Watch This First

| November 11, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yesterday I visited my friend.

She’s in her eighties and has had a really hard life, but she’s an incredible woman, and I’ve never heard her speak ill of anyone.

Her memory is really good,and she’s very active.

My friend told me she was going for a ‘flu jab that afternoon with an elderly neighbour.

He can drive. She can’t so she was taking advantage of a lift.

My heart sank, particularly when she told me of the problems her sister had just experienced after having it.

I’m against anything containing thimerosal and it’s in a LOT of vaccines.

I blame thimerosal and mercury from my dental amalgams for my son’s autism, and I know if you can’t get  rid of it there can be problems.

It’s used as a preservative but has never been tested for safety, so IF you are considering having the annual flu jab, please  watch this video first.

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Jean Shaw lives in UK and is the mother of two boys. Her youngest has autism and she has three published books on the subject. Interested in toxic free skincare, healthy probiotics, health and fitness and beginner internet marketing. Jean enjoys writing, interviewing and helping people.

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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

    • Jean says:

      You’re right – it can go both ways, BUT don’t you think it’s better to make an informed decision rather than be told what to do by people who may possibly be guided by individuals who may have an ulterior motive?


  2. Angela Ward says:

    Hi Jean. Thanks for the interesting blog – what initially caught my eye was the M word – menopause! I went through an early menopause and found it difficult till I accepted it and now I am fine with it all.
    Back to the topic on this page though, I had a flu jab once a few years ago and was as sick as a dog so its a no,no for me! However, my elderly mother wouldn’t do without it so I suppose everybody to their own decision. I like the idea of the mercury free vaccine though.

    • Jean says:

      Hi Angela,
      Yes, I’ve been told I should change the name of this blog because it has NOTHING to do with the actual female menopause, but more to do with CHANGE.

      True, everyone should make their own decisions, but they need to be “informed” decisions.

      Sometimes it’s not a case of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”!

      Take care


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