Now I know this blog confuses Google and the other search engines.


Well, every post is about something different.  They never know what I’m supposedly a good reference for, especially amoxil clavulin as I write to make sense to the reader, and don’t keyword stuff my posts to suit the search engines.

I figure if people want  to find me, they will.

 I tend to just write about whatever interests me on the day, in a way that will hopefully help someone , somewhere,  somehow.

Today it’s about a really neat piece of software, which isn’t actually being released for sale until tomorrow.   However,  I’m on Jonathan Leger’s  “list”, so have been given a sneak  preview.

Anyway, Keyword Snatcher is a new tool that generates HUGE numbers of niche market keywords  for SEO and ADWORDS that the Google Adwords Keyword Tool fails to show.

Now, if you’re not an internet marketer, that won’t mean a whole lot, but it’s powerful stuff, saves a lot of time, and could mean the difference between Google and the other search engines finding your site or not.

The thing is, Keyword Snatcher is only going to be available for FIVE days, so anyone wanting it has to move very fast.

It’s on sale from  Monday 21st June until midnight on Friday 25th June, 2010 (EST). 

At $47 it’s a steal, but copies are going to be limited so it remains a powerful piece of software.

Lucky me, I’ve got mine.

All I have to do now is use it so I can keep the search engines happy.

Well, maybe?

Take care.


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