My introduction to Internet Marketing began on my 50th birthday, and YES, I was taken in by the hype.

I went to a “Free” lunch at a very posh hotel, listened to a very convincing 30 minute talk, and got sucked into the funnel.

As a complete novice, with NO idea what internet marketing even was, I was blissfully unaware of how all the pieces need to fit together in order to make it work. Cleverly, the speakers neglected to tell me that.   They gave the illusion all you needed to do was set up a website and the customers would come.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but by the end of the meal I’d committed to go to another full day seminar in London.  The speakers were brilliant, full of enthusiasm and I must admit I had a great day.  I could see what life could be like on the other side – you know, when you don’t have a “Job” and are responsible for your own actions.

As I pulled out my credit card I felt charged, full of enthusiasm and more alive than I had in years.  I’m a sucker for a good “offer”, and by the end of the sales pitch, I’d bought SIX websites with hosting.

It wasn’t until later and more “sales pitches”,   I discovered the  “offer” hadn’t been quite so good after all, but it’s easy to be wise after the event.

It was my first mistake, but certainly not my last.

Internet marketing is not rocket science but I found it very difficult to start with.  I was a willing student but there is a LOT TO LEARN and it was a steep learning curve.  My biggest problem was knowing where to start.

All the different marketers told me I needed this, that or the other and I found myself buying just about every product thrown at me . I spent a lot  of MONEY and the stupid thing is many products remain either unread or only half completed because no sooner had I downloaded them something else appeared in my in-box and I was lured off in a different direction.

I never gave up though because I have a reason for being here. It’s my son. He’s nineteen and has autism. Luckily at the moment he’s in residential college, but in 2011 his education will end and then he’ll need something  to do. The statistics for autistic individuals being gainfully employed is VERY, VERY, low and I want to be in a position to help.

Apparently one of the reasons people fail in the internet is they give up too easily. I’m not one of them. Since my initiation, I’ve had some success and surprised myself with how much I actually know. I’m not an expert in anything – just know a bit about a lot.

The problem has been tying it all together.  Every product I own reveals a bit of the puzzle, but until recently, the experts were reluctant to reveal their secrets.  It’s as if they feared the competition.

Within the last year, however, there’s been a real shift and you can now discover some real gems of information for free – if you have the TIME!  Apart from your health it’s the most valuable thing you have.  You can’t replace it, so you need to find some way to cut the learning curve.
So, what’s the answer?
Get a Mentor!

Every successful marketer has one.  It’s the only way to focus on what you actually NEED to do, so guess what?  Yes, that’s right – I’ve got one too.

His name is Alex Jefferys and if you haven’t heard of him, believe me, you will.

I’m  part of his new coaching program, so watch this space!