As a young child in the late 50’s, I used to enjoy Watch With Mother in black and white on our one and only home TV.


It was a combination of education and entertainment, and I watched, listened and learned.


Now, in 2011, when I’m in my late 50’s, I’ve enjoyed Learn With Sally in full colour on my computer, and again I’ve been educated and entertained.


I’ve once more watched, listened and learned.


However, in 2012, I’m going to take action, because the tips, tricks and techniques used by The Blog Hopping Queen really work, plus, of course, slight Sally is not someone to be messed with.


This wee Scottish Lassie threatens to kick butt!


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sally (again) following the successful completion of her first Learn With Sally coaching course, and also two of her more active students, Nikki Stephens and Barry Wells, who’ve put me to shame.


When  you listen to our chats you’ll discover why Sally’s method of teaching is so effective and how Gold Stars and acknowledgement can produce far more positive results than criticism.


In our lives we’re all guilty of being quick to criticise, and slow to praise, and maybe the world would be a different place if it were the other way round.


People generally remember the last thing you say, so if you want to make friends and influence people, try to make sure it’s positive!


You can listen to my interview with Sally here,


and with Barry and Nikki , here


On Sally’s last webinar in the course, she felt it was a bit like saying goodbye to her children and letting them loose on the world.  She was proud of ALL of them and  said she knew they’d go on and be successful in whatever they chose to do.


She’s like that – inspiring, motivating  and encouraging.


Sally’s course is no longer available, BUT you can purchase the replays, and if you’re considering starting an online business, or want to move yours up a notch, I seriously recommend you purchase them.


Sally covers blogging, social media, video, and various other easy to implement strategies , which help build that all important Know, Like and Trust!


You can get the LearnWithSally Replays  by clicking on the image below


Make 2012 your best year yet -just like me!


Take care and Season’s Greetings.




In many respects I’m very lucky and have a lot to be grateful for, but my youngest son has autism, which does make life somewhat difficult sometimes.

Christmas is one of those “sometimes”.

Jodi is now 22 years old, but still loves videos,especially those really old childrens videos he’s grown up and become so familiar with.

When I say videos, I really mean “videos” – those bulky black oblong things that are fast becoming obsolete, and which people are practically giving away at car boot sales and charity shops.

It wasn’t always so.

When he was younger, and didn’t understand there was more than one copy in the world, he wanted to buy every video he already had, thinking, I suspect, his copy had been taken from home.

He also wanted to buy every other video shown in the trailers of the film, or displayed inside the video covers.

It cost us a small fortune, and we now have over 2000!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

The thing is Jodi doesn’t speak, other than a few odd words, BUT he can recite every word from every video in the right accent and even mimes the actions and includes the sound effects.

It’s incredible!

I remember the other year when he was at college he sang The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book on stage, and afterwards loads of people came up to me and said they had no idea he could speak, yet alone sing.


Anyway, back to the reason I’m “desperate”.

Jodi has typed out a list of videos. Most of them he’s been able to get, but not all.

My son loves Christmas, but never asks me for anything, which means I never know what to buy him. He knows he gets presents though, and every day since about July, he has been dragging me to the calendar, and lately it’s been twice a day.

He points to three dates in December and says –

“Christmas Eve”.

“Christmas Day – presents – good boy”

“Boxing Day”


Then he will thrust the piece of paper on which he’s typed out his video list infront of my face and point to those left. He’s even cut out the image of the most important one he wants on Christmas Day, because he’s been a “good boy”.

The thing is I can’t get it…


I’ve tried every charity shop and car boot sale I can find; e-bay and amazon can’t help either, so I’m desperately trying this internet “thing”.

I’ve heard/read somewhere we are all just 6 clicks away from any information we need because of the viral component of the internet.

Apparently, if you want to know/find something and put the word out, a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, will have the information you seek.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you recognise this picture, will you kindly see if you, or your contacts have this very old  Teddy Trucks One Hour Special video collecting dust somewhere in your attic, garage or wherever. and then consider selling it to me, because honestly that’s all my son wants for Christmas.

Getting it for him will make two people VERY happy indeed – my autistic son and his “desperate” mother, plus…

… it will prove this internet “thing” really does work!




P.S. If you have the video please just leave me a comment or message me on Facebook  and I’ll contact you.


A Marathon A Day Keeps The Doctors Away!

serious central retinopothyIt’s been almost three months since I’ve done very much “online”, and I must admit whilst I did have a few withdrawal symptoms initially, I really appreciate spending quality time with my family.

My absence has been due in part to health issues – nothing serious, but frustrating.

Central serious retinopathy is one of those rare mysterious ailments that just comes and goes for seemingly no reason. It affects the eyes making it difficult to see, but I know from past experience my eyes will clear eventually.


I’ve had it before, you see.

Whilst it usually affects men and it’s rare to get it more than once, I guess I’ve just been unlucky, or…

…maybe I’ve been very lucky.

I believe things happen for a reason and perhaps my body is trying to tell me something.

As I said, my time away from the computer has enabled me to spend quality time with my family, which has been wonderful.

Every minute counts especially when people these days seem to be dying younger, and a recent Harvard study has revealed this is the first generation when parents are likely to outlive their children!

I don’t think I’m old, but I’m the same age as Steve Jobs, the innovative man behind the Apple brand, who’s just met an untimely death. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how much money, power or influence you have, IF you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

One family who know that and are on a mission to wake up the nation are the incredible Chicoine family!

This family of EIGHT are running across Canada and USA to raise awareness of the type of illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Things like –


*Heart Condition


*Type II Diabetes


*Sleep Apnoea


The Chicoine’s began their epic journey on 8th May, 2011 and are not sure when it will end. It seems each day they’re joined by well wishers and invited to talk to various groups about their WELLNESS REVOLUTION.


Marathon Of HealthLiterally running a marathon a day, their unique journey is taking them 12,500 miles across two countries, and is really making people sit up and take notice.

They’ve been featured on various news channels including Fox, NBC, CBS and you can only imagine how the support will grow as more people become aware of their worthwhile cause.

The Chicoine family are hoping to get one million people to sign their “electronic” petition, which is aimed at taking a stand against truly preventable diseases.

Apparently, at least one hundred people a day are currently signing up so it looks as if they’ll reach their target by the time they reach their destination.

Will you help them?

I have,  although unless they catch a plane or ship, they won’t be running through my neck of the woods any time soon.

However, obesity and all that goes with it is a global problem, so good for them, that’s what I say.

Anyway, if you’d like to help, please visit the Marathon Of Health page and add your name to this worthwhile cause.




Sign The Petition On The Marathon Of Health …It Costs Nothing But Your  Signature



What have Alex Jeffreys, Sally Neill and Joel Therien all got in common?

Well, apart from the fact I’ve met and interviewed  all three, I can confirm they’re not only approachable, friendly and fun, they’re also

trustworthy and authentic
very inspirational
family orientated
highly motivated
extremely helpful
provide great information


have all just released new products and services.

Jean Shaw and Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys has a FREE report, which I have to say  is probably his best one yet, especially as this time he’s corrected all the spelling mistakes before he issued it.

You’ll know what I mean if you listen to my 2011 interview with him, but his Unreported Marketing report is certainly a wake-up call and a stark reminder to us all how easy  it is to set ourselves up for failure, unless we have  the right road map.

Sally Neill, the Blog Hopping Queen knows what that’s  like. She’s actually mentioned in the report and attributes  her online success to Alex.

Jean Shaw and Sally Neill

Now, in her own unique style, Sally’s providing some of  her Monkey See, Monkey Do tips and tricks following  the huge success she’s made of her first coaching class called Learn With Sally.

It’s an appropriate name for the course as there’s no doubt she provides excellent value and you will learn how to have an online presence without being tied to the computer forever.

Then there’s dear old Joel.  Hope he doesn’t read this as he’s a bit funny about his  age, although he’s not even reached the mid-life crisis  stage yet.

Some people may disagree though, because he has just  launched Host Then Profitsand if you don’t know what  that is, you soon will.

It’s currently the only ONE Stop solution to marketing on the internet, and provides ALL the tools AND the training  necessaryto help you succeed on line.

There’s no doubt about it, provided you take action, the all inclusive

web hosting

lead capture pages
auto responder service
banner free video hosting
web conferencing
turnkey webpages
statistical tracking, and
professional internet marketing training

WILL save you time and money AND if you are so  inclined could MAKE you money too, because despite only costing $9.97 per month it has a built in  mlm opportunity which pays out 80% residual income  every month.

Okay, now you’ve picked yourself off the floor  I highly recommend you go and check them out and to  make things really easy for you, I’ve created a  page where you can find all three by clicking here .

Good Luck!


Host Then Profits?

You know I think GVO is the best thing since sliced bread, but today it got even better!

They’ve just launched a brand new mini hosting package for all thos people who need a bit more than one domain but don’t want or need to spend a fortune on all the other essential marketing tools.

Big fanfare for HostThenProfits.

I have to admit I’m not too keen on the name but I suppose it sums up what can be achieved with the product.

You see apart from it being a very desirable and affordable hosting package, there’s also a business opportunity attached to it too.

Hence, the host, then profits bit.

Anyway, as will all these new launches there’s the normal sort of squeeze page with some high powered internet and network marketers singing the praises of the product, BUT this time I actually believe them.


Well, because I know what the full GVO package has to offer, but also, I’ve met many of the speakers and indeed interviewed some.

They are genuine, just like this new hosting package.

Basically for $9.97 per month you get-

One C-panel hosting package on which you can host 4 domains
5 Autoresponder campaigns with a total subscriber list of 500
Blogger builder to build 4 blogs
Easy Video Producer to create 5 video creations
Conference Room with 5 seats
Access to the GVO training academy.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s really, really good and ideal for small businesses or families.

If you want to check it out for seven days for $1.00 – click here.

Host Then Profits





Jason C MaxwellA few days ago I interviewed Jason C Maxwell and I have to admit I was expecting him to be a bit arrogant.


Now I KNOW you should never pre-judge anything or anyone but I’m only human. and we ALL do it.


Although I’ve never met him, he caught my attention because he always tries to be the first person to leave a blog comment on a particular site I visit, which is a very clever way to get yourself noticed.


Anyway, he’s just published his first book on Amazon called Local Business Insane Results  and offered to give ten people a twenty minute recorded interview with him for their personal use.


I thought that seemed a bit pompous, but another very clever marketing ploy.


I was intrigued,  so I applied to be one of the ten and we had our “chat” earlier this week.


I’m really glad we did, because he is so nice and not at all what I was expecting.


Each week he holds a free webinar for people who are struggling with their busines online and tries to help them whenever he can and you can find the details on his site Local Business Insane Results


Before you go to check it out though, listen to my interview with him  and see if you find Jay as warm and friendly as I did.


Jean Shaw Interviews Jason C Maxwell

Oddly enough just after I started to write this post I received an e-mail, which just reinforces the message about not pre-judging others,  etc.  I have to admit it made me cry because it reminded me of an earlier post I made regarding my son who has autism.


 A Baby’s Hug


We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a  high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking.


Suddenly,  Erik squealed with glee and said, ‘Hi.’ He pounded his fat baby hands on  the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment.


I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose  pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of  would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed.


His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map.

We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled.


His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. ‘Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,’ the man said to Erik.


My husband and I exchanged looks, ‘What do we do?’ Erik continued to laugh and answer, ‘Hi.’


Everyone in the restaurant noticed and looked at us and then at the man.


The old geezer was creating a nuisance with my beautiful baby. Our meal came and the man began shouting from across the room, ‘Do ya patty cake? Do you know peek-a-boo? Hey, look, he knows peek- a-boo.’


Nobody thought the old man was cute. He was obviously drunk.


My husband and I were embarrassed. We ate in silence; all except for Erik,  who was running through his repertoire for the admiring skid-row bum, who  in turn, reciprocated with his cute comments.


We finally got through the meal and headed for the door. My husband went  to pay the check and told me to meet him in the parking lot.


The old man sat poised between me and the door.


‘Lord, just let me out of here before he speaks to me or Erik,’ I prayed.


As I drew closer to the man, I turned  my back trying to sidestep him and avoid any air he might be breathing.


As  I  did, Erik leaned over my arm, reaching with both arms in a baby’s  ‘pick-me-up’ position. Before I could stop him, Erik had propelled himself from my arms to the man.


Suddenly a very old smelly man and a very young baby consummated their love and kinship. Erik in an act of total trust, love, and submission laid his tiny head upon the man’s ragged shoulder.


The man’s eyes closed, and I saw tears hover beneath his lashes. His aged hands full of grime, pain, and  hard labor, cradled my baby’s bottom and stroked his back.


No two beings have ever loved so deeply for so short a time.


I stood awestruck. The old man rocked and cradled Erik in his arms and his eyes opened and set squarely on mine. He said in a firm commanding voice,’You take care of this baby.’


Somehow I managed, ‘I will,’ from a throat that contained a stone.


He pried Erik from his chest, lovingly and longingly, as though he were in  pain. I received my baby, and the man said, ‘God bless you, ma’am, you’ve  given me my Christmas gift.’


I said nothing more than a muttered thanks. With Erik in my arms, I ran for  the car. My husband was wondering why I was crying and holding Erik so  tightly, and why I was saying, ‘My God, my God, forgive me.’


I had just witnessed Christ’s love shown through the innocence of a tiny  child who saw no sin, who made no judgment; a child who saw a soul, and a mother who saw a suit of clothes. I was a Christian who was blind, holding a child who was not.


I felt it was God asking, ‘Are you willing to share your son for a moment?’ when He shared His for all eternity. How did God  feel when he put his baby in our arms 2000 years ago?


The ragged old man, unwittingly, had reminded me, ‘To enter the Kingdom of God , we must become  as little children.’


If this has blessed you, please bless others by sending it on.


Sometimes, it takes a child to remind us of what is really important. We must always  remember who we are, where we came from and, most importantly, how we feel  about others.


The clothes on your back or the car that you drive or the  house that you live in does not define you at all; it is how you treat your  fellow man that identifies who you are.


NOW – you can go and listen to my interview with Jason


If Sally Neill’s The Queen – Jay Boyer’s The King!

A few blog posts ago I told you about my interview with Sally Neill, the Blog Hopping Queen.


 Learn With Sally Sally is a wee bonnie lassie from Scotland and has just started her first ever coaching course, Learn With Sally.


She’s revealing the tips and tricks she’s mastered to not only turn her simple little blog into a pot of gold, but also gain her a huge following of loyal fans plus the respect of her peers and more “seasoned” marketers.  By all accounts she’s making a very  impressive job of it too! 

Someone else who has done the same but without a blog is Jay Boyer and I am dubbing him the King of Kindle.




Well, I decided it would be a good idea to turn my remaining two published paperback books into Kindle versions.


 I thought it would be easy(ish).




My books are quite lengthy.


In paperback format the first is 123 pages long and the other two are 186 pages and 234 pages respectively.


In Kindle, they’re even more but I was confident I could do it.


 Anyway, having struggled for days trying to get the text to look right in the FREE e-book reader I’d downloaded to my computer from Amazon, I finally admitted defeat and sought help.

 Jay Boyer - Zero to Hero

That’s where Jay Boyer came in.


My Kindle connundrum had meant I’d just missed the English summer (which took place last Wednesday) and just incase there’s a repeat performance I don’t want to miss that too, so I invested in Jay’s Kindle Sales Krusher course and now all three of my books are in Kindle versions.


I like Jay. He’s very easy to listen to and has a good story too.


Unlike many people who claim to make mega bucks overnight when in reality they’ve been struggling like the rest of us for years, Jay has gone from Zero to Hero in 20 months flat.


 I’d love to interview him.


He just seems such a genuinely nice family type guy and if the quality of the work he produces now is anything to go by, the carpentry work which used to provide his income must have been pretty spectacular.


 He certainly over delivers and pays attention to detail so I’m guessing he wasn’t a cowboy builder in his former life.


Anyway, Jay’s Kindle Sales Krusher saved the day and as I was so impressed and intrigued by his rapid rise to fame, I invested in his 20K-A-Month in 20 Months product, which details his zero to hero story.


It was promoted very inexpensively on the Warrior Forum where he’s become quite a prolific product superstar, so I even took the Zero to Hero upsell as well.


That’s why I’d love to interview him.


He shows, as much as anyone else I’ve ever spoken to, how anyone can change their situation with the right mindset and road map.


 So, King of Kindle, Mr Jay Boyer- IF you ever get to read this blogpost, Thanks and give me a call sometime.


(Sound like Mae West don’t I?)


Take care



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