Since we first became aware of Swine Flu earlier this year, the subject has been making the headlines on and off. We get so many mixed messages it’s hard to decide whether it’s a major issue or not.

However, with more confirmed cases reported and more people being hospitalised, it was inevitable someone would soon die and be the first “victim of Swine Flu” outside of the Americas. Sadly in UK it was a lady who already had underlying health issues and had earlier given birth to a very premature baby. Tragically, the child has  also since died and my thoughts go out to the father/husband.

Whilst attempts have been made to contain the virus, it’s still spreading and opinion is divided as to how serious it really is. It appears to depend on what industry you’re in.

Whilst everyone agrees the virus can be spread by contact and sneezing, schools close because of risk of infection, but airlines continue to operate.

Of course no-one wants mass hysteria. After all, seasonal flu hospitalises and kills thousands each year and yet no-one takes much notice.

Currently, in UK at least, the A(H1N1) virus is mild, BUT we shouldn’t become complacent because so was Spanish Flu when it started off in 1918. However, it went on to recombine and come back in ever-stronger waves, finally killing millions worldwide.

Each year, we have a “flu” season in the autumn and as we live through each one we build up our own immunity against the ever-evolving strains. If you’re unfortunate enough to get the real influenza (and not “man flu”), the virus will take over the body’s cells and clone itself, overwhelming the nervous system and creating breathing problems, which often result in pneumonia.

Your immune system will of course kick in and attack the virus with a frenzy, but depending on what else it has to deal with it may get side tracked and have a real battle on its hands.

You’re the best authority on your own health and I’m not here to tell you what to do, but IF Swine Flu does become a global threat, I personally won’t be taking any anti-virals, or the Swine Flu vaccine if one should ever become available. You can see why on my site

Instead, I’ll be boosting my immune system – starting right NOW.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion, as one doctor from the National Institute of Health has said –

“The only safe vaccine is the one that’s never used!”

I’m convinced childhood vaccines were a contributory factor in my son’s autism and you can read the full story in my second book if you’re at all interested. There are a high percentage of people who suffer disabling illness after inoculation, and vaccines don’t actually have the power to cure anything. They are used in an attempt to eradicate preventable communicable illnesses. The theory is sound, but I’ve heard the only people who actually died of Spanish Flu in 1918 were those who’d been vaccinated.

Vaccines are  created from a weakened live virus, which is then strengthened with antibody boosters and stabilizers. The end result is a mixture of the virus, decomposed protein, and toxic synthetic chemicals, often including mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde. Oh, and on occasion an undetected animal virus is also included just for good measure! (In the 1950’s and 1960’s millions of people were given contaminated polio vaccines apparently due to the monkey organs used to make it).

The vaccine manufacturers provide information for the medical, nursing and pharmaceutical professions regarding the contents, administrations, contra indications and special warnings, etc., but unless you specifically ask, I doubt you’ll be given the opportunity to read them. Whilst most people go for vaccines voluntarily, I’m not convinced they actually give “informed” consent.

Anyway, back to Swine Flu or A(H1N1) as it’s officially known, and a far better way to reduce your risk of this or any other infection is to boost your immune system by taking a powerful Probiotic.

Remember, 85% of your immune system is in the gut and you should renew your healthy probiotic bacteria on a daily basis.

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If you want to combat Swine Flu, my advice, for what  it’s worth isGet some GOOD Probiotics inside you!

Take care.

Jean Shaw

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