My nephew has just received the results of his University exams and I’m proud to say he can now add BMedSc (honours)behind his name, if he’s so inclined.

Good for him. 

He’s worked hard and is the first person in our family to even go to university, yet alone get a degree.

His mum always told him to study hard, get a good job, and earn a lot of money so he could look after her when she gets  old.

My sister’s no fool, but times are changing and  it doesn’t always work out that way.

I heard last week, the average college student in USA will have between three to five career changes in his lifetime, and between ten to fourteen job changes by the age of thirty-eight, so no doubt that will be the situation in UK soon.

What happened to job security?

Even if you do manage to find and keep a “proper” job, you’ll never be rich.  No-one has ever become rich working for someone else.

If you have a job there’s a saying you’ll be “Just Over Broke”,  because there’s always a ceiling to the amount of money you can earn.   If you trade your hours for money, you’re stuck because there are only twenty-four hours in the day, and you can’t work for all of them, at least not every day.

One person who knows that only too well is my current favourite author, John Harrison, of Streetwise Publications.

I’ve just read his book Man Sets Fire To Friends Head and it’s one of the best books on marketing I’ve ever read.  His ability to weave his message in his hilarious stories is just brilliant.

I laughed so much at one stage, I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

John has a degree in Business Studies, worked for years as a salesman, and like the name of his company, he’s streetwise. That’s one of his advantages. He knows his target audience, and talks their language.  That’s why John admits to liking Monday’s.  It’s fun and the start of another working week full of possibilities and money making opportunities.

John’s books are about the offline direct response marketing system, and he’s got  it off to a fine art, BUT increasingly online, offline, internet and network marketing are merging. 

To be successful requires the know, like and trust  factor, and building a relationship with the customer through copy in some form.

How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead, another of John’s books  has been a great hit with offline marketers, and just confirms what wise Confucius said all those years ago, –

“The man who loves his job never works a day in his life”.

Hope my nephew gets to feel the same as John .

Take care


You’ll find John Harrison and his team at

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